6 Valorant Aim Tips You Must Learn

Is Valorant your all-time favorite shooter game? Or are you just trying your hand at it? Either way, for a first-person shooter game like this one, you need to have fantastic aiming skills.

 Improving your aiming and reflexes is the key to beating your opponents. You could be aware of the gameplay, weapons, and all. But none of them can help you in winning if you fail to aim right. So to start mastering aiming in Valorant, check out some valorant cheats and our tips below!


1) Crosshair Setting and Placement 

 For maintaining a good kill death ratio in Valorant, you will have to master crosshair placement and customize its settings. Don’t consider them unimportant, or else you are just increasing your chances of losing.

 It doesn’t matter which cross shooter game you are playing; crosshair setting always plays a significant role. But keep the aim at the center is crucial for hitting accurately. Make sure to take it to head height for better results while aiming. This way, you can act faster than the opponents can.


2) Practice

 For a novice Valorant player, practice can make you an expert at aiming. Spend some time training with bots. This will help sharpen your aim and improve your game. Your opponents keep moving in the real battle. Hitting them will need a practice that bots can easily provide. Also, take some time to play in the training area for the first few days. Half an hour daily is enough to prepare yourself for the real Valorant battles.


3) Change Mouse Setting

 In a first-person shooter game like Valorant, you can’t beat the opponents with the wrong sensitivity and DPI setting. Tweak them to adjust them to your play style. Many players prefer a higher DPI, but some are okay with a low one. In the end, you will have to find what’s convenient for you and switch accordingly.

 It will be a good decision to get a gaming mouse to enhance your experience. Even a standard mouse will work, but a gaming mouse always gives you a different feel. If you have no experience playing shooter games using a mouse, visit an aim trainer site where you can take part in the various aiming games.


4) Act Aggressively 

 One advantage of being aggressive in the game is you can gain an edge over the enemies. When enemies know your position, don’t act defensively. Be aggressive and prepared to shoot.

Valorant offers a peeker advantage of 40-70ms. This means that the game will prefer the aggressor more than the ones sitting idle or playing defensively. Hence, if you are in a position when the opponent can do counter strafing, don’t just sit. Act as fast as you can to kill the opponent or save yourself from dying.


5) Don’t Crouch Every time

Crouching during shooting your enemy is good but only to a certain limit. Players should avoid this as much as possible, especially when they are not aiming for the head.

 This is good to do in situations when you couldn’t kill any enemies with few initial bullets. So avoid making the mistake of crouching repeatedly while in combat.


6) Counter Strafing 

 There are some situations when counter strafing will be of great help. Suppose an enemy is coming towards you. Suddenly, you saw him, then you could kill the enemy by striking the opposite direction key.

 This will stop your movement and bring you to an appropriate position, which makes aiming easier. For the beginning of the gameplay, you will not need this skill. But as you level up and your rank increases, counter strafing will save you from opponents.


Final Words

Knowing how to aim perfectly increases your winning rate in Valorant. Being an expert in this core mechanic will take some time but make sure you follow the above tips. They will assist you to a great extent in aiming appropriately and keep a decent kill death ratio. For more tips, keep following us, and don’t forget to give your own tips in the comment box.