Your Guide to Starting an Online Store on WordPress

Over the past few years, online shopping has been steadily growing in popularity. The ability to find items and make purchases that are delivered to your door without the need to leave the house is very appealing. And over the last twelve months, the COVID19 pandemic has led to an even bigger boom in online … Read more

How to Choose the Best Online Games in 2021

If you are a novice gambler and do not yet have an established preference, then choosing slots in an online casino can be difficult. There are a lot of machines to evaluate, test, and choose from. And they differ from each other not only in multi-coloured pictures. Some configurations and payout percentages vary greatly as … Read more

How 5G Will Lead To Increased Cryptocurrency Adoption

The new generation of wireless networks (5G) is quicker and promises higher capacity. It will have mandatory security features, transforming how we use our devices. It also promises to have a dynamic impact on cryptocurrency. Go ahead and read more to find out how 5G will usher in increased cryptocurrency adoption. The 5G Platform At … Read more

Why Does iTunes Take So Long To Open & What To Do

Why Does iTunes Take So Long To Open

The long wait period it takes the iTunes player to boot can be excruciating to watch. But initially, your iTunes did not start up as slow; this problem built up over time. So why does it get slow with time? What changed? iTunes takes so long to open because many background activities are going on … Read more

Best Mini Display Port To VGA Adaptors

Mini Display Port To VGA

The mini display port to VGA adaptor is a practical product. It connects your mini display port computer to a VGA display with fewer cables and in split seconds. But finding a compatible yet affordable adaptor is indeed demanding to many. The best mini display port to VGA adaptor is the Insignia Mini DisplayPort to … Read more

Is Digital Camera Input Or Output?

Is Digital Camera Input Or Output

It is no secret that some people consider a digital camera as an input device while others an output. Yet, another group says it is both. However, we agree with the latter half that the digital camera is a dual device. A digital camera is both an input and output device. First, as an input … Read more

Where Do Audio Files Save In iPhones?

Where Do Audio Files Save In iPhones

The older models of iPhones are more user-friendly compared to the newer versions. Audio files would indicate “saved” yet become challenging to find when you need them. Does it mean it did not save after all, or are you searching in the wrong places? An iPhone audio file saves in folders related to the file … Read more

Something Is Running On Port 3000 [100% Solved]

Something Is Running On Port 3000

Sometimes, programs refuse to run on port 3000; it becomes unresponsive or produces an error message. Tackling this problem is tricky because you have to identify the problem and kill the program. You need this rectified as soon as possible but require the right strategy. To stop or get rid of the “something is running … Read more

Why Is iTunes Creating Duplicate Playlists?

iTunes Creating Duplicate Playlists

We all find it exasperating when iTunes recreates an existing playlist. Duplicates make your song lists tend to sound like a repetition loop, and it takes up the internal memory storage. But why does iTunes generate extra copies of your songs when you do not need them? iTunes creates duplicate playlists because you made alterations … Read more