How To Avoid Getting Angry At Online Games?

Gamer rage is not a new phenomenon. Nevertheless, it is a serious problem.  In addition to entertaining, playing video games should reduce stress (not increase it), reduce depression, improve vision, improve multi-task ability, and improve decision-making skills. Online gaming is also linked to obesity, increasing depression, poor levels, addiction and increasingly aggressive or violent behaviour.

In this guide, we will look at what causes anger and how to solve it. However, based on our researched we found the best way to avoid getting angry at online games is to attend online classes for gamers. 

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Gamer rage is not a new phenomenon. It’s a classic image that comes to mind when a gamer angrily throws down his controller after losing. As the gaming community has become increasingly toxic over the past few years, the question arises: Why do video games make people angry?

Here are some reasons why video games make you angry:

(1) Frustration with worries in real life

(2) Toxicity in the gaming community as a whole

(3) Suppressed emotions that are vented during the game

(4) Conflict of interest with other gamers in the game

(5) Alexithymia (a prevalent issue with gamers)

Gamer rage is a systemic problem for both an individual as well. Therefore, we need to address this issue from both angles.  This is how you understand why video games make you angry and act on that anger. We will now discuss in detail how we can eliminate the anger caused by the difficulties encountered during the game.

1: Discern of why you play online games?

Do you have to deal with stress in real life? What do you think will happen if you stop playing them? The answers to these questions will give you an idea of the process of your thinking.

2: Gab about your emotions

Talk to others about your feelings and develop emotional words. This stage is very important for long term mental health.  If you ask an algebraic gamer how they feel when something goes wrong with them, they will probably answer, “I feel bad.”  However, feeling bad is not an emotion.  It’s a blanket word that can mean “sadness, frustration, guilt, shame, regret, etc.” One common exercise you can do is try to use an emotional wheel to find out what emotions you are feeling in certain moments.

3: Eternal Ideas

Sometimes frustration comes not from others but from your own failures.  If you find yourself struggling with a level, challenge or boss, don’t be afraid to seek help to defeat it. It can take many forms. You can watch while walking, watch someone else’s video while playing, or reduce the difficulty level as easily as possible. Many gamers feel that they are “not playing well” if they adjust the settings. This is nonsense. Not everyone has the ability to solve instant trouble or amazing puzzles, and even the best of us get stuck sometimes.

4: Subpoena process your emotions

Act on your emotions. Passive emotions are a major cause of emotional turmoil. When you don’t let go of your emotions in healthy ways, when your guardian is down, they get overwhelmed and go out. This will help you check your mental health and find out if you need mental health treatment. There is no shame in asking for help.

5: Are you obsessive to online games?

 Try to find out if you are used to video games. See if you have any signs or symptoms of video game addiction. Gaming addiction can be paralyzing and prevent you from developing it without realizing it. Disappointment with being trapped can often present itself in the form of anger.

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6: Counter Toxic Culture in Gaming

Start Anti-Toxic Yourself in Video Games – Notice the feeling of anger when it bubbles, and observe it. As soon as you control your anger, try to understand why other people involved in video games are angry. Everyone has different reasons for being toxic in video games, even if it’s a common theme. Plus, it’s not about fake positives. It’s about understanding the cause of frustration and disarming your ego while trying to understand your peers or teammates.

7: Affix the immediate issue

Once the symptoms begin to appear, players need to take a break. Although, it is more difficult to play online games it is important to maintain control. Stop you right away. It will calm you down, because you are bringing out the source of frustration, even if only temporarily.

You can go for a walk, have a drink, pull up or take a break anything that takes you away from the screen and changes your focus for a few minutes. There is also evidence that things known as incubation effects can be activated from time to time. This is when you relax and come back with more focus, finally succeeding in overcoming this challenge.

8: Cope with anger 

If you are a person who is going to be angry in other areas of your life, you may need to check out some anger management techniques. It will encourage you to really think about your anger and where it originated, recognize your motives and better control your reactions. Recommended calming techniques include breathing exercises, mindfulness, safe release of anger, and engaging yourself. There are many online resources on anger management or you can see your own doctor for more advice.

9: It’s Just a Game

Frustration and anger are common when people are passionate about their hobbies. A sports team is losing, failing to finish a race, and other similar incidents can cause the same frustration that gamers feel. It’s great to be passionate about something but just keep things in perspective. The most important thing to remember is that this is just a game.  Most people will say, “But it’s not just a game.

” This is wrong, this is a matter of emotion for us. It doesn’t matter how much you love it, a game is a game and I say as a lifelong gamer. There will always be another round, another level and another game. Playing something easy and calming down can be another way to get angry. Remember that frustration is only temporary, and taking steps to calm yourself before it explodes can improve your mental health and the condition of your controllers.


When we play a game we get lost in the game world. We forget that this is a game and it has nothing to do with real life. So when we play the game we have to keep in mind that the difficulties in the game only bother our brain and they make us irritable, so with good management, we can control the anger caused by the difficulties in the game.Hopefully, this article can give you a new perspective on. “How to stop getting angry at online games? ”