10 Best Magento 2 Extensions to Spike Your Sales

Magento is one of the leading open-source e-commerce platforms. And in recent years, she has achieved considerable success. Only the new version is worth a lot, which appeared relatively recently, but already companies of all sizes and directions prefer this platform to make their online store more successful and profitable. If you also want to expand the capabilities of your store using Magento technologies, click here.

Magento doesn’t offer any out-of-the-box tools for inventory management, marketing, sales growth, and customer service by default. Luckily, many of these Magento extensions are available on the Magento Marketplace. Various developers have already adapted their best extensions for the new version of Magento 2, so if you are looking for something that will expand the potential of your platform, today’s article is about that. You won’t have to look through hundreds of extensions because we’ve compiled a list of the top 10. Let’s not waste time, we’re starting!

Let’s start our list with a selection of marketing automation extensions.

1. Amasty with Custom Stock Status

Agree, it may be that the goods are simply not in stock. With this useful tool, you won’t confuse those who would like to purchase it. With this extension, you can provide accurate information about whether a product is in stock by creating an unlimited number of product statuses. You can simply upload a status icon and display it on the product listing page.

2. Amasty with Out Of Stock Notification

In order not to lose potential customers who wanted to purchase some product in your store, but it was simply out of stock, you can allow them to subscribe to the notification mailing list. This way you’ll keep track of customer subscriptions and know which products are most popular so you can better understand your customers’ preferences. They, in turn, can subscribe to notifications about the availability of a product or about changes in its price or current promotions, as well as manage subscriptions and delete them if they are no longer needed.

3. Nosto with Product Recommendations

This is another extension that will help automate marketing, namely, it will analyze the activity of buyers to understand what is relevant to them. This will help show them the most relevant products to each of the buyers. The extension allows you to customize the interface with personal recommendations at every stage of the purchase journey.

The next category is extensions that help improve understanding of customer behavior.

4. Zoho CRM with Excellent Customer Relationships

Zoho is a comprehensive sales automation extension that helps you engage more with your customers using segmentation, performance metrics, analytics, and more. You will be able to consolidate all customers and their activities, accounts, and sales funnel into one profile, which will allow you to quickly view and analyze customer activities.

5. Amasty with Loyalty Program 

With this extension, you will have no problem creating a flexible scheme to retain customers and increase profits. Create different offers at different stages of the loyalty program, as well as offer discounts based on the customer’s shopping cart and attributes, generate promotional offers based on their purchase history, and much more that will encourage the customer to register, and return to the store and make more purchases.

The next section of the article will help you to be as close as possible to potential customers and keep in touch with them. Let’s talk about extensions that help increase customer engagement.

6. Aitoc with SMTP Email Configuration 

By default, emails to buyers must be sent through a mail service. Usually, they are considered unverified and receiving the status of spam, does not reach potential customers. But with this extension, you can send emails to your clients with the confidence that they will reach them. Due to a secure transmission protocol, a convenient log of sent letters, a debug mode when testing settings, and more, they ensure that letters reach the recipient.

7. Yotpo with Reviews From

With this extension, you not only make it easier for the buyer to leave comments about their experience. Collect in-depth reviews, improve your understanding of your customers with unique insights about them, increase the value of your reviews with photos and videos, or add answers to the most frequently asked questions about a variety of products. The Yotpo extension helps you display positive reviews throughout the customer’s journey to purchase: on the homepage, product page, or checkout.

Last but not least, the category of extensions concerns the optimization of your online store.

8. Multi-level navigation from Mageplaza

To help the buyer better navigate the shopping page, as well as improve the quality of service and increase the conversion rate, there is this extension for easy filtering. With it, your customers can remove unnecessary products from the results page, thereby setting preferences and saving time on the purchase. Help customers easily find the products they like in your online store.

 9. Aheadworks with Smart One Step Checkout

In order not to extinguish the desire to purchase goods in your store due to the need to fill in a large number of fields when making a purchase, and in order not to lose sales, this extension comes to the rescue. It allows the user to design the checkout page in a convenient way, as well as pay for the goods in one step. On top of all that, you get additional analytics that includes an abandoned checkout report and a checkout behavior report.

10. Mageplaza with Checkout in One Step 

The last one on our list, also allows you to reduce the abandonment rate and increase the conversion rate. Customize checkout layouts, add flexible payment methods, create custom checkout fields, optimize the checkout page, and more. The peculiarity of the extension is its compatibility and ease of configuration. It is the best-selling paid extension.

Final Thoughts

Of course, our list only covers a small part of the extensions that improve your online store experience. If you don’t find the extension you need, check out other products on the Magento Marketplace or click here. Even though Magento 2 is a young platform, you can already find analogs of all the main tools that are available for the old version.

When asked which extension is right for you, there is only one answer – test it. Start using them today and improve performance, engagement, and conversions in your online store.