The 10 Best Multiplayer Games on PC in 2021

In 2020, a lot of excellent games were released, which can please us in 2021. However, classic games constantly offer something new to users and release updates, thereby forcing them to come back. This list of the best multiplayer games in 2021 presents exactly the classic games that are unlikely to lose their popularity and will only increase the number of fans in 2021. So, let’s have a look at them.

Top 10 Multiplayer Games in 2021

1) Call of Duty: Warzone

The CoD franchise has expanded in 2020 with an interesting off-top in the Battle Royale genre. Call of Duty: Warzone has become very popular among the fans of “witchcraft” and continues to gain momentum. The project offers very dynamic gameplay with many types of weapons, vehicles, and interesting innovative mechanics. Unique functions include the accumulation of funds in the battle and the subsequent activation of various devices, showing all the players on the map, bombing, etc. There is also a GULAG, where users end up after death and have a chance for rebirth, integration with Black Ops, and much more.

2) Destiny 2

This is an online shooter with a good storyline, which is a continuation of the first part of the game. The project pleases with the absence of Pay-to-Win elements, a choice of character classes, excellent graphics, and convenient gameplay. The game became free at the end of 2020, but to enjoy the current content, you will have to purchase paid DLC. Besides, you may need some advanced Destiny 2 weapons to overcome your competitors.

3) Apex Legends

Apex Legends is another science fiction Battle Royale in the Titanfall universe. The game quickly gained popularity after an unexpected release without announcements and preludes in 2019 and is still successfully promoted by EA. Various patches, maps, and new characters with a unique backstory are released monthly. The game also has exclusive features at its disposal, such as character skills that are very helpful in the battle and unique game modes, including events with a PvE component. There are also customization elements that contain banners, emotions during landing, and so on.

4) World of Tanks

Few have not heard of the multiplayer tank action game World of Tanks. The titan of the genre is not going to retire and is consistently in the TOP 10 most profitable games, according to SuperData. The game constantly offers users a lot of fresh updates and rumors with the help of Hollywood stars. The year 2021 will not be an exception, and the project will have a lot of innovations: from changing the behavior of artillery to altering the crew.

5) Black Desert

The most beautiful MMORPG of our time Black Desert introduced a lot of content in 2020. New territory has appeared, three fresh classes, monsters, quests, and much more. The developers know exactly how to please and keep players, and that is why BDO remains not only the most beautiful, but also one of the most popular games. Among the updates expected in 2021, the awakening of new classes and PvP content has already been announced. The developers may have a lot of interesting things untold, which we will learn about very soon.

6) DOTA 2

The eternal rival of League of Legends, DOTA 2 is finally getting interesting again. Valve has slightly changed the approach to updates in 2020 and planned their release. The company also began to communicate with the community on Reddit, which is good news. DOTA 2 has been stable since 2012 and is not going to disappear. The project offers many different heroes, and their number is constantly increasing. Also, the graphics are being improved, and fresh features, modes, and so on are added.

7) Genshin Impact

This is one of the top surprises of 2020, earning several popular awards. The game is made in the genre of an adventure RPG and has a cooperative function, a large open world, the ability to assemble a team and instantly switch between its representatives in the battle. It’s not a secret that the creators got inspired by the Legend of Zelda franchise, and therefore the project contains many similar features and small details.

8) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has only been gaining momentum since it became free in 2018. Since the release of updates, the game regularly exceeds one million competitive players. The game pleases with the absence of Pay-to-Win elements because any in-game item only changes its appearance. Since its release, the game has acquired a lot of content, such as maps and even fresh weapons.

9) League of Legends

The popularity of the League of Legends is unlikely to fade in the next few years. The game constantly takes first place in various ratings, and in 2020 it appeared on mobile devices as a separate version — League of Legends: Wild Rift. Soon the project will be released on consoles, which will only increase its performance. Like DOTA 2, League of Legends is a MOBA game with a variety of heroes to choose from. Each of them in the course of the match acquires a unique assembly, depending on the preferences of the user, which is why any battle is not like the previous one. Read more on this site for more information

10) War Thunder

War Thunder is a multiplayer military action game in which participants can fight on land, air, and water. In 2020, there were a lot of big updates, including the graphical component, which allowed the game to break its own record for the number of Steam players.

In Conclusion

Multiplayer games provide the ability to enjoy the game with hundreds or even millions of other users. Here you will have a chance to try yourself as a successful diplomat, ruler, warrior, real hero, a savior of the whole world — the list of multiplayer games is great and allows you to find a project in any subject.

These games attract people because they allow them to play with friends, unite into clans, alliances, groups, and generally help to find new acquaintances around the world. The spirit of rivalry is also strong because you can compete and fight not with artificial intelligence but with real players. Therefore, such games are increasingly popular today.