Best Operating Systems for Online Gaming

In the last decade, the online casino industry has boomed. Its current estimated value is around $66.7 billion, and this figure is only expected to grow as we move forward into the new decade. In the undisputed age of the internet, this online entertainment has carved out its foundations and built a platform with the potential to endure.

However, not all internet gaming experiences are created equal. Many factors can impact a player’s enjoyment, and one of these is the operating system they choose to use. Here are the most popular options and how they measure up.


In the world of online casino, there is much that can influence the overall player experience. In the case of sites like Betfair, they go to pains to make this as positive and enjoyable as possible, by providing variety, competitive prices, and an easy-to-navigate platform. Equally, there is a wide range of games on offer, and the site works on many mobile devices too.

One factor that’s beyond their control, though, is the operating systems players use. While online providers try to ensure compatibility with as many of these as possible, this can be a challenge. However, one operating system that’s always catered to is Windows.

Irrespective of the type of computer you’re using or the version of Windows, you can guarantee that 99 percent of online providers will be compatible with it. This means the vast majority of games should be quick and easy to download and install and the player experience should be optimized sitewide.

You can also expect cutting-edge audio and graphics and top-tier security as standard, making this particular OS an ideal option for online gaming.


What about Mac, the preferred operating system for Apple users? An arguable rival for the title of best OS out there, it is utilized by an ever-growing number of individuals, with the company behind it increasingly controlling the mobile and tech markets.

While the discussion on which of the two is superior rages on, both are similar in terms of the online gaming experience. With most online casinos featuring Mac-compatible content, there are a few other upsides to be aware of – namely, enhanced security against viruses and cyberattacks, optimal performance even when energy-saving features are activated, and a premium user experience.


Linux is the operating system that underpins Mac OS, so naturally, we expect a lot from it. Benefitting from the multi-user UNIX feature, it’s able to handle devices much more productively than the previous DOS operating system. While Windows has modeled some of its concepts on it of late, Linux remains superior in many ways.

One major benefit to using it for online gaming is that it’s a lot more user-friendly than most of its competitors – and that includes Windows. It’s also incredibly secure, leaving its rivals in the dust with regards to cyber safety.

Linux is also compatible with most online sites (and you can use the main browsers on Linux regardless), making this the arguably superior option among the three primary desktop operating systems.

Which Operating System will you choose to use?