Bitcoin Loan Sites – Seven of the Best According to Experts

Bitcoin (BTC) has the most advanced ecosystem since it is one of the oldest and most successful cryptocurrencies. The blockchain processes more than 300,000 transactions daily, which is among the highest in the sector. Many crypto enthusiasts are looking for ways to obtain BTC to expand their investment.

A Bitcoin loan is one of the options one has to expand their BTC investment, take care of other financial needs, or for any other reason. But do you know the best Bitcoin loan site you can rely on? If not, there is no need to get worried since this article will cover some of the best sites and important details.

Celsius Network

Do you want to enjoy high professionalism when applying for a BTC loan? Celsius network values their clients because they provide liquidity for their operations. Therefore, you will need to open an account and hold with the platform. From there, you can use your crypto as collateral to borrow Bitcoin, altcoin, stablecoins, and fiat money.

The good news is that the interest rate starts at 4.95%, which is very competitive. You can borrow a loan with a repayment period of between 6 to 12 months. The Celsius Network has a Bitcoin loan app that is ultimately very convenient, according to experts. It increases the chances of getting fast approvals and general ease of use. All these make the platform a great Bitcoin loan site for all users.


Many crypto users prefer to use platforms with community interactions and other P2P benefits. CoinLoan is such a Bitcoin loan site that comes with high digital asset security as well. Although the LTV is only 70%, the platform is regulated under European legislation, so investors can be assured of asset security and fair services.

When users do not want to borrow Bitcoin instantly, they can borrow altcoins, stablecoins, and fiat money on the platform using their savings as collateral. What’s more is that they can access their borrowed finances with ease through their account and later do an exchange to the coins or fiat currency they want. The interest rates and repayment durations vary depending on many factors, which is why it is better to check their website for details.


Can you borrow Bitcoin on Binance? This was once solely an exchange platform but has now diversified the products to include crypto-backed loans. Once you start to save crypto, whether the native coin BNB, ETH, BTC, USDC, or any other, you will qualify for a Bitcoin loan.

Borrowers can choose the duration of their loan between 7 and 90 days, which will determine the borrowing rates. The rate could go up to 8.9%. With the current technology, the Binance Bitcoin loan is available on their app. All of these factors make the platform a great Bitcoin loan site that will boost your crypto investment.

YouHodler Bitcoin Loan Site

YouHodler is a Swiss Fintech company with crypto-backed loans as one of its products. It is a reputable Bitcoin loan site with other products such as altcoin, stablecoin, and fiat loans. If you are planning to get a BTC loan from YouHodler, you will be required to get an account and hold one of their accepted crypto that will be used as collateral.

So, why is this platform one of the best? They give BTC loans with up to an LTV of 90%. According to their website, you have between 30 to 90 days to repay, which most enthusiasts find fair. Since their interest rate is affordable, starting at 3%, you will enjoy using the platform.

BlockFi Bitcoin Loan Site

If you have been a holder before, you probably know something about BlockFi. Their website guides users looking for a reliable Bitcoin loan site on how to open an account and start holding. This is the first step of creating collateral while earning interest.

With a loan duration of up to 12 months, LTV of 50%, and low interest rates, many investors find it fair to borrow BTC from the platform. If you are looking for fast loan approval, low fees on crypto services, and asset security, this is the platform to use.


Since 2017, Nexo has been a big name in the crypto industry. What makes it a reliable Bitcoin loan site is the support of high LTV and collateralized loans. According to experts, the platform takes a short time to approve BTC loans and other services.

First, get an account with the platform and hold any of the accepted cryptos to borrow BTC. As soon as it is approved, you can access the finances with ease and even do an exchange within the platform. Nexo has insured most of the assets saved on the platform as well as most of the big loans to protect the investor.

Unchained Capital

Just like the other crypto-backed loan platform, Unchained Capital requires you to register through their website. After that, save any of the cryptos on the list to qualify for loans. If you read their official website, you will realize that this is a great Bitcoin loan site because it has affordable BTC loan rates of between 11.16 and 14.22%, which is fair as compared to traditional bank loans. However, you will only get an LTV of only 50% of your saved collateral.

Furthermore, there is a high minimum loan amount to entice crypto enthusiasts. You may not know that Unchained Capital has private loans available to USA citizens and commercial crypto loans available worldwide. More information on this incredible platform to borrow BTC from is available on their website.


Every Bitcoin loan site we have discussed here has pros and cons. Therefore, it is upon you to check the interest rates, LTV, repayment period, and other terms before you settle on one to borrow BTC from. Those with a Bitcoin loan app are the best because access through a mobile device is faster and easier compared to the web app. However, any of the apps discussed above are great for anyone who wants to borrow Bitcoin instantly.