How To Fix Bad Pool Header Error? [5 Ways To End BSOD]

 BAD_POOL_HEADER  is a The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error, which means that your computer is having memory management issues. It may appear on your screen, randomly, while using your computer. Sometimes, the culprit is a corrupt memory pool. It can also result from driver issues. However, this BSOD error is fixable with a few … Read more

Linux Lite vs Lubuntu – The Detailed Comparison


Both the Linux Lite and Lubuntu distributions (distros) are lightweight desktop environments. This makes them perfectly suited for the low-spec or older computer hardware. Both are Linux-based operating systems that are designed to run on limited system resources, but still offer rather fluid user experience. In the recent past though, Lubuntu has been upgraded to … Read more

Corsair Lighting Node PRO Not Working | Solve It Now

Corsair Connection puts an end to the days of having to manually control case fans, part fans, and case lighting with hardware switches and dials, while also providing more sophisticated control and expansion options than motherboard BIOS settings. With a software interface that is sophisticated, intuitive, and enjoyable to use, everything is accessible on your … Read more

Corsair k70 Media Keys Not Working [100% Solved]

Corsair k70 Media Keys Not Working

The CORSAIR Gaming K70 is a completely mechanical gaming keyboard with Berries MX Red key switches, sculpted FPS control keys, key-by-key adjustable backlighting, and complete key matrix generally pro on USB. The Corsair Gaming K70 is a completely mechanical gaming keyboard with a professional-grade anodized, brushed aluminum chassis. If shooters are your game, contoured, textured FPS … Read more

Corsair Void PRO No Sound [100% Solved]

Corsair Void PRO No Sound

The Corsair Void Pro RGB is the successor to Corsair’s Void RGB headset, which improves audio and recording efficiency while adding 7.1 surround sound and adjustable RGB lighting, which is currently all the rage. Unfortunately, 7.1 surround headsets are not supported by the game. Set the headset’s audio mode to 5.1 or 2.0 (Stereo).  From … Read more

OpenSUSE vs Mint Distros Compared [In Great Detail]

The OpenSUSE and Linux Mint Linux distributions (distros) were introduced to the market at around the same time—Mint in August 2006 and OpenSUSE in October 2005. Both solutions are open-source and free, except for the OpenSUSE Enterprise Edition.  They are some of the best Linux-based operating systems (OS) available today, leveraging some of the best … Read more

Doubletwist Not Syncing All Songs [Detailed Guide]

DoubleTwist Corporation is an advanced media organization established by Monique Farantzos and Jon Lech Johansen. It is sponsored by Index Ventures (Skype, Last. FM) and Northzone Ventures. The doubleTwist application empowers clients to send photographs and recordings to their companions and sync their media library to a wide assortment of versatile gadgets The iTunes XML … Read more

Nvidia Instant Replay Not Working | Resolve It Now

Nvidia GeForce Experience is an assigned apparatus that is made for game players on Windows, with which Nvidia designs card clients can overhaul driver effectively, improve game settings with snaps, and record/screen capture their interactivity. It is a very decent decision to catch ongoing interaction recordings since it is not difficult to utilize and solid, … Read more

Twitter Not Working On Chrome [Few Solutions]

Twitter Not Working On Chrome

You may be unable to access Twitter due to chrome conflicts. In some cases, Twitter will cease to work, and in others, it will simply refuse access. Fortunately, most chrome-related disputes are simple to resolve and only take a short period. Before believing that your inability to access Twitter is due to a chrome problem, … Read more