Fix Itunes Error 1015 | Unexpected Error Occurred

You are likely to encounter error code 1015 while restoring your iPhone through iTunes. This error makes you stuck and unable to complete the restoration process. It usually occurs when you try downgrading or jailbreaking your iOS device. Such activities make your device prone to malware and error codes. However, you can fix the error … Read more

How To Fix Avast This File Cannot Be Restored

The Avast anti-virus keeps your computer safe by deleting malicious or suspicious files that interfere with its operations. It wipes out these data mostly without your authorizations and puts out an error message saying you can’t restore them. Tragic right? But do not be alarmed as nothing is permanently lost in a computer. Your file … Read more

How To Fix Connection Refused Error [On Mac & Android]

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED is a common error for Google Chrome users whether they are on Windows 10 or on a mac machine.  It’s persistent and annoying. Luckily there are multiple methods for fixing the error that can make it go away for good. If you’re in a hurry, skip to method 4 and clear your browser’s cache. We … Read more

Fix Video TDR Failure | Blue Screen *.sys

Video TDR Failure

Many Windows users have reported continuously facing Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error with a STOP code VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. This error interrupts you while you are using your Windows PC. It causes software crashes, leaving you with a blue screen and an error message. This error is common among users of the Windows 10 operating system. … Read more

NO Permission to Save In This Location Error [Fixed]

When working on documents and other files such as a .jpg or a .doc/.docx (Word file), saving them to specific folders should not present any problems. However, You Don’t Have Permission To Save In This Location error occcurs, when the user does not have the proper permissions from the admin. In this detailed guide, we … Read more

PS4 Error Code CE-35694-7 [3 Ways To Fix]

An error has occurred (CE-35694-7) is this error code preventing you from installing and running certain games and applications on your PS4 console? It is a rather common issue, which is often triggered by the lack of enough storage space in the device.  However, the error code may also come up when you have a … Read more

What is Netflix Error Code UI-122 | 4 Quick Solutions

Less often than not, however, certain interferences to watch may be encountered. For example, “Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in 56 seconds.” is one among the many errors that you as a subscriber may encounter as you watch your favorite TV show. Here, I am going to take you through the causes of this … Read more

How To Fix Hulu Error Code 500 [Quickly]

Hulu is a user-optimized cable TV service that anyone can use as an alternative Live TV source. It requires internet connectivity to function and sometimes the webpage might develop issues loading. The problem would be highlighted with an error code that might show up on your screen. Here, I would be showing you how to … Read more

How To Fix Err Certificate Transparency Required Error

Certificate Transparency Required

The Err_Certificate_Transparency_Required Error Code is an error that occurs once you attempt to visit HTTPS websites that are having SSL/TLS certificate errors.  This error creates issues with the connection between your device and therefore the remote server.  Few users are facing the “Err_Certificate_Transparency_Required Error” while attempting to visit HTTPS websites. Here, we’ll see the causes … Read more