Linux Academy Review 2020 | Top Features & User Ratings

linux academy review

Linux Academy is a training company that provides educational services to people through its innovative online platform. If you want your employees to be conversant with and develop their skills in cloud technology, Linus Academy is a great option. The learning platform repeatedly gets up to a 95% quality rating from its users every month.  … Read more

10 Pros & Cons of Linux [A Must Read]

The article was created in cooperation with Many users are wondering if they should choose windows, Mac or Linux. In this post, we will compare the pros and cons of Linux in great detail. However, first I would love to briefly describe what an operating system (OS) is before I go into more detail about … Read more

Unix vs Linux

Everyone was thrilled.  A new semester had just begun.  In came the professor, soon after he introduced himself, he asked.  “What is an Operating System?” I thought, ok this should be easy.  Statements like “set of programs,” “system software”, etc started popping in my head. But I was unable to summarize all these statements.  I … Read more