How to Create A File In Linux

How to Create A File In Linux

You may create a file inside the home directory of your Linux PC by executing terminal or shell commands like echo, cat, touch, and printf. Files may also be created using various text editors like nano, vim, and vi.  Alternatively, you can also create a file on a Linux-based operating system (OS) using the desktop … Read more

Linux Basics For Hackers [Scripting, Networking & More]

Linux Basics For Hackers

Are you getting started on hacking, or are just aspiring for a career in cybersecurity? In either case, you need to familiarize yourself with the full range of ethical hacking tools, and tactics. Most of the hacking tools you will ever come across are meant for use on the Linux operating system (OS).  As such, … Read more

Best Linux Distro for Plex 2020 [Top 5]

Best Linux Distro for Plex

Plex is among the most popular and versatile media servers there is. But most times, installing Plex on certain distros can be a bit tricky. For this reason, you must know the distros that are well suited for the software. This article will review the five best Linux distros for Plex on the market.  Top … Read more

Best Linux Distro for Gaming 2020 [Performance & Programming]

Best Distro for Gaming

Gaming on Linux used to be a bit difficult since Linux does not support some hardware drivers. But with the birth of Linux distributions, gaming on Linux has become easier. However, if you need help choosing from the many options available, I have got you covered. This article will review the five best Linux distro … Read more

Understanding the Linux Kernel [Detailed Guide]

Understanding the Linux Kernel

Linux kernel is a monolithic kernel; thus, it has the largest footprint and is highly complex. Unlike other kernels, Linux kernels can be loaded and unloaded at runtime. This means you may add or remove features of your kernel as you please.  The complexity of the Linux kernel makes understanding it even more important. This … Read more

How to Compile C++ in Linux [Step-By-Step]

Compile C++ in Linux

You can write many important programming languages on Linux, including C++. Linux allows you to get started without doing so much, and you can do it from the command line. However, to get started, you will have to follow a few steps. This article will teach you how to write C++ programs in Linux. If … Read more