Top 3 esports games you can play on Linux

With the evident development of technology, Linux operating systems and software have become popular amongst gaming fanatics. Major game developers in esports extended an olive branch in support of Linux, allowing gamers more flexibility when it comes to gaming platforms. Below are the top 3 games we came across that are compatible with this platform, with the exact, if not better, options as found on Windows and iOS.  

Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018 is a great game that you can use on Linux operating systems. Also compatible with Windows and iOS, this game has quality graphics on all 3 platforms. It is a very realistic game that gives you the real-life experience of a football team manager. The game is designed to make you feel as if you are a coach of a particular football team. This makes you a part of the game and you can easily immerse yourself in it.  

The game gives the player full control of the football club as they can manage transfers, drawing up tactics for upcoming matches and even managing player contracts. Football Manager 2018 does not end there, it also gives you the ability to select your preferred squad for an upcoming match or tournament. As the head coach, the game also grants you the ability to upgrade medical facilities and as well as training facilities and utilities. 

Once you master this game, you will be well equipped to try your hand at betting even. From a coach’s perspective, you will have experience in predicting the scores just by watching how the teams are playing. As the season is upon us, it would be interesting to start with the Euro 2020 bets. See how this game can assist you in becoming a punter. If all goes well, you may as well try your luck with other soccer match bets.

Those who want to play the latest game of Football Manager and would opt for Football Manager 2021, have you to rely on Steam play. More on how to play Windows only games with the help of Steam play, can be found here.

 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Another game that uses Linux and is no new name to avid gamers is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  It is a first-person shooter game with robust action that never disappoints.  

Because it is a high-end graphic game, with the help of Linux, the game can be twitched up so as to be playable even on minimum hardware too. It is an adaptable game that gives you the choice of playing either as a terrorist or as a counter-terrorist which enables you to earn certain accolades. 

For those interested in heavy artillery, Global Offensive comes with an interesting selection of guns ranging from sub-machine guns to shotguns and pistols. As if the fun should end there, the game has an arms race mode which is a single round of gaming with instant respawning. In the gaming mode, you can take another player’s weapon after terminating them, thus adding more weapons to your artillery. 

Formula One 2017

Linux also has a special category for those who are interested in Formula One racing, F1 2017.  The game features 20 of the fastest racing teams and drivers who include Mercedes, Redbull and Ferrari. The classic race game also features real-life circuits including the Albert Park, Shanghai International Circuit and the Sochi Autodrom. 

On top of the 20 race circuits, F1 2017 also features all the 10 competitors that took part in the 2017 Formula One season. The gamer gets an exclusive experience of racing from international circuits all around the world. What racing fanatic wouldn’t love the idea of virtual driving around the world. For a worthwhile racing experience, the developers included authentic commentary and team management modes. These features give the player an adrenaline rush and a sense of real-life racing.