Can you export a YouTube video with captions?

Can you export a YouTube video with captions? “YouTube is a wonderland where you can find Top-notch educational skills to loads of entertainment in your luxury time. But there is something that is a mood killer… 

Imagine being unable to download your favorite TV serial with captions, messing up your favorite cooking recipe because no captions are available, or being an anime fan and missing out on your hero’s dialogues! Ah! I feel ya!

Or you are failing to grab an important message from an educational video!

Above all, there are 432 million adults and 34 million children who are deaf, and captions are paramount for them. 

You can now end your worries since it’s unbelievably effortless to download YouTube videos with subtitles

In this article, we will be taking a bird’ eye view – of some of the top-of-the-shelf applications for downloading Youtube videos with captions. 

Softorino Youtube Converter 2 (SYC 2)

Without a shadow of a doubt, SYC2 is indeed the best option for downloading YouTube videos with captions and adding icing to the cake for iOS users as it provides an easy approach to access subtitles quickly. 

SYC 2 gives a range of options for downloading Youtube videos with subtitles 

  • YouTube Videos with Subtitles to Computer
  • YouTube Videos with Captions to iPhone
  • Videos with Auto-Generated Subtitles

You must have heard the phrase “Haste makes waste.”. Right? It might be true in other cases, but SYC 2’s speedy algorithm always gives good results. 

It has introduced a minimum number of steps to achieve your desired work quickly.

It has quite a few simple steps:

Windows and Mac systems

Download SYC 2 – Enable subtitle support Preference – Copy link of the video on YouTube – Hit “Download.” 


That’s all ENJOY!

iPhone Users

Connect iPhone to your computer – Copy URL of the desired video – Click on the “Convert and transfer to iPhone” button. Lastly, don’t forget to enable subtitles on your iPhone. 

Now, enjoy the show. 

The best thing about it is that you can download YouTube videos with captions embedded in any quality from any website with flash speed.

Are you looking for another fantabulous feature? 

Here’s it –  SYC 2 allows you to download auto-generated subtitles as well as manually added subtitles! Awesome! Isn’t it?

 Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare is another spicy application for downloading with crunchy subtitles, and it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. That allows the downloading options for videos as well as recording. 

Wondershare UniConverter also has robust programming behind it and works well for high-quality video download with subtitles intact. 

For Wondershare UniConverter, you can follow these steps for subtitles downloading.

Starting with opening desired video and enable its subtitle  option  – Launch Wondershare UniConverter and choose the record function – Adjust the recording frame – Record YouTube Video with the subtitle – Stop recording and save the video with CC.


Downsub is another arrow in your quiver that performs efficiently for downloading subs along with the video. Another lightning feature is that it can download from YouTube, VIU, Viki, and Vlive. 

Just as Henri Frederic said, “The great artist and thinker are the simplifiers,” Downsub is a shadow of this statement as it is amazingly simple to use. 

It can give subs in different formats like SRT, TXT, VTT.  

You have to follow these steps for subs download for YouTube videos.

Paste the video’s link Select the subtitles format – Select desired language Hit Download to begin extracting subtitles.


For many, captions are not a luxury item, but it’s a necessity!

Lagging behind your task just because you can’t understand some native speaker or because you’re a person with hearing loss is a difficult situation. 

Using the applications mentioned above, you can download desired subtitles so that your learning never stops and you keep on diving into the ocean of knowledge, aka YouTube. 

If you want more extensive features and subtitles, downloading SYC 2 has various video downloading and conversions options.