The hardware that will give you less headaches in 2022-23

Headaches can be the bane of anyone’s existence. They can ruin your day, make you feel sluggish and ill, and even spoil your mood. In most situations, pain medication can help you overcome this discomfort, but what if your headaches are actually caused by the type of PC or console gaming equipment you’re using? Well, in that instance, your pain can be easily prevented by purchasing more suitable and ergonomic hardware for games. Let’s face it, if you’ve already treated yourself to some of the best computers, routers, and gaming consoles around, it’s time to also think about your comfort during those long online gaming sessions. Let’s look at some hardware that has been designed to enhance your gaming experience.

Gaming chairs

Your posture has a major effect on how you function and how you feel, and bad posture when gaming can lead to headaches. However, hope is at hand with some amazing gaming chairs that offer the perfect ergonomic solution. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Razer Iskur: While Razer only recently started making gaming chairs, they have already proved to be a solid contender when it comes to understanding gamers’ needs. You’d expect nothing less from Razer, of course! This new offering for 2023 takes gaming technology to new heights. The ergonomic chair features a swivel seat with a headrest you can adjust in three different positions. But that’s not all: the 4D armrests enable you to try a range of combinations to suit your comfort needs. The back and lumbar support is also top-notch, and includes a back cushion. Headaches be gone!
  • BraZen Phantom Elite Gaming Chair: This one is all about comfort and support, especially in the neck and lumbar region. Not only is this chair great for hours of gaming, but it’s also equally efficient as an office chair, featuring a gas lift, adjustable armrests, neck and lumbar support cushions, and a mechanism that enables you to adjust the seat.
  • Secretlab Titan Evo: The reviews on this chair have been so positive that it soon became the most popular gaming chair on the market. Key features include adjustable lumbar support, where you can use two knobs to change positions, adjustable armrests, and a magnetic head pillow, signaling game over for those pesky headaches!

These are just a few of the many available gaming chairs designed to increase your gaming comfort and prevent further headaches. However, no matter how comfortable the chair,  bear in mind that sitting for long periods of time is not recommended, so be sure to take breaks at least once every 30 minutes.


Harsh light can be a potential cause of  headaches and eyestrain, and we therefore know that prolonged use of a monitor can affect your eyes. Here are some of the best monitors available that have been designed to counteract this problem.


  • ASUS VG248QG Gaming monitor: This monitor has been tried and tested, and should hopefully limit your exposure to headaches, thanks to its unique design, 24-inch flat screen, and eye-care-enabled features.
  • ASUS VY279HE Eye Care monitor: As previously mentioned, prolonged periods in front of a screen can lead to eyestrain and headaches. This ASUS monitor specifically targets those two key areas, thanks to a higher refresh rate than most other monitors at 75Hz. This is particularly effective, because playing fast-moving games on monitors with lower refresh rates can lead to blurred vision and sore eyes.
  • Samsung Odyssey G3 Ultrawide monitor: Many headaches stem from persistent eye strain, and this Samsung monitor has several solutions for that, including an ultrawide 32-inch screen, and a whopping 165Hz refresh rate, which is ideal for gaming. There is also an eye saver function, which both reduces and filters blue light. In essence, you are getting a great quality monitor, your eyes are protected, and your chances of experiencing a headache are significantly reduced. Winning!
  • ViewSonic OMNI XG2705 monitor: Companies who develop monitors are certainly focusing more on protecting the user’s eyes. With this monitor, you get clear views and a massive 144Hz refresh rate. It literally has no flicker at all, which is amazing! It also has a safe vision mode that eliminates eye strain.
  • BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S monitor: Definitely the best one on the list, boasting no stutter whatsoever, the result of rigorous testing. It also features a vision-safe mode that changes blue light to warmer hues, as well as an anti-headache feature and anti-glare screen.



We spend a large part of our lives in front of computer screens, whether playing video games, working, or for general leisure activities. Over time it can affect our eyesight and cause painful headaches, but that does not have to be the case. There’s now a range of gaming hardware available that has been specifically designed to help reduce these effects, and it’s wonderful to see that businesses are now thinking about consumer comfort and health in their hardware designs.


Overall, shopping around to find the best solution is much easier now than it was 10 years ago, since technology has greatly improved since then. As shown above, you now have plenty of choice when looking for ways to keep headaches and eyestrain at bay during your gaming sessions. Be sure to follow your favorite gaming hardware developers for more information, and always listen to your body.