Guidelines for sponsorship license applications

Many sectors across the United Kingdom including Finance, Hospitality, Agriculture, and Technology are able to recruit Talent from other countries in order to launch their more Innovative products, improve their business, or meet customer demands. However, ever since the United Kingdom left the European Union, employers have had to submit a sponsor license application.

What is a sponsor license for tech companies?

A sponsor license is a license that allows uk-based tech companies to employ skilled workers from overseas. Once you get an approved sponsorship license application it remains valid for 4 years which means you can continue to hire overseas talent for 4 years at which point you simply have the option of renewing your license.This license was formerly referred to as the tier 2 sponsor license.

Eligibility requirements

In order to apply for a sponsor license, tech businesses must meet eligibility requirements. Legal solutions lawyers can help facilitate an acceptable application without errors. Your organization must first be present in the United Kingdom. This means that you must operate within the law. You can have multiple branches throughout the United Kingdom and apply for a single sponsorship license that applies to all of your entities. However you may choose to apply for separate licenses for each of the branches you operate based on your situation.

If you have to be monitored by a statutory body in the United Kingdom or you must register with a statutory body because of your business type, you have to submit proof that you are properly registered with that body and you must supply evidence that you currently hold consent to run your type of business where you do.

In addition to this, businesses who wish to apply for a sponsor license have to prove that they can offer genuine employment for a very specific occupation, one that requires a specific set of skills. You also have to prove that you will be able to compensate the person you hire with a salary that is commensurate with their skill level.

There are responsibilities associated with being a business that sponsors foreign workers and part of your license application is a pledge that you will adhere to all of the duties associated with being a sponsor. If you are a sole Trader and you want to sponsor someone to work for you, you might be legally recognized as a sponsor and require a sponsor license but aside from this private individuals do not normally fall under this legal requirement.

What is the cost?

The cost for your sponsor license application is based entirely on your organization type and size. You will have to pay an application fee every four years when you renew your license. The fees can go up between now and 4 years from now, all of which are readily available on the Home Office website. organizations that are considered medium or large have to pay a fee of £1,476. Small businesses have to pay £536.

Small businesses are those that have an annual turnover of less than £10 million, or assets totalling less than £5 million, with fewer than 50 employees.

Sponsorship ratings

Once you receive approval you will get a sponsorship rating of an A rating or a B rating. An A rating is the highest rating and that means that you have complied with all of your sponsorship duties. This is what you should receive when you first submit an application and get approval. Thereafter, you must continue to follow all of the rules and regulations associated with being a sponsor.

Home office will undergo compliance visits regularly just to make sure that you are still adhering to your sponsor duties and maintaining the criteria necessary for the rating you have. If at any time you are no longer complying, you can be downgraded. If you are downgraded, you must set up a time limited action plan to ensure you meet your sponsor duties and can improve your rating. If you fail to do so within the specified timeframe, your license gets revoked after which you will likely have to apply again.

However, there’s no situation where you won’t be given the downgrading and the opportunity to fix the way your company is adhering to sponsorship duties prior to having your license revoked. This means there will always be a chance for you to hire an immigration attorney who can help you review what your company is doing and what your compliance requiremen