How To Save Money Online Using Technology

From instantaneously finding the answers to burning questions to connecting with loved ones on the other side of the world, the internet has revolutionized the way we live. Among the many changes it has brought about, is a shift in the way we spend and use our money.

It’s estimated that in 2021 alone, 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to purchase goods online. This increase in online activity has resulted in the conception of different apps, companies, and websites, providing services that improve individual’s online experiences, helping them to navigate the internet a little more frugally. Read on to discover the myriad of ways in which you can save money online.

How To Save Money Online

1.Coupons, cashback, and discounts

Coupons existed long before the internet, with supermarkets awarding loyal customers vouchers to spend in-store. Nowadays, the internet has opened the doors to a digital version of this service. Websites such as VoucherCodes, and browser extensions such as Honey, provide individuals with promo codes to use as they shop online, leading to promotions, offers, and discounts. Additionally, websites such as Rakuten scour the web for cashback offers, allowing users to earn money as they shop.

2.Leave items in shopping basket

Seasoned internet window shoppers will already be in the habit of filling up their digital shopping basket, without completing the purchase. However, neglecting to immediately complete the payment could work in your favor. On some sites, leaving a full shopping basket will result in emails from the company, with discount codes and special offers. In some cases, the longer you leave it, the more offers you are likely to receive. Not only does this practice allow you the space to mull over your potential purchase, but you could end up with a reduced price, too. 

3.Comparison sites

Whether you’re using the internet for shopping, looking for car insurance, or gaming, there is a plenitude of comparison websites to help you narrow down your choices. Websites such as MoneySuperMarket allow you to different types of insurance, broadband deals, and energy providers.

If you’re into online gaming, particularly online casinos and sports betting, then websites such as AsiaBet provide users with detailed guides on online gambling websites. They compare casinos and sportsbooks, to provide users with recommendations, including details of special offers and promotions so that players are equipped with the knowledge they need before playing securely on reliable gambling sites.

4.Sign up for online reward schemes:

To retain customers, some companies offer loyalty reward schemes. These schemes usually provide services such as early access to new products, early access to sales, and discounts tailored to your preferences.

Companies such as airlines offer air miles based on loyalty, a concept that most are familiar with. However, other retailers, such as Amazon, Sephora, and Apple have reward schemes, allowing return customers to make savings. It’s skimming over marketing emails, rather than immediately deleting them, to make sure you take advantage of any offers sent your way.

5.Outsmart dynamic pricing

The practice of dynamic pricing refers to when a company varies the price of a product or service, to reflect any changes in market conditions. This is evident, for example, when looking for flights. Seasoned travelers will know to search for flights in incognito mode, to avoid the exponential rise in prices that repeated searches result in. It’s not only airlines, however, that use this practice.

Industries from retail and entertainment to electricity and public transport all use their variations of this practice. To avoid falling victim to dynamic pricing when using the internet, there are several options: clear cookies, browse in incognito mode, use different browsers, and use one gadget to browse, and one to complete the purchase. 

6.Earn gift cards with apps and websites

make money doing surveys to using specific apps, it is possible to win gift cards to spend online. Companies such as Swagbucks and Inboxdollars allow users to earn points for activities such as taking surveys, shopping online, playing games, and searching the web. These gift cards can then be spent with companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and PayPal.

7.New customer deals 

Pesky pop-ups are the bane of many an internet user’s life. Asides from slowing down a search, they offer little to a user’s experience. This, of course, explains the existence of ad-blocking extensions. It may, however, be worth turning this service off when online shopping. It’s now common practice for companies to offer discounts to new users, in exchange for signing up to receiving their newsletter. Already a customer? Just use a different email address! 

8.Stock up on goods

When shopping for everyday items, such as toilet roll, washing up liquid, and laundry detergent, it’s worth buying in bulk. Not only do many companies offer discounts on bulk orders, but free shipping is also common on orders of higher expenditure. Amazon also offer a subscription service, offering discounts if for buyers who subscribe to frequent orders of the same item. Take advantage of these deals, by trying to order in bulk as often as possible. 

9.Buy second hand

Gone are the days when searching second hand meant trawling through antique stores, or charity shops. These days, platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook marketplace make it easy to find a bargain from the comfort of your living room. Additionally, apps such as Shpock and Vinted allow users to find buyers for their unwanted garments, so you may be able to find a highly discounted alternative to sought-after items.

10.Discount sites for events and activities

If you’re in the market for anything from a weekend break or a massage, to a new hoover or a hot air balloon ride, look no further than websites such as Groupon or Wowcher. These sites offer discounts on a myriad of items, experiences, restaurants, and more. Simply sign up using your email address, and set alerts according to your requirements. That way, you’ll get daily deals heading straight for your inbox.