Is iHome a Good Brand?

Although iHome was founded in 2005, there is more to the story than that. You see, iHome is a subsidiary of a parent company named SDI which was founded in 1958. SDI’s other is known as Sun Design. But for this read, we will focus on the iHome brand.

The brand’s first rollout was the iPod-docking clock radio. Apart from the fact that the product became Home’s best selling product. It also established the brand as the premier brand in the audio accessories market.

Today, the brand offers a wide range of products that cut across Bluetooth, wireless charging, portable speakers, and many more. So far, the brand’s products have been found in over 30 million bedrooms.

iHome has top-quality and long-lasting products. Coupled with the fact that these products have exciting features. Also, they are known for rolling out products with high consumer consumption. Indeed, the brand is great.

However, don’t just take my word for it, watch. In this read, we will determine whether iHome is a good brand or not. That will be done by reviewing some of their products. Without further ado, let’s get down to it.

Timebase (iBTW20)

Here’s a dual charging Bluetooth and alarm clock. The device is wireless and can be charged with a USB. It is capable of charging devices like iPhone 13, 13 pros, 13 mini, 12, 12 pro, and Samsung S8.

One of the most exciting features of the device is the speaker that comes with the device. The thing is the speaker has a digital echo noise cancellation feature. There is also an in-built mic that answers and ends controls.

Furthermore, the sleek iHome-manufactured device 0has a programmable snooze and a dimmable backlight display. For those with high iOS, the device can ID callers.

Dream Mini (iZBT7)

The next iHome-manufactured device on the list is a zenergy Bluetooth bedside sleep therapy machine with white noise. It ensures that you have a calming environment for sleep and an energizing atmosphere for waking.

The zenergy device comes with 16 soothing different naturally-recorded environmental and white noise sounds that ensure that your body and mind are relaxed.

Dream Mini also has 24 designed therapy lights that enhance sleep and increase your energy. For instance, when you decide on the device, you get to wake naturally with the simulated sunrise that can go from dim to bright hue.

And on top of that, you can stream your wireless music, utilize meditation or even listen to that favorite podcast. The zenergy Bluetooth is equipped to help all through your anti-anxiety, stress relief, and therapeutic journey.

There are times the human mind racing with thoughts, worries, and distracting noises can make it hard to sleep at night. And you will agree with me that this can disrupt your productivity during the day. The 16 naturally-designed noises that come with the zenergy device will block out all these distractions and help calm the mind.

iHome Makeup Mirror

The makeup mirror is a little different from what you are used to. It comes with exciting features like a Bluetooth speaker, USB charging, and 3 led mode light. Also, the makeup mirror light has 4 levels of brightness and 3 dimmable hue adjustments for bright daylight, soft, and evening mode.

The iHome-manufactured make mirror is a perfect fit for people that like to make vlogs on makeup. It allows caller ID and hands-free calling. Moreso, the multifunctional makeup mirror has 3 detailed removable mirrors.

Makeup Vanity Mirror

The next on the list is also a makeup mirror. It has similar features to the previous iHome makeup mirror. It has a built-in USB charging port and can wirelessly charge Qi-compatible devices. For times when you want a close-up view of the mirror, it comes with 10 different detachable makeup mirrors that allow you to zoom in on details.

It also has a Bluetooth audio feature that enables you to stream music. Voice control that allows you to have access to your mail and calendar without any stress whatsoever. The device also comes with a top-quality speaker.

iHome Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The mini Bluetooth speaker is portable and lightweight. That makes it perfect for home usage, relaxing on the patio, working in the garden/garage, and anywhere you go. When you decide on the speaker, you stand to enjoy 7 hours of music straight and sound that is free of distortion.

Apart from that, it has 5 different color-changing modes namely slow bend, favorite color, lantern, and pulse-to-music. It’s needless to say, you can also stream your music, podcast with the mini portable Bluetooth speaker. All you need to do to get started is to connect your PC or mobile devices.

iHome Power Reach Multi-Plug Outlet Extender and Splitter

With the multi-plug outlet, you can charge up to 6 different devices all at once. It has 4 USB ports and 2 AC grounded outlets that allow you to charge compatible devices. The iHome-manufactured multi-plug is compatible with Apple iPhone/iPad all series products, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, and other USB devices.

It is white-colored and comes with a 6-foot extra long power cord. The extra chord is handy for times when your power outlet is out of reach or perhaps inaccessible. The multi-plug is indeed perfect for home, and office usage.

The charger is designed in a way that effortlessly blends with your home. Anyone can find their way around installing the multi-plug outlet extender. You require no tools to set it up.

All you need to do is to stick the 3-meter sticker to your wall. The best thing about the plug is that you can attach or detach it anytime you desire. It’s safe to say that it is ETL certified.

The 5.4 Amp USB is flat but is compatible with2.4 Amp fast charging. Simply put, it charges the device faster than an average charger.

Poweruvc Pro (iUVBT1)

Here’s a UV-C sanitizing device with other multi-functional features. Some of these features are Bluetooth audio, dual USB charging, alarm clock, and UV-C LEDs. The LEDs are on the top and bottom of the device.

It comes with a 360° sanitation coverage that spans through 180 seconds. The iHome device is capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from everyday objects without the use of chemicals or liquids.

When the lid is opened the UV-C LEDs automatically turn off to avoid exposure to the UV light. Poweruvc has 2 USB ports for charging compatible devices with and outside the sanitizing compartment.

It also comes with Bluetooth speakers that enable you to stream music or podcasts wirelessly and endlessly. Other than that, it comes with a dimming sensor that automatically adjusts brightness.

Powerucc (iUV30)

The iHome-manufactured health device will sanitize your phone, glasses, toothbrush, remote, and more with the powerful UV-C LED within 180 seconds. It has a compartment that ensures that the UV-C LED light is contained. Also, the light automatically turns odd when the lid is open for safety measures.

The iHome device can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from everyday objects without the use of chemicals or liquids. Lastly, it has a UV status indicator that notifies that the cleaning process is occurring.

ISP6X Smart Plug

The smart plug is considered to be the perfect smart plug for the Air Conditioner by Good Housekeeping. It is safe and keeps you in control by notifying you for your security. ISP8X can be integrated easily with your iOS and Android mobile devices. It allows you to control small appliances like the lamp, AC, and water heater.

iHome Reflect Vanity Mirror ‘Does It All’

The vanity mirror allows you to see your skin in a new light. And the size and width of the iHome-manufactured mirror are of a standard picture frame. It comes with a bright LED light that illuminates the area of the frame.

The iHome vanity mirror doubles as a phone charger and Bluetooth speaker. The speaker is loud and amplifies to the highest volume without exhausting your battery. Indeed, the multi-functioning mirror is a smart choice like other iHome-manufactured products we’ve covered.

Aquino Speaker Bottle (iBTB2)

The last one of the list doubles as a bottle and a Bluetooth speaker. It was unveiled back in 2019. Aquino speaker bottle is top-quality and comes with double-wall stainless steel that ensures your drink remains cold for up to 24 hours. And it can keep a steaming hot drink for 14 hours.

It is weather-resistant, sand-proof, water-proof, and has a modular speaker. The speaker bottle is fashionably designed with 4 colors – seafoam, merlot, blush, and midnight. Apart from that, you can stream music or podcasts endlessly.

The Verdict

One thing that sticks for me with all these iHome-manufactured products is the multi-functional features. Whether it’s a vanity makeup mirror, speaker bottle, or UV-C sanitizing device, it always comes with other exciting features. Additionally, iHome is pretty lightweight and can easily be moved.