Linux Apps for Academic Writers

Searching for the best Linux creative writing software to help authors? You have come to the right place. Teachers, students, and school administrators have to get creative when it comes to finding quality manipulation software that can be free of cost, or at affordable rates.

Quality educational tools are not easily available, particularly on a small budget. Therefore, it makes sense that schools, writers, and college kids turn to open-source freeware to save up on money. 

Many people don’t have an idea about the various powerful, desktop educational programs that are present for a Linux OS. As a writer, it is hard to maintain a balance between your studies, your social life, your part-time jobs, etc.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to start worrying. There are plenty of online tools so that your tasks become a whole lot easier for you. We have put together a list of the 5 top best educational freeware that will make it all a little bit easier for you.

Hopefully, you will see at least one app that is perfect for your needs and requirements.


Not all of us have excellent skills. However, our professors, except for our assignments and essays, shouldn’t have any errors and mistakes. Grammarly is an educational resource that helps save the day. 

Technology is a blessing. In the past, if you made a single mistake, you had to rewrite the whole essay from the beginning. Imagine spending hours and hours of your time on your essay, and then finding silly spelling mistakes, and having to start again.

However, with the help of apps like Grammarly, you can easily remove all the grammatical mistakes and errors from your essay, and get high praises from your professor. Many users have found this is the best resource when it comes to the editing scene.

With the un-paid version of Grammarly, you can remove spelling mistakes, find grammatical errors, readability and preciseness of the text, etc. If you choose the paid versions, you can check for plagiarism, spell checking, proofread your document, and get access to plenty of other useful tools.

It makes the writing process easier.

2.Google Docs

Most of us use MS Office for making presentations, essays, creating assignments, etc. However, a better alternative to MS Office is Google Suite with Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc. 

We all know that while working in an MS office, it tends to crash sometimes, and we lose precious data that we have been working on. One of the features that we really like about this word processor is that your progress gets automatically saved, and you don’t have to keep saving your data after each passing second. 

Moreover, another thing that makes Google Docs stand out is the offer that you can open your documents from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Suppose you have an important submission and you forget your laptop at home.

You can borrow your friend’s laptop or go to the library, open and track your notes easily. 


Manuskript is an amazing novel creation open-source resource. It focuses on making outlines. You can use the detailed outline feature to see the locations of the characters, what stage the chapter is at, which character is involved, etc. 

Moreover, you can also rearrange the structure of chapters using the snowflake method. You get a frequency analyzer that shows which phrases you repeat and how often. Moreover, there is also a distraction-free mode. 

With a user-friendly user interface, it is available for Linux, Mac OS x, and Microsoft Windows. It supports markdown plain text editor as well. Apart from this, Bibisco is also a great novel creation open-source tool. 

You can explore it on the official bibisco website or the GitHub web page.


Well-researched, easy to read, and understandable text files and essays leave a good impression on the professors. However, at times we tend to use difficult terms, technical jargon, etc. in our assignments.

This decreases the overall readability of our files. This program is a simple editor that college kids can use to create and format their written content. It checks the readability of your work and ensures that your content passes the various readability criteria such as percentage of transition words, proper usage of active and passive voice, etc.

Run your content through the system and it will highlight all the parts that need to be written again. You can export and add images and create a holistic blog post. Anything that you set your mind to, the internet will provide you with a tool to accomplish it! 


While we are researching material for our assignments, we read up various books, research papers, articles, etc. When we start writing, sometimes we unintentionally use the source content we collected in such a way that the originality of the content is lost.

College professors don’t forgive plagiarism. While some might deduct your marks, some will refuse to accept your submissions entirely. With the help of the Copyscape plagiarism checker, you can see which parts of your texts are not original, and then you can change your work accordingly.

This text editor supports various text file formats. It works on Mac, Linux, and has Windows support.

Final Word

We live in a digital world, where everything from our personal activities to professional lives is available online. With progress in technology, there are several learning resources that you can use in your classes and further your learning.

Hopefully, you will see a free Linux writing software above that will fulfill your educational needs and requirements. Whether you are looking for one for a school environment or whether you want an application for your own needs, there is a whole world of tech out there waiting to be explored.

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