6 Linux-Unique Apps That Students Love

Linux has been around for quite a while. This operating system might seem less advanced or popular than its main competitors, such as macOS or Windows. But, rest assured, it still has quite a lot to offer you, especially if you are a student.

One of the most significant benefits of this OS is that it comes with a huge number of exclusive applications that are so helpful that young people absolutely love them. What are these apps? Let us tell you about the top six of them!


These days, students are doing most of their research online. They use the internet to research topics they study, prepare for exams, and to write their academic papers too. Besides, they use the web to use services like EssayPro and other web-based tools designed to make their lives easier. This basically means that every student needs a reliable web browser to do all these activities safely and conveniently.

While Chrome or Firefox might be the most well-known browsers, students who use Linux as their primary operating system know that there is a better alternative. GNOME Web is a default web browser for Linux. And it is absolutely great!

What’s so good about it? First of all, it’s lightweight. Therefore, you can easily install and use it without slowing down your laptop or occupying too much memory. This browser is also extremely simple. Of course, it might not have as many features and add-ons as, for example, Chrome. But, its simplicity is what makes it so good.

GNOME Web is perfect for busy students. All in all, it lets you surf the web quickly and easily, without getting distracted by anything.

2.Geary/Pantheon Mail

Email is most certainly the most common communication tool students use for working on shared projects or keeping in touch with their professors. Email is still incredibly popular. That’s the reason many operating systems come with built-in mail apps. But are they all good? Not at all!

If you have ever tried, let’s say, Microsoft Outlook or a similar application, you should agree that an average desktop client often feels rather inconvenient. But that’s not the case with Geary and Pantheon Mail.

All Linux users, especially students who use email very often, agree that Geary and Pantheon Mail (which are exclusives of this operating system) have desktop clients as simple as webmail. These desktop clients allow users to load and scroll through your inbox quickly and conveniently. We bet that every student will love them!


Modern students have to deal with loads of documents. Task instructions, scientific articles, blanks, research papers, and many other files and documents that you might need to use in your academic life now come in digital formats. That is, you need a reliable document viewer on your laptop. And Linux has one unique option for you.

Okular is one of the most feature-rich and universal document viewers you can find out there and it’s one of this operating system’s default apps.

Why do students love it? There are quite a few reasons for that. First and foremost, this tool enables you to preview files in a variety of formats, including PDF, Electronic Publication, HTMLHelp, DjVu, TIFF, DVI, MOBI, and some others. But, even that’s not all.

Other benefits of this document viewer are that it loads very quickly and is very intuitive to use. Also, it lets you leave highlights such as comments, lines, or shapes in the documents that you preview. And it also can read your files aloud and lets you leave bookmarks to know where you left off or find important information easier.


4.Rapid Photo Downloader

Today, students take lots of photos just because they have so many moments that they want to capture. This brings us to another awesome app students love in this operating system – Rapid Photo Downloader. As you can tell from its name, this tool is designed specifically to help you download bulk photos quickly and easily.

With Rapid Photo Downloader, you can copy photos from any folder, SD card, or USB device in almost no time and organize them effectively. What’s more, this tool can rename files according to your preferences right in the process of downloading. What else could you wish for in a photo downloader tool?


These days, students are doing a big part of their schoolwork online, using their laptops. Therefore, they often have a necessity to take screenshots of something important. On the one hand, the majority of Linux gadgets will let you do this with a simple shortcut. But, what if you want to make any adjustments to the screenshots you’ve just taken? To do this, you will always have to open it in some image editor and do lots of additional work.

Luckily, Shutter can save you plenty of time and eliminate unnecessary steps. This app enables you to take screenshots and perform a variety of functions immediately after capturing them. For example, with the help of this tool, you can crop your screenshots right away. Also, it allows you to pixelate private data on a screenshot. And there are many additional features!

For students who do lots of work on the web, Shutter is among their favorite tools. So, it is another Linux exclusive we had to mention on this list.


There is no secret that podcasts are still gaining momentum. Young people, especially those who are attending college, are now listening to podcasts on a regular basis. They listen to them to study and for entertainment too. But, it is hard to deny the fact that listening to podcasts is now way more convenient from mobile devices than it is from laptops. Or isn’t it?

The last Linux-unique app that students love is Vocal. And it can change the way you listen to podcasts forever. This app integrates perfectly with your desktop and makes it really convenient to enjoy your favorite podcasts right from a laptop.

Apart from the convenience of use, Vocal also offers you a pretty extensive library of great podcasts. It enables you to add specific RSS deeds manually. Also, it lets you discover the top podcasts from iTunes or use the app’s convenient search to find the podcasts you will love. Best part? With Vocal, you can set up an auto-download of the new episodes of your favorite feeds. So, if you are also a fan of podcasts, you have to try it!

The Bottom Line

These days, there are many different operating systems for users to choose from. But, while Windows and macOS might be the most famous, Linux is still there and it has a lot to offer to users, especially students.

One reason for students to choose Linux is that gadgets that utilize it are generally cheaper than those that are powered by other operating systems. But, even that’s not all.

After reading this article, you also know that this operating system has a number of exclusive applications that are absolutely great for students and that you can’t get for Windows or macOS.

If you are also using Linux, be sure to try the apps we shared with you here!