Do I Need a VPN to Play on Foreign Sites?

It’s common to come across casinos that limit certain regions from using their service. However, with a VPN you can spoof your location, which will lead to you bypassing the geo-restriction. With this method, you will stand a chance of playing your favorite casino games. However, you have to keep in mind that utilizing a VPN to spoof your geographic location to indicate that you are somewhere that you are not is illegal. And might lead to your account getting blacklisted and your fund seized by the betting sites based on their terms and conditions.

It doesn’t only amount to the betting site penalizing you because it’s against the national law of most states. So, it is crucial to make sure that you are not going against the national laws before accessing betting sites with a VPN from your location. Some sites might block residents of certain regions from accessing it, while others might be restricted by the state government due to a reason.

Therefore, understanding the difference between these issues will let you know what you are getting yourself into. Based on the opinion of Michelle Thomas view, as an expert in guest post topics, It’s crucial to avoid using VPN to access gambling sites where betting is restricted, as doing so while going against the national law.

Using VPN on Geo-locked Betting Sites

Almost all the betting sites are geo-locked to certain locations, which is where the use of VPN comes in handy. Once you are in a location where gambling is not restricted, you can utilize the service of a powerful VPN to visit and sign up on your desired betting sites. With this method, you can access your desired online casino real money no deposit Canada and place bets. Whether you play online poker or other casino games, using a VPN will grant you access on geo-blocked sites.

In most cases, it’s not about breaking the rule of geo-locked betting sites. You might have traveled to a different location, but found it hard accessing your betting account to place bets. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts the website traffic and routes it to a new server, which will indicate that you are accessing the website from where you are not. Most VPN allows you to customize the device based on your preferred location. VPN poker eliminates traces of your device IP address with known information based on the selected country during customization.

Here are the top VPN provider to utilizing when trying to access a geo-locked betting site:

  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • ExpressVPN
  • Cyberghost
  • PrivateVPN

There are tons of VPN providers out there today. While most of them provide free services, others required you to subscribe to a plan before using the full features of their service.

Step for Using a VPN

Using a VPN to spoof your location is very easy and simple. Using any of the VPN’s above, subscribe to a paid plan. It’s important to use paid VPN instead of a free VPN when spoofing your location to access a gambling website. Download and install any of your preferred VPN on your device and choose your preferred location.

For example, if you are in Canada but want to use a gambling site in the United States. You will need to set your location to the United States in the VPN software. After that, click active to get the VPN software running.

Then, navigate and open your preferred web browser. Clear your cookies and start loading the gambling site. You will be surprised to find the gambling site, which initially restricted access for you working perfectly. And the best thing about the above VPNs is that you can always contact their customer support if a problem occurs. However, you have to understand that the service of VPN providers differs from each other. So, select what’s best for your needs and utilize it to play the best poker in casinos.


It’s important to evaluate that the gambling site you are trying to access is geo-locked and not banned by the government before trying this method.