How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux

Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux

To set up a dual boot configuration for Windows 10 and a Linux distribution, you should always install the Windows 10 operating system (OS) first. You should then make room for Linux on the Windows System drive, before installing your preferred Linux distribution.  Most Linux distributions can safely run from a USB drive without modifying … Read more

Kernel Panic Not Syncing Error [Solved]

Kernel Panic Not Syncin

The kernel panic not syncing error can happen for various reasons, one of which may be due to buffers not being flushed to the actual devices. This error often prevents the system from booting and may affect parts of the kernels and modules. The dynamic loader may not be present in the root file, so … Read more

Cmake Command Not Found Error [Solved]

CMake command not found

CMake is an open-source platform that cuts across build systems. CMake is composed of a group of tools designed to build, test, and package software. However, while trying to work, you may get an error message stating, “CMake command not found’. This error message can be frustrating. However, to help, we have provided information on … Read more

Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error [LOL & Fortnite]

Video Scheduler Internal Error

The Video Scheduler Internal Error causes PC crashes while you are using your computer. When this BSOD error occurs, you will not have the chance to save any work on your system. This error is usually caused by graphic driver issues. It can also occur due to malware. However, there are many ways to fix … Read more

Linux Basics For Hackers [Scripting, Networking & More]

Linux Basics For Hackers

Are you getting started on hacking, or are just aspiring for a career in cybersecurity? In either case, you need to familiarize yourself with the full range of ethical hacking tools, and tactics. Most of the hacking tools you will ever come across are meant for use on the Linux operating system (OS).  As such, … Read more

Fedora vs Centos | Key Differences [Linux Distributions POV]

Fedora vs Centos

Both CentOS and Fedora are some of the most preferred, RPM-based Linux distributions (commonly referred to as Linux distros). While the two distros share a number of similarities, they cannot be used interchangeably.  This is mainly because Fedora differs from CentOS in several ways. To begin with, CentOS is much more secure and stable than … Read more

How to Turn ON Chrome OS Developer Mode

Turn ON Chrome OS Developer Mode

The first Chromebooks had a physical switch you could flip to enter the developer mode. With the modern Chromebooks, the developer mode is an option you need to enable in the Recovery Mode. As such, you need to boot your Chromebook into the Recovery mode to activate the developer mode.  By default, Chrome OS devices … Read more

How to Resurrect An Old Laptop With Linux

According to HP, the average mid-range laptop will last around three years. However, that is a very generalized statement that doesn’t consider factors like what the laptop will be used for, what software is installed, and how well maintained it is.   In reality, computer hardware itself lasts much longer than the lifespan of the computer. … Read more

Miniconda vs Anaconda | The Similarities and Differences

Miniconda vs Anaconda

Anaconda is a complete distribution of the central software within the PyData ecosystem. It includes Python itself as well as binaries for hundreds of third-party open-source projects. Miniconda, on the other hand, is a minimal installer for the Anaconda distribution.  You may think of Miniconda as a smaller, bootstrap version of Anaconda as it only … Read more

SSH Vs. Telmet | Key Differences & Commands

SSH Vs. Telmet

Telnet and SSH are internet protocols that help admin access different devices remotely via the internet. Telnet is among the early protocols used over the internet. While both of these protocols may have similar functions, there are distinguishing factors that one must be knowledgeable on. In this article, you will find all you need to … Read more