How to Read Text Messages from Another Phone Without Them Knowing?

With the dangers on the internet nowadays, it’s no surprise that parents want to monitor their kids to ensure that they engage in ethical activities all the time. And as such, reading childrens’ text messages is popular among careful parents. However, as they grow older, kids get to figure out how to keep their phones locked and prevent parents from having a peek at their activities.

However, there are great spy apps that allow parents to read their kids’ messages. Now, parents not only have details of every message received or sent by their kids but can actually do them without their kids having a clue at all. 

Spy apps enable parents or even concerned partners to know what is going on in their lover’s life, and it has been proven that good old text messages are the best way to find out. So, if you need help in reading someone’s text messages without their permission, spy apps are your best bet. 

The Best Apps to Read Someone’s Text Messages from Another Phone

Reading someone’s text message from your phone without them knowing may be a little bit creepy if the person is not under your guidance (such as your children or kids under your care) or if the person is not your partner. It could also be an infringement of privacy, and if the person being spied on feels threatened, you could end up being in trouble with the law. 

That said, here are some of the best apps for reading someone’s text messages from their phone.


One of the best tracking apps, uMobix delivers with its spy text message platform. The app gives parents the unique opportunity of reading their kids’ messages without them knowing.

The app works on Android and IOS devices which makes it compatible with every kind of phone. 

The app is great for reading someone’s text messages without them knowing, and even people who think that their partner may be cheating can have a peek into their partners’ messages to know if the stress and concerns are true or if they are just one of the many lover fears.

This app offers various features such as reading, sending, and receiving text messages from the phone of your target. It can explore a social circle of target users. It also views text messages online. It can retrieve deleted SMS and contacts. This way, you can track messages your spouse or child has deleted to cover their tracks.

To get access to these various features of the app, you first need to subscribe to one of the various plans on the uMobix website. You can decide to pay $49.99 monthly, $83.99 every three months, or $139.99 yearly. After picking a subscription plan, you can then start spying on your child or spouse using the uMobix app or website.

The method of spying used depends on the type of device your child or spouse uses. If it’s an Android device, you need to install the app on their device before you can start spying on their text messages using your uMobix dashboard. You do not need to worry about them discovering the app as it doesn’t show up on the app drawer of the phone.

However, if your target uses an iOS phone, it’s even better. All you need is their iOS credentials which you simply input into your uMobix dashboard. To get access to their text messages, there is a particular tab named ‘Text Messages’. Simply tap on it to view the text messages of whoever you’re spying on.

Apart from tracking text messages, the app also allows you to track messages from various social media apps.


SpyStealth is another app that allows users to get access to a person’s phone. The services are quite great, and users can pretty much get to read all text messages on a target phone. Users can also get to see deleted messages. With the SpyStealth spy service, you can spy up to 5 devices at a time, making it a suitable choice for those who want to use it for monitoring their employees. Also, you get to track various types of data about the text messages received or sent such as the number the texts are sent to, and the time and date the message was sent. You can also block unwanted contacts from sending texts to your spouse, children, or employee’s device.

To use the SpyStealth service, you have to subscribe to one of their plans which are in three variants. They include the basic plan which costs $24.95 for a month, the premium plan which costs $59.95 monthly and the non-jailbreak plan which costs $29.95 monthly. After getting the license code, you need to install the app on the Android device to start spying on the text messages of your targets. For iOS devices, you simply need to log in with the iOS credentials to your SpyStealth account to get the spy service running.

Text message spying is not the only service that SpyStealth offers. They also allow the spying of various social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and even Gmail accounts.


HoverWatch, a spy software, is great at reading someone’s text messages. Users can get to view another person’s text messages and even hide the app on the person’s phone so the person cannot discover the installed app. The only down part of this spy app is the inability of users to access deleted messages on a target phone.

With Hoverwatch, you can do so much more than just read someone’s text messages. For starters, you can get various data about the messages sent from the device which you’re spying on such as the time and date the message was sent. You can also spy on messages sent from other social media messaging apps. One major feature of the app you’ll enjoy is the invisibility it provides. Irrespective of whether your target’s device is rooted or not, the spy app remains completely invisible to them. This helps you spy on them without risking getting caught.

You also get notifications when your child, spouse, or employee changes their SIM card to send texts. This helps you to track them just in case they try to ditch the SIM card you provided. Also, you can use this service for up to 5 devices, hence, making it perfect for those planning to use it for official purposes.

The service is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and has two plan variants for subscribers. They charge $24.95 per month for the Personal plan and $49.95 monthly for the professional plan. The process of setting up also follows the same procedure that has been explained earlier.


This article has outlined the purpose of reading someone’s text messages and how it can be done effectively by installing some of the best spy apps currently in the market. Parents and Lovers can conveniently use these apps to track their kids’ or partners’ text messages and take adequate actions to save their relationship and protect their loved ones.