How Has Technology Influenced the Storage Industry?

In recent years, the storage industry has come into the limelight – all thanks to eCommerce. Today, people running online businesses prefer to store all their inventory in storage units. These storage units are affordable, safe, and provide 24/7 accessibility. Likewise, people living in contemporary homes also prefer storing their belongings in storage facilities to avoid clutter inside the house. 

The rising popularity of this industry has encouraged operators to adopt new technology. Hence, they are automating self-storage services and integrating the cloud to improve access. Additionally, tech evolution is bringing flexible payment solutions to streamline the customer experience. People can now pay their monthly rentals by tapping on the screen. 

Besides, with the help of smart cameras and monitoring devices, customers can keep an eye on storage units 24/7. Sounds interesting, no? If you wish to learn more about technological disruptions in this industry, have a look below. Here, we have discussed five ways technology has influenced the storage industry.

Improved Access Control

Unsurprisingly, keeping track of tenants and empty storage units has always been pretty challenging for storage facility managers. They have to look into the manual records and journals to determine how much space is available, wasting a lot of time.

Fortunately, the tech-savvy integrations in the storage industry are overcoming this problem. Today, storage companies can leverage self storage software to have better control of their storage units.

This software makes it possible for them to access thousands of units, properties, and addresses in their computer systems. Moreover, these are cloud-based software which means they will continue to operate even if the internet connection breaks down.

It further enables storage companies to gain insights into renter’s behavior with real-time data visualization. Having an idea about consumer patterns helps them respond more promptly to their changing demands. For instance, if people are looking for climate-controlled units, you can add a few to your storage facility. So if you are ready check out a good security access control installation company. 

Promotes Communication & Accuracy 

Most owners of storage units don’t pay enough attention to customer service. In fact, many calls to storage facilities go unanswered. Well, the new-age customers don’t appreciate this behavior since they want quick responses round the clock.

Tech innovations are giving access to live storage call centers to facilitate customers. The scalable call centers allow companies to customize call-answering services. That way, they can tell their rental rates or working hours through in-call messages. 

Moreover, companies can join hands with professional storage counselors who can assist the storage customers on phone calls. In addition to streamlining communication, people will receive accurate information, building trust and loyalty. Technology further enables companies to integrate AI-powered Chatbots to improve communication with their customers.

These Chatbots help companies to address customers’ concerns with automated responses 24/7. However, make sure you have social media accounts, and a live chat option enabled on the webpage so that customers can connect readily. 

Enhanced Security 

When it comes to security, technology has made storage facilities far more efficient. Today, customers enjoy better security measures, enabling them to store their valuable possessions without any fear. Here we are listing the three most prominent security protocols fueled by technology. 

1.Biometric Identification

Instead of carrying keys every time, clients can access the storage unit through a biometric scan. You have to put your thumb on the device, and the lock will open itself. For a better experience, storage owners can integrate this feature into the software. It will allow customers to scan fingerprints through smartphones and unlock the storage unit. 

2.Video Surveillance

Every storage facility has security cameras, but technology has made it even easier for customers to monitor it 24/7. In other words, customers can see live CCTV footage on their smartphones round the clock. It gives them more confidence in your service, expanding the revenue streams. 

3.Smoke Detectors

Companies now offer storage units with smart detectors to reduce the likelihood of fire outbreaks. These detectors can detect smoke, activate sprinkles, and avoid any damage. 

Fosters Robotic Automation 

At some point in time, every business person must have thought of robots entering the workforce. Well, that’s finally happening in the storage industry.

Robotic automation is another tech transformation changing the dynamics of this industry. Now, the customers don’t have to handle their possessions in a secure storage unit. The mechanical systems and robots perform this function on their behalf. 

Likewise, the clients no longer have to find their way through the maze of lockers. The robots show customers their way without any on-site manager. Alongside limiting in-person interactions, these bots are expediting the storage process. Some of the bots also make it possible to choose a unit, sign a lease, and select insurance options. 

Furthermore, autonomous vehicles are another type of robotic automation. These have built-in maps that can drop off belongings at any given location.

Hence, customers can also deliver their belongings to the central area, and robots can take them to the storage unit. It doesn’t mean you have to trust the machine blindly; you can continually monitor these robots through your smartphones.

Flexible Payment Options

These days, people prefer cashless modes of payments. Whether it is through Venmo or credit cards, customers find digital payment modes way more convenient. As a storage facility owner, you can also switch to automated storage collections.

You can leverage a computerized system that collects payments 24/7 from the clients. It will notify and send alerts, asking tenants to clear their payments. 

Moreover, the automated payment solution can flag accounts that have been delaying payments. And to encourage timely payments, it will send reminders via text and email with complete information about the rented unit.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about payments anymore. Additionally, these digital payment solutions offer fraud protection. The AI-enabled servers can detect customer patterns and inform beforehand about potential frauds. 

Final Words 

Usually, people shy from technology because the options are mind-boggling. However, in the case of the storage industry, technology has been a game-changer as it offers greater support and flexibility in the form of digital payments, improved control, and top-notch security.

Customers can book units by tapping on their smartphones, while savvy software offers remote access. All these interesting developments in the storage industry have made it pertinent for companies to integrate storage options.