Is it Time to Switch to Linux?

With Windows 11 coming out later this year it brings up the question again of whether or not it’s worth it to update to the new version of Windows or switch operating systems to something like Linux.

If you’re just using your computer for something easy to run and intuitive like Grande Vegas online casino USA then this question is probably of less importance to you.

But if you like getting everything you can out of your computer or desktop then you are probably more interested in the answer than most.

Before we get into which one you should use I should probably explain a bit about what exactly the two different operating systems are, and what an operating system is in general.

The operating system of your computer is what the computer runs when it turns on. It’s kind of the base that every program runs off of. Without an operating system installed on your computer it simply can’t do anything.

The operating system tells it how to be a computer.

Windows is among the most common operating systems by a long shot. That’s for good reason too. It’s simple, most of the time it just works and it looks alright too.

On top of that if you ever buy a computer already made from anywhere that isn’t Apple, it’s going to have Windows on it.

Windows just has the market like that.

Whereas if you want to use Linux, you either have to specifically request it from whoever you are purchasing the computer from, or you need to install it onto your computer yourself.

This by itself can be too much for most people and I can’t say I blame them.

Using Linux will take a lot of work figuring out what everything is and how to use it properly.

It’s a very difference experience from what most people are used to when it comes to using a computer.

Searching up commands to run in the console to get it to do stuff is a requirement for getting things set up, which is very different from Windows; click buttons and everything works.

Why Windows 11 might not be worth it

Already some beta releases of Windows 11 are out and so is a lot of information about whats coming in the future.

There are a lot of great and amazing features coming with it but there are also quite a few cons that are showing themselves in the new releases.

  • The requirements to get the operating system to run in the first place are a big jump from what was required for Windows 10, this means that if you are running a very old computer it probably won’t work if you try and update it.
  • It’s now required that your motherboard (the board that connects all of your computer parts together) have a security chip on it called a TPM module. While this can be a very secure way of storing things like passwords and secure information you play a risk of having all of this now required and in the hands of Microsoft. If your TPM module gets damaged it can make your computer unusable and you would have to reinstall everything.
  • Windows 11 is going to make using alternative apps that aren’t made by Microsoft a lot harder. Microsoft has had a long history of trying to discourage users from using applications that aren’t made by them when they have their own alternative and now they are making that even more prominent with Windows 11

Why Linux might be the better alternative for some

Linux is something called an Open Source Operating System. This means that you can access all of the code and change any of it for the entire operating system. This also means that anyone who wants can create their own version of Linux and upload it online.

So if you have a specific problem with a part of the system you can almost certainly find a version of Linux somewhere that is designed around fixing that problem, or some program that fixes it.

Or if you really want to go the extra mile, you can usually quite easily modify the operating system yourself if you want to.

Linux really is a customization-based operating system.

This isn’t just on things the operating system does or features it has. Appearance-wise you can change practically everything you would ever want on Linux.

If you want your entire computer to look and feel like an old computer from 1995 you can do that very easily.

Another thing is if you have an older computer switching to Linux might be your only option to keep it functional.

Windows 11 is going to require a lot more processing power than previous versions while Linux is constantly updating to try and be as optimized as possible.

It’s also incredibly secure.

Because of the fact anyone and even yourself can look at any code for the entire operating system there is no way that things like spyware or data-stealing can happen. If it was put in somewhere in the Operating System, someone would find it.