Two tricks to make every trip unforgettable

During the summer period, people are used to moving from one part of the world to another, often travelling with very light luggage, letting themselves be carried away only by their desire to explore unknown nations and by the strong desire for freedom triggered by the easing of Covid-19 restrictions. For the past few months, most national borders have in fact been reopened to international tourism, giving a large number of travellers the chance to get back in the saddle and set off on their own adventures around the world.

Those who already have solid travel experience will have no problem getting back on the road after a forced hiatus of almost two years, and will almost certainly not encounter any difficulties even in those countries where some regulation to counter the spread of Covid-19 is still in force.

But everyone else, especially those who are travelling for the first time, runs the serious risk of encountering serious practical problems related to the objects and tools they have decided to take with them, or rather, everything they have forgotten to bring, thus missing out on the opportunity to spend a serene and memorable holiday, also thanks to the creation of high-quality photographic and multimedia content.

The support of technology

No one would want to go on a trip without a technological ally that allows them to take photos, shoot videos, or progressively document what they see, so as to create a kind of visual narrative of their holiday. Many travellers, even years later, have bitterly regretted not having taken enough photographs, or not having made illustrative videos to view later and to keep as a cherished memory.

For all of them, the memories of that particular trip are in real danger of vanishing into thin air, getting lost in the meanders of memory, and eventually dissolving like snow in the sun. To avoid this unpleasant epilogue, new travellers will necessarily have to equip themselves with technological tools that can make their journey as comfortable as possible, and that is also capable of recording the most significant moments of the adventure, so that they can reproduce them at will later, even years later.

Your Apple iPhone or camera can undoubtedly represent formidable allies in documenting the most exciting moments of your holiday, but for an optimal result, you should also use other tools that will significantly improve the overall quality of your multimedia material, packaging your most cherished memories in a way that will make them truly unforgettable.

Tripods and microphones

Even if you don’t have a camera, we advise everyone to equip themselves with a practical tripod that you can also use comfortably with your mobile phone, which will enable you to stabilise your footage and produce high-quality video content, with truly amazing effects on the overall level of the film. Assuming that your device (camera or mobile phone) is capable of making excellent videos, we also suggest that you focus on the audio, on which a large part of the success of a film may depend.

A lightweight and accessible solution for everyone (also due to its low price) is the compact directional microphone produced by Rode Microphones, which will significantly improve the overall quality of your audio tracks by eliminating background noise and focusing on the main source of sound in front of you, namely your mouth. To get the most out of a holiday, sometimes all you need is a good mobile phone, which can come in handy on numerous occasions.

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When put at the service of travellers, technology is able to create unique and indelible memories, preserving them in time and making them eternal.