Understanding What SEO Services Can Do For Your Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process through which a company’s website is optimized or improved to be easily and readily found online by potential clients. You can do this optimization either to the entire website or to specific pages of the website.

The focus of SEO services like SEO Naples is to improve the ranking of a website or a webpage in search engines like Google. Once your website has been optimized to appear among the top in a search engine’s results when a keyword is searched, there is a high likelihood that you will have traffic. With an increase in the number of visits to your website comes an increase in potential customers to your business.

Components Of SEO Services

SEO digital marketing strategies like SEO Naples are focused on improving your website’s visibility on search engines when certain keywords are searched. Below is a description of the various optimization techniques used to achieve this goal, in the form of services that SEO companies offer.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is focused on optimizing the technical components that will help in its ability to influence search engine traffic. While you may have a good-looking website that gets the job done, some behind-the-scenes elements of the website that were not considered during development may harm the site’s SEO ranking.


Page Load Times

When ranking websites in search results, most search engine algorithms like Google take into consideration the speed of the websites. A search engine as an entity on its aims to give a better user experience with every search. If your website speed is low, the search engine will likely rank it lower, not to inconvenience its users with low-speed pages.

Code Efficiency

When the code used in the development of a website is written inefficiently, this will slow down the website’s load time. A search engine algorithm is highly likely to give a lower rank to a website that takes too much time to load and gives a bad user experience.

With optimization of your website’s code, the SEO company aims to remove redundancies in the codebase and develop fewer lines of code that still get the job done. Having fewer lines of code to go through, a search engine will take less time to go through a website and consequently regard it as a fast site.

website security

website security is an integral part of a website and components of SEO. After Google’s announcement, every website is not adding an SSL certificate to the website. As a site holder, you should go with a Cheap Wildcard SSL certificate in case your website runs on multiple subdomains pointing to a main domain. A strong security with unlimited installation on servers is allowed under this certificate. A website with strong security is able to attract customers and visitors that improves conversions in long run.

Device Responsiveness

Since most websites are almost expected to work well on any device, search engines will prefer websites whose pages can adapt to different layouts. Without changing the information provided on a page, a responsive website should seamlessly fit its pages nicely on any device layout or screen size.

On-Page SEO

This part of optimization is mainly focused on the visible elements like page titles and meta descriptions of a webpage that may affect how it’s ranked on a search engine. When a webpage is more appealing and gets more user screen-time, the search engine considers this metric and uses it when ranking it. Web pages with more user engagement are more likely to be ranked higher than those that enjoy less user screen-time.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page optimization is often associated with “link building”, but in reality, there are a lot of different off-page techniques like content marketing, social media, and PR that work well in pair with link building. Thus, it is important to hire agencies and professionals who have reliable and successful link-building case studies.

Local SEO

Local SEO is aimed at improving the search exposure of websites for businesses within their physical location. To improve a site’s local search relevance, google must list the business in location services like map results. You can achieve local SEO through:

  • Use of local keywords like popular locations or landmarks to optimize the website’s content.
  • Ensuring that the physical location of the business is linked to local directories and groups.


Online Reputation Management

Building and maintaining a good brand is an aspiration of most businesses. Having a well-reputed online presence can also influence the ranking of a website on a search engine. This is determined mostly by the review that businesses get and how well the reviews are responded to.


What Can SEO Do for Your Business?

While most businesses may not see the need to have SEO incorporated into their marketing strategies, studies have shown that SEO is a must-have in this digital age if you need to take your business to the next level.

  • SEO can improve the reputation of your business: When your website makes it to page one in the search results, it comes with a sense of authenticity and reliability to the user. This makes it easy for more traffic to attract new customers as well as maintain existing ones.


  • Local SEO leads to more user engagement: When your website has been well optimized to reach the local market, it gives the local users something they can relate to, making it easy for them to create a personal connection with the business.


  • SEO helps improve business relevance and market standing: This is made possible by building business brand awareness in the market, both to local and external audiences.


  • SEO helps bypass competitors: The fact that Google will rank your business higher than your competitors in search engine results would be less likely for a customer to engage with a lower-ranked page.


  • SEO helps with higher quality traffic: While traffic, in general, is a good thing for a website, the conversion rate or the said traffic into potential customers is even more critical. SEO enables the website to make an impression on users who are more likely to be potential customers to the business.