6 Ways To Learn Programming

There are many ways to learn and train; the same goes for computer programming. Some ways are faster and better than others. Programming doesn’t play by that rule. Here are six ways we recommend for beginners in coding:

1) School

School is the primary source of learning. The most significant advantage is that you are supervised and guided by the teachers who allow you to acquire the first concepts and the suitable bases in programming in a general way. In short, you will learn what you need to know properly to be ready to progress drastically in this field in a professional environment. But that’s the theory.

Because yes, there are some drawbacks. First, the school system can be tedious in the long run, especially if you are older. Then you have to be aware that some teachers are not passionate about what they do and do not necessarily follow the evolution of programming. They have never worked in a private sector company to realize the requirements imposed by it when they leave school.

What you have to remember: school is a sure value to create your first base in the programming world. It will give you the basics and the theories necessary to progress well. On the other hand, to be at the level of the job market, it is essential to work as a self-taught person to fill this gap.

2) Online training

This solution is the most flexible for a beginner. It allows you to select the courses you want to take, when, and where you want. Of course, such pieces of training are often paid, but the advantage is that you are dealing with quality content. The training content is usually in the form of modules with video content and course materials in PDF.

Assignment programming activity is included in the training to validate your knowledge and practice, which is the most important and motivating part. What you need to remember: online training is an alternative to traditional schooling, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Online courses are not free and sometimes quite expensive, but the support is of better quality. You should also know that online training is a shortcut to acquiring this knowledge.

3) Books and magazines

Books are less expensive than online training, but they are not a substitute for it. Books are a way to get an idea of a specific subject or go deeper if needed. They can, nevertheless, replace online training provided that the book is rich in added value and well-designed by the author. It can be boring to read a 400-500 pages book with lines of code described on the fly. You have to be aware of that.

The most significant advantage is that in quality books, all the information you need is contained in them. So there is no need to look for all the information right and left.

Books are a good option if you like to read and acquire much theoretical knowledge without breaking the bank.

4) Specialized websites

Books are a way to learn on your own, and so are specialized websites. These sites are full of information related to programming, whether for one or several languages. First of all, there are blogs. Blogs of developers who are often well-established in the professional world bring pieces of code for specific problems and concrete cases. The blogs will share with you a daily experience in the life of a developer, which is different from the big specialized websites.

What you need to remember: The big reference sites will give you a reasonable basis for a specific programming language. You will acquire technical knowledge. The blogs will bring you a professional and lived experience through the story of these authors. You will develop the methodology. This is just as important.

5) Video content

Do you find text content very dull and not very interactive? It is possible to learn with video content. The significant advantage is that we often see the lines of code live as well as the different installations of the environment with its settings and the deployment of the programmer’s workstation. Much more meaningful than words. Youtube is full of thousands of videos about programming. You have to use the search bar to realize the number of results quickly.

The critical thing to remember is that video content is more meaningful and interactive for technical programming demonstration.

6) With seniors

A senior developer has solid experience and has encountered the problems you will face. This is an undeniable asset because he will allow you to hack your learning and stand out as your mentor. He will share his vision of programming and all his tricks to progress. You can rely on him, allowing you to avoid some frustrations.

What you need to remember: this is the most efficient and fastest way to learn, and it will help you progress at high speed. It is also the learning method where human contact is the most important. If you have the opportunity, seize it!


You’ve got a long way to go as soon as you decide to learn to program. We hope you’ll find the most enjoyable and efficient way of studying for yourself and becoming a pro. There’s nothing more pleasurable than seeing the results of your efforts in the future. Remember it, and continue on your programming path. Whatever awaits you is the best for you!