Top 5 Reasons Why Should We Use Family Location Tracker App

A cell phone tracker app is a software application that can be used to track the activities on a cell phone without being noticed by its user.

What is a cell phone tracker app? 

This app can locate the phone’s geolocation and record incoming and outgoing calls, text, audio, and video messages, and the websites visited along with the activities on social media platforms from the target phone. The information provided in this write-up will help you to find the best phone spy app for you.

Top 5 Reasons Why Should We Use Family Location Tracker App 

You should use the family location tracker app for the following five reasons.

Monitor online activities of Kids 

It can help the parents track their kids’ online activities like websites visited by them and text, audio, and video content shared on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Viber.

Ensure the safety of kids from kidnappers

This location tracker app can also help parents ensure their kids’ security from kidnappers as they can track their present location without being noticed by the user of their phone.

Check the live location of the cheating partner

Spouses can also use the family location tracker app to the live location of their cheating partners. They can easily install this application on their partners’ cell phones to track them wherever they go and cheat them.

Protection against addiction of kids

These tracker apps can also be used to protect kids against addiction. You can go through their contact list and track their incoming and outgoing text, audio, and video messages as well as calls.

It can help you know about the people they are communicating with and how they are being encouraged to consume illicit drugs.

Why Is Hoverwatch Spy App Popular?

Hoverwatch is the most famous spy app because it can easily be installed on the target phone to track it. Another reason for the increasing popularity of Hoverwatch is its salient features like:

Keep You Completely Invisible

Hoverwatch keeps you entirely out of sight from the user of the target phone. Parents can get exact information while monitoring their kids as it keeps you undetectable.

Track Calls and Text Messages

This spy app allows you to record every incoming and outgoing call and text messages, SMS, and MMS so that you can view them on your phone to know about their activities on their phone.

Track activities on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber

This tracking app also allows you to read the text, audio, and video messages sent and received through various social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber.

Track Geolocation

This spy app feature allows you to use its GPS to find the user’s location of the target phone. It also locates the location of the user by using cell towers and Wi-Fi signals.

Photo from Front Camera

It automatically controls the front camera of the target phone as it provides you a photo of the user of the target phone as soon as someone unlocks it.

Replacement of SIM Card

If the phone user under surveillance replaces its SIM card, this app will alert you by giving a notification.

Enable You to Track 5 devices at a time 

Hoverwatch allows you to monitor up to 5 android devices at a time, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., so that you can monitor more than two people simultaneously.

Track Internet History of the Phone

This spy app can also help you know internet usage by tracking the target phone’s browsing history. It will allow you to understand the websites visited with their URL and the date and time of seeing them.

It will also help parents and family members to know about the problems of their kids or partners.

To-do list

You can also use Hoverwatch to track your kid’s or partner’s to-do list, which is very necessary to check their unwanted activities and the people they trust more than you.


All the entries in the phonebook of the target phone can also be tracked by using Hoverwatch. It will allow you to know the name, email address, and phone number of each contact on their phonebook.


As soon as the screen of the target phone will be unlocked, and a message is typed on it to share on social media platforms, Hoverwatch will create its screenshots so that you can check them anytime.

Spy Snapchat

Hoverwatch also allows you to track the data, including documents, drawings, audios, videos, and photos shared by the target phone through Snapchat.

It also allows you to know the time and date of sharing data through this platform.

How legal is it to use a spy application?

Though it is legal to use a spy application like Hoverwatch to track the kids’ activities to ensure their safety and security, you should still use it carefully as tracking someone’s actions can also be considered a violation of the law of privacy. 

You can legally track your kids as well as your family members unless you are violating their privacy.

Product price-friendly

Hoverwatch is a price-friendly product. It is available in three prices slabs, including: Personal, Family, and Business.


Thus, Hoverwatch will be the best free phone spy app this year as it will allow you to keep a vigilant eye on your kids and other family members to ensure their protection from unwanted situations. It can help you track your kids and spouse’s activities on their respective android phones even without being noticed by them.