Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada and Why You Should Hire Them

With the rapidly changing digital landscape of recent times, we are given opportunities to grow our businesses in a digital space with strategic planning and an inclusive marketing plan. A good digital marketing team could be the game-changer in providing your business with unparalleled growth and an unshakeable digital presence. 

The importance of having a digital presence in today’s time can not be overlooked, with companies being increasingly interested in having a digital edge in today’s marketing world, the need for a digital marketing team is now more than ever. The concept of hiring digital marketing agencies externally has been a popular idea for a long time. With its very many benefits, it is still a preferred choice among businesses for a variety of reasons. 

Below we have explained how hiring a digital marketing agency could benefit your business effectively:


Top Talent


Digital Marketing agencies always offer the best talents in the industry along with a much more diverse portfolio. Agencies need to deliver top-notch services if they have to survive in the digital world and that’s why they offer access to great talents, even the best ones that you can find.




If you go with the top digital marketing agencies, such as the ones we have mentioned in the list below, you can always expect result-oriented outcomes. Agencies are always under enormous pressure to deliver desired results that’s why they work tirelessly to serve organizations.

Breadth of Expertise


A well-established digital marketing agency gets to work with multiple organizations across different domains which makes them pretty experienced and knowledgeable in the digital marketing field. These agencies always have a good budget to hire the best resources to serve their clients better.


Easy Transitions


Hiring an in-house team is a commitment, which is not the case with hiring an outside digital marketing agency. You can hire or fire an agency at your convenience based on your contract.



Hiring one full-time employee in your in-house team will cost the same as hiring a full team of experts in a digital marketing agency.

Best Industry Practises


With a full team of digital marketing experts, digital marketing agencies offer the best industry practices along with a fresh perspective. They are more experienced in rigorous research and can predict upcoming trends pretty easily.


Easy Management


While your in-house team will need to manage on a daily basis, this problem can be well taken care of by digital marketing agencies.  You just have to explain to them your end goal, and you will receive your results without many hassles.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto, Canada


Here is a List of Top SEO Toronto Agencies that have proven customer success stories of enhancing their web presence and becoming an industry leader through digital marketing campaigns.


Edkent Media


Edkent Media is the leading digital marketing agency in Canada specializing in top-notch marketing services including Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO services, Web Designs, PCC, etc. With their in-depth understanding of tactics, budget, and timelines, their determined team of professionals is focused on offering result-oriented and ROI-focused outcomes. As experts in all things digital, Edekebt Media has established itself as the best full-service digital marketing agency to help your brand thrive in the digital space.


Brand and Mortar


Brand and Mortar, with a focus on building long-term relationships with clients, were founded on the principles of strong communications and transparency. They aim towards drastically improving their client’s business performance and ROI with increased brand awareness and lead generation. The all-inclusive digital marketing agency specializes in social media, digital marketing, web design, development, brand marketing, public relations among others. 


Search Engine People


The Search  Engine People with their effective digital marketing strategies and tactical execution is determined to boost your business growth with their creative intelligence. With more than two decades of experience in the field of digital marketing, the Search Engine People is recognized as envelop-pushers and innovators in the digital space. 


Arnold Street Media


Arnold Street Media, with its aim to establish brand identity, is crafting power digital strategies with a focus on social media, branding, and digital advertising. Their top-notch communication helps them to deliver desired results seamlessly with ease while maintaining the quality of service. The passionate team members are dedicated to ensuring that your brand story is heard.


Major Tom


Major Tom with its result-oriented approach provides its customers with ROI-focused results. The full-service digital marketing agency is always ready to provide businesses with impressive growth and a stellar online presence. The committed team of determined professionals at Major Tom works hard every day to give you your desired result and beyond and focuses on building long-term customer relations. 


Life Web and Design


Life Web and Design is the one-stop solution for all your web-related needs.It deals in providing mobile-friendly website designs, graphic design, search engine optimization, website hosting, etc. The agency was founded for serving its clients in all capacities and is ready to go above and beyond to serve them in all aspects of the project. 


Blue Flamingo Solutions Inc.


The award-winning digital marketing and web design agency has been offering customers successful marketing strategies and stunning designs since 1998. With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, Blue Flamingo Solutions aims to serve organizations of all shapes and sizes. Their digital enablement has provided brands with impressive marketing results. 




BrandLume has created quite an international presence in the digital marketing industry with its global approach. With its all-inclusive strategy, their clients no longer need to deal with different branding strategies. The agency also prides itself on its 96% customer retention rate meanwhile offering a very affordable rate to its clients.


As a full-service digital marketing agency, focuses on maximizing conversion and ROI. The core services of the digital marketing agency include digital strategy, ad management, social media management, content creation, website building, and more. also offers a robust network and track record of reaching millennials demographics for better targetting. 


Speakeasy Agency


Speakeasy Agency is a Toronto-based agency is focused on providing affordable services that are obsessed with providing  ROI-obsessed results. They aim to serve businesses of all shapes and sizes, including small businesses, enterprises, and international brands with inclusive digital marketing strategies. Their specialties include, SEO, Web Development, Content Creation, Google Ads, Instagram and Facebook Ads, Social Media Management, among others.