Something Is Running On Port 3000 [100% Solved]

Something Is Running On Port 3000

Sometimes, programs refuse to run on port 3000; it becomes unresponsive or produces an error message. Tackling this problem is tricky because you have to identify the problem and kill the program. You need this rectified as soon as possible but require the right strategy. To stop or get rid of the “something is running … Read more

Why Is iTunes Creating Duplicate Playlists?

iTunes Creating Duplicate Playlists

We all find it exasperating when iTunes recreates an existing playlist. Duplicates make your song lists tend to sound like a repetition loop, and it takes up the internal memory storage. But why does iTunes generate extra copies of your songs when you do not need them? iTunes creates duplicate playlists because you made alterations … Read more

Steam Stuck on Connecting to Steam Account

Steam is a very popular PC gaming platform that is widely used on the market. Although the platform is impressive, you may still encounter some issues while using it. Sometimes, you may notice that Steam is stuck on connecting to your Steam account. When this happens, it may be due to a Steam server outage … Read more

Fix Bash Permission Denied Error [Quickly]

Bash Permission Denied Error

You may encounter the error message “bash permission denied” while using your operating system. The error message indicates that you do not have the privileges required to edit a file. You need not worry when you encounter this message. The bash permission denied error message is quite easy to resolve. In this article, we have … Read more

Fix The Authenticity of Host Not Verified Error

he authenticity of host cannot be verified

The chances that if you have installed open SSH newly on Linux Mint, you will encounter the error message “the authenticity of host cannot be verified” are high. Encountering this error message does not always mean that you have used the wrong host setup. Rather than panic, stay calm; this error message is normal for … Read more

Error: Failed To Push Some Refs to Remote Git Repository

Error: Failed To Push Some Refs

While working with Git, you may have encountered the “error: failed to push some refs to remote git.” This error mainly affects those working on the same codebase as other people. It occurs when changes made to the version control repository have not yet been pushed to the local repository. This error could arise when … Read more

No Root File System Is Defined Error [100% Solved]

No root file is defined

Sometimes when you try to install Ubuntu on your system, you may encounter the error message, “No root file is defined.” This error message may pop up when you try to install Ubuntu using a Windows partition (FAT32 or FAT).  It may also occur because a valid Linux Partition has not been created.  Nonetheless, you … Read more

Kernel Panic Not Syncing Error [Solved]

Kernel Panic Not Syncin

The kernel panic not syncing error can happen for various reasons, one of which may be due to buffers not being flushed to the actual devices. This error often prevents the system from booting and may affect parts of the kernels and modules. The dynamic loader may not be present in the root file, so … Read more

Cmake Command Not Found Error [Solved]

CMake command not found

CMake is an open-source platform that cuts across build systems. CMake is composed of a group of tools designed to build, test, and package software. However, while trying to work, you may get an error message stating, “CMake command not found’. This error message can be frustrating. However, to help, we have provided information on … Read more