Corsair k70 Media Keys Not Working [100% Solved]

The CORSAIR Gaming K70 is a completely mechanical gaming keyboard with Berries MX Red key switches, sculpted FPS control keys, key-by-key adjustable backlighting, and complete key matrix generally pro on USB.

The Corsair Gaming K70 is a completely mechanical gaming keyboard with a professional-grade anodized, brushed aluminum chassis. If shooters are your game, contoured, textured FPS keys hold you in command.

It’s made with CHERRY MX switches, and you can customize the backlighting of your key bindings key by key. 100% anti-ghosting with 104 key rollovers on USB ensures precision, ensuring that every keystroke converts into precise gameplay.

The K70 isn’t just a great gaming keyboard; it also looks great. The brushed aluminum frame is black anodized for a striking appearance, and the bright red backlighting gives it the unmistakable appearance of serious gaming equipment.


The crucial WASD and 1-6 keys are contoured and textured, allowing you to quickly locate them and enjoy fast-paced gaming action with fewer chances of your fingers missing their target. Backlighting can be programmed separately for each key, allowing you to create a custom-lit keybinding and save it to onboard memory.



You get a smooth, direct key reaction for ultra-quick twofold and triple taps without the perceptible snap. 


Dark red LEDs with movable splendor and key-by-key programmability to illuminate only the keys you need. It’s extraordinary for enlightening your critical ties for each game.

It’s saved straightforwardly to the K70 installed memory, so you can take your light guides with you. 


The K70 outline has an expert evaluation look and feels, in addition to the tough solidness you need for quite a long time of gaming. 


Each keystroke converts into precise ongoing interaction—in any event when various keys are squeezed. There’s no sign of corruption, and it stays aware of you, regardless of how quickly you play. 


You don’t simply mess around – you play music and video, as well. Play, stop, stop, skip tracks, and change volume straightforwardly from the K70. 


Keep your eyes on the activity with simple to-find FPS keys. An additional arrangement of standard composing keycaps and a keycap substitution instrument are accommodated in general composing. 


Offer your wrists a reprieve, or take it off on the off chance that it disrupts everything. 


An extra USB connector is given. It’s extraordinary for connecting a Corsair Gaming mouse or headset.

K70 Media KEYS not Working

Simply contemplating whether any other person has encountered this or is aware of a fix. I have the K70 RGB earthy colored console and I can’t sort out some way to get the media keys to control the volume and media capacities on my console. 

I’ve introduced everything as trained, utilizing just the console named USB in a USB 3.0 port on my PC.  I’ve affirmed that the quiet key works by planning a lighting impact to it when squeezed, however, my framework will not remember it or some other media keys/volume roller. 

That’s correct; my media keys aren’t working either. When investigating other issues, I tried both USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, and the media keys didn’t work in either case. They do, however, work if the actions they’re supposed to perform are manually created and assigned to the buttons.

I’ve tried using the USB 2.0 ports as well as uninstalling the drivers for my previous keyboard. Regrettably, the problem continues. I’d in any event like for the volume roller and quiet key to work. 

Any assistance would be significantly refreshing. For reference, I have the most recent firmware introduced, utilizing the most recent Corsair utility programming, and running Win 7 Pro (x64).

Have you tried using only Windows Media Player with the media keys? If it functions, the keys themselves are functional. With the media keys, which media player are you attempting to use? Is global media’s main support included in your media player’s options? For certain keys to work with the particular program, they must be activated.

Not Working Media Keys

  • Google Chrome might be manipulating the media keys on your Corsair keyboard if they aren’t functioning consistently. Follow the steps below to stop this action.
  • Type or paste the following into the Chrome search bar and hit enter: /Flags/Chrome
  • In the new page’s search bar, type “media key.”
  • Toggle the “Default” to the “Disabled” drop-down menu.
  • I just purchased a Corsair Vengeance K70 which accompanies four media keys: stop, skip (forward and in reverse), and play/stop. The issue is they don’t work.
  •  I can utilize them when either the Services window (through Computer Management, Task Manager, or services.MSC, Curse Voice, Logitech Gaming Software, or Gigabyte Force is open and the chose window. 
  • My HID Service is active and set to Automatic (Activate Start).Media keys likewise don’t work when the HID administration is handicapped. 
  • I’ve had a go at shutting all open projects just as unplugging all additional equipment, none of which makes a difference. I’ve additionally attempted diverse USB ports. 

This is likewise after a new introduction of Windows 7

Projects affirmed to work

  • Ccleaner 
  • PC Management 
  • Gigabyte Force 
  • Logitech Gaming Software 
  • MSI Installers 
  • Administrations 
  • Errand Manager

I’ve been using my keyboard’s play/pause button for Spotify, but it suddenly stopped working for Spotify a few days ago. It still works for other platforms, such as YouTube or any video or song, but it only works for Spotify when there are no other active video platforms. This is a problem because I use that button to control Spotify songs when watching Netflix or YouTube, but now it only stops or plays the video.

Corsair K70 RGB TKL mechanical keyboard

On the off chance that the specs didn’t warn you previously, simply taking a gander at the Corsair K70 RGB TKL should reveal to you all you require to think about its intended interest group. The striking, made right text style on its keycaps is a top gamer, and the actual case has a moderate, precise plan. The solitary marking you get is a little Corsair logo on the console’s temple, which enlightens alongside the remainder of the console’s lighting. 

Its plan probably won’t be for everybody, except development quality is acceptable here. The K70’s keycaps are made of hard-wearing PBT plastic, and their legends are twofold shots, which means they let each switch’s lighting radiate through and won’t ever focus on. Corsair utilizes a standard console design, so you shouldn’t have any issues discovering substitution keycaps in the correct sizes. 

As its name infers, the K70 RGB TKL is a tenkeyless board (henceforth the “TKL” in its name), which means you don’t get a Numpad to one side of the bolt keys.

Unlike the  Corsair K65 mini gaming keyboard form factors, the K70 still maintains most of its functionality because of the additional dedicated keys and full media controls.

This bodes well on a gaming console, where you’ll normally invest the majority of your energy with your left hand on the WASD keys and your correct hand on a mouse. Except if you truly need it for information passage, a Numpad simply disrupts everything. 

Accessible designs incorporate US ANSI, UK ISO (which I’m utilizing), and other European formats, however, there are no Mac-explicit keys accessible.

Even though it’s not especially wide, Corsair’s console has somewhat of a temple to house its media keys and a volume roller. I by and large favor this basic methodology, instead of getting to media controls through a blend of keypresses, regardless of whether it adds somewhat more mass to the board. Fabricate quality is generally strong; the console wouldn’t flex, regardless of the amount I attempted to twist it. 

The console’s arrangement choices are pointed soundly at gamers. There’s no choice for material Cherry MX Browns or clicky Cherry MX Blue switches here.

All things being equal, your choices are exemplary gamer Cherry MX Reds, cutthroat gamer Cherry MX Speed Silvers, or, in case you’re in Korea, obliging gamer Cherry MX Silent Reds. My audit board came furnished with standard Red switches. The switches aren’t hot-swappable, so you must utilize desoldering apparatuses and afterward a welding iron on the off chance that you need to evaluate some other switch types. 

The decent thing about purchasing from a setup organization like Corsair is that its partner programming for designing the console’s format and lighting impacts is smooth and cleaned. 

The issue is accessible for Mac and Windows and offers a bewildering measure of power over the K70 RGB TKL. You can remap the console’s keys any way you like and gain admittance to plenty of extra lighting impacts. The controls are granular and get confounded quickly, so I wound up disregarding them and just controlled the console’s lighting from the actual board.

Just as taking care of lighting controls, iCue can likewise deal with key remapping if you need to trade the format of your console around. It’s not as vital a component on a TKL board as on a more modest board with a more restricted determination of keys, however, it’s helpful incorporation if you need to fiddle. 

These are valuable highlights paying little mind to what you need to utilize the Corsair K70 RGB TKL for. Be that as it may, its more extraordinary highlights are gaming-centered. First up is a “competition switch” on the highest point of the board, which incapacitates any custom macros you’ve set up and changed the backdrop illumination to a solitary less-diverting shading. (You can alter which shading utilizing iCue.) 

It’s the sort of highlight I could see being useful on the off chance that you’re at the same time huge into web-based gaming and utilize a huge load of macros. That is a beautiful thin Venn outline of clients, however, fortunately, the switch is far removed from something else.

The other gaming highlight here is a promoted surveying pace of 8,000Hz, which is multiple times higher than the 1,000Hz rate utilized by most consoles. In principle, this implies the console’s info slack or the time between you squeezing a key and the sign being sent to your PC, is pretty much as insignificant as could be expected, apparently having a significant effect in a high-velocity gaming circumstance. 

Corsair reveals to me this cuts down middle dormancy to under a fourth of a millisecond, contrasted with 2 milliseconds and up with a 1,000Hz console. You empower the 8,000Hz surveying rate from inside Corsair’s product. 

It’ll caution you that the higher surveying rate utilizes more framework assets, however, I didn’t see any effect on execution on my Ryzen 5 3600-prepared gaming PC, and Corsair reveals to me this ought to be something very similar for anybody utilizing a gaming machine worked over the most recent three years


Now, Corsair understands what it’s doing with regards to mechanical consoles for gaming. The K70 RGB TKL comes outfitted with the entirety of the personal satisfaction includes that are normally out of a standard console now: decent tough keycaps, media keys and volume dial, and a separable USB-C link. A portion of its gaming-centered highlights are marginal pointless excess, however, they don’t disrupt the general flow.

At its center, however, the K70 RGB TKL is a console intended for gamers, and there are better consoles out there in case you’re just an infrequent gamer.

You can improve the scope of switches somewhere else, just as a fulfilling composing experience generally. That makes the Corsair K70 RGB TKL an extraordinary alternative for a gaming console, however just a decent console generally.