How To Fix Dev Error 6178 On Modern Warfare? [4 Options]

Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare is an addictive game that could keep you glued for a long time. Nevertheless, it has its share of faults and errors and a common one is the Dev Error 6178. Having frustrated several players, this article aims to show you how to fix it.

The Dev Error 6178 appears just after Call of Duty Modern Warfare crashes. This is most likely during the loading of a map on your PC or some other special feature.

Sometimes, the crash could also happen when the camera returns to the player after death. This dilemma makes the game unplayable for a lot of affected users.

How to fix the Dev Error 6178 Modern Warfare?

To fix the Dev Error 6178 modern warfare for your Call of Duty, try these methods.

Solution 1:Launch your Game as Administrator

Once you get this Modern Warfare fatal error during the launching of the game, then the game doesn’t have administrative privileges. For any problem that is connected to administrative privileges, the easiest way is to run the program as administrator.

Follow these steps

First, right-click on the Modern Warfare shortcut icon on your Desktop, then choose ‘Run as Administrator’.
If the Dev error 6178 clears, you might need to make the game run as administrator all the time. So, right-click the executable or shortcut again before choosing ‘Properties’ this time.
Next, head on to the Compatibility tab and Run this program as an administrator option.
Lastly, select Apply and click OK to save the changes.

If this solution doesn’t leave it error-free, just move on to the next one.

Solution 2:Configure the Settings of your Game

To fix the error, you can also try configuring certain settings of the game to solve the problem. I believe that most users encounter this issue with a certain feature. Features like the NVIDIA Highlights enabled and Texture Resolution in a relatively compressed level.

Follow the steps to start the configuration

Startup the Settings of your Modern Warfare.
Navigate to the ‘options’ screen and switch to the ‘graphics’ tab.
Configure NVIDIA Highlights to ‘Disabled’ and head to the ‘Details & Textures’ section to set Texture Resolution as Normal.

Once you are done with these procedures, then you can restart the game. By now the Dev Error 6178 Modern Warfare should be resolved.

Solution 3:Update you graphics driver

Your graphics driver might be outdated and cause this problem. So, to update the graphics driver to get through this issue, you can also try the following steps

Right-click on the Start button and select the ‘Device Manager’ to launch it.
Double-click on the ‘Display adapters’ to extend the category.
Right-click on your graphics card driver and select ‘Update driver’.
Select ‘Search Automatically’ for updated driver software options
Finally follow the stated instruction to install the detected driver.

Solution 4:Expand the Virtual Memory

Many games require virtual memory (Windows page file) to work properly. However, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare is not exempted. So, you need to ensure that the virtual memory is enabled. Also, if it’s insufficient, go to expand it.

Hold Windows + R to produce the Run dialog. 
Input ‘sysdm.cpl’ and click on ‘Ok’ to launch the ‘System Properties window’.
Navigate to the ‘Advanced tab’ and tap on ‘Settings’ in the Performance section.
Here, click on the advanced tab and touch the Change button in the Virtual memory section.
Deselect Automatically manage paging file size for all your drives. 
Click on the drive where your game is saved and choose a Custom size. 
Next, type the little larger values in the boxes of Initial size and Maximum size.
Then click on the ‘Set button’ to save the changes.
Tap both the ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ button. 
Reload your computer to check if you can play the game without the Dev Error 6178.

What are the causes of the Dev Error 6178 Modern Warfare?

The dev error 6178 modern warfare can be caused by the following

In-Game Overlay and Nvidia Highlights Are Turned On

Two separate settings are known to trigger this particular error for a lot of users. Are you trying to engage the game with the in-game overlays and Nvidia highlights enabled? Well, turned on at the same time would propel a crash.

Outdated graphic Driver

Several users have reported that this problem came up when they haven’t updated their AMD or Nvidia GPU to the latest version. If you are in such a dilemma, you can fix the issue very easily by updating the outdated drivers via Device Manager or by using the proprietary updating software according to your GPU manufacturer.

Missing Admin Access

Well, this particular error code might show up in instances where the main game executable doesn’t have admin access.

Game is running with A Low-Tier Texture

Since its development, some of the users that are experiencing this error code are trying to fix it with Low textures. Well, if you are in a similar situation, then you should be able to fix the problem. This can be solved by using Medium or High textures instead of the lower ones.

G-sync is Responsible For The Game

You might be playing the game with a medium-spec computer and V-sync (G-sync on Nvidia) enabled. There are a few changes that the problem occurred due to the G-Sync feature.

Insufficient / Disabled Windows Pagefile

COD Modern Warfare depends on the Windows Page file quite a lot of times. If your pagefile is disabled or is configured to work with limited space, then it’s likely responsible for this particular game crash. In this case, you can resolve the problem by enlarging and re-enabling the Windows Pagefile.


Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare is all about the action and thrill it gives you as a gamer. However, The Dev Error 6178 doesn’t need to keep you in one place. The solutions I have discussed in this article should be able to give you some insight into resolving the error.