Is bionix safe | Can You Trust Your Wallpaper To It?

BioniX is a well-known wallpaper switcher/changer that gives you complete control over your computer’s screen. Millions of users around the world have chosen it, and it has received numerous awards from renowned reviewers and critics. A portion of the highlights is the full form of Bionix Wallpaper are available yet latent in the Lite adaptation; clicking them called up a message offering to allow us to download the for-pay variant.

These dormant highlights incorporate the resampling quality and logo overlay alternatives. While Bionix Wallpaper doesn’t such a lot of add new abilities to Windows as supplanting an inherent capacity, it’s very an improvement. It may also serve as wallpaper for the present period. Windows 98, also supports Active Desktop. Bionix Wallpaper’s framework plate symbol offers admittance to its selected settings discourse and its fundamental interface, which looks like a media player (WinAmp, to be careful) for all intents and purposes and capacity.

  • Change your wallpaper and turn off your computer if you don’t want BioniX to bother you. Let’s set the wallpaper once in the morning and then switch off the computer.
  • Images from the internet – Without uploading wallpapers to your computer, you can use them directly from a website.
  • Adjust your wallpaper whenever you like with BioniX’s flexible timer. Every 4 minutes and 57 seconds, for example.
  • Unwanted images are automatically filtered.

Bionix Wallpaper Lite is a lightweight freeware version of Bionix Wallpaper, a powerful desktop wallpaper manager. It makes building, saving, and cycling your desktop wallpaper displays much easier. It includes drag-and-drop, hotkeys, variable window opacity, dual monitors, and magnetic windows, as well as drag-and-drop, hotkeys, variable window opacity, dual monitors, and magnetic windows. 

The Changer span control offers a lot more significant level of accuracy than the Windows apparatus, with selectable stretches right away, minutes, or hours and a slider for adjusting. Bionix utilizes media player controls to initiate playlists, with Play/Pause, Stop, Forward, and Back bolts that give a natural vibe. We immediately made and saved another playlist with our presentation inclinations, and afterward opened it. Bionix showed our Playlist in a split-see record rundown and see sheet; clicking Enter set our backdrop. The presentation fit as we set it and changed when we advised it to. 

What is bionix?

Bionix is based around playlists made out of your libraries. It gives an example Playlist containing a couple of pictures that probably won’t suit more youthful or more pretentious clients, however, it’s simple enough to deselect or even erase any or every one of them. The program let us design how pictures fit on the screen, partner with a default picture supervisor, select resample modes, arrange hotkeys, and set other housekeeping and execution alternatives. 

Is BioniX safe?

Indeed! This is our favored inquiry. Furthermore, the appropriate response is straightforward and straight: YES. 

  • BioniX won’t give soil access you PC as other program does. 
  • BioniX doesn’t 
  • Utilize DLL’s 
  •  Use ActiveX, DCOM, Java, or other uncertain advancements 
  • Have an installer 
  •  Compose heaps of trashes in your vault 
  •  Compose documents in your Windows envelope. On May 15, 2019, the test for the file BioniX Wallpaper Setup.exe was completed. We used a total of 27 antivirus programs.
  • This file was found to be free of malware, spyware, trojans, worms, and other forms of viruses by the antivirus programs we used to test it.
  • BioniX Wallpaper Setup.exe was the file that was checked for BioniX Wallpaper. These tests were performed on BioniX Wallpaper 10.94, which was the most recent version at the time of our review. This software *is* a clean download and virus-free, according to our test on May 15, 2019; it should be safe to run.
  • Both tests were performed on 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (32-bit) Windows systems (x86). These tests are only applicable to the file whose md5 filehash has been defined.

It is 100% protected to introduce. If you need to persuade yourself start a circle/library screen and an antivirus/against spyware screen and watch BioniX while it is working.

Is BioniX spyware?

We firmly prescribe you to erase all obscure programming that claims to be something superb (security, Windows debuggers, little games) and to utilize a decent enemy of infection all things being equal (something with a decent standing like Kaspersky antivirus). 

  • Likewise, you truly need to introduce a decent firewall (Black Ice, Zone caution). Any spyware will attempt to get to the Internet consistently or frequently to send accumulated data. 
  • On the off chance that a program is attempting to get to constantly the Internet, the firewall will tell you about it. Assuming that product isn’t Netscape or Internet Explorer, it very well may be spyware. 

Educate yourself and ACT! BIONIX WILL NEVER TRY TO ACCESS THE INTERNET on the off chance that you debilitate the ‘programmed updates’ motor! So it can’t be spyware.

‘Bionix’ and BioniX Desktop Wallpaper

A virus was created by some hackers a few years ago. And they couldn’t come up with a better name than bionix. Please understand that there is no connection between that virus known as bionix and our program.

  • We assume they attempted to spread their virus by exploiting the prestige of our software. Anyway, that was a long time ago, and any good anti-virus program will detect and kill that virus. 
  • Please do not download BioniX Desktop Wallpaper from third-party websites for added protection. Instead, you can just use our website. There’s a lot more to this name coincidence.

How do I use the automated uninstaller to remove BioniX Wallpaper?

  • Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs is where you will uninstall BioniX.
  • If the machine still lists BioniX in the ‘Uninstall a software’ list, don’t worry. After Windows determines that the BioniX folder is no longer available, the entry will be removed. If the automatic installer fails, it’s possible that you installed BioniX in Program Files by mistake (without using a subfolder). Please go ahead and uninstall manually.

How to uninstall BioniX Wallpaper manually?

BioniX Wallpaper does not load files in the heart of your Windows operating system. To uninstall BioniX Wallpaper, follow these steps

  1. Exit the application.
  2. Remove the entire folder from which it was mounted.

If you can’t uninstall the program, that’s because you didn’t close it properly. End the BioniX task by using the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Esc). You’ll be able to uninstall it now.

An image manager also

BioniX is a powerful wallpaper manager that lets you create thematic playlists, filter unwanted pictures, sort wallpapers by file size/resolution/name/rating, rename or remove wallpapers directly from the playlist, and more. It’s as plain as dragging and dropping wallpapers into the playlist.

Unique features

No other context switcher has the features that BioniX does. For example, you can use “Lock on the folder” to keep an eye on a folder and automatically update the playlist when new wallpapers are added.

  • Another fun feature is ‘Day/night,’ which allows you to view a different wallpaper on your screen depending on the time zone you’re in (for example sunrise wallpapers in the morning and sunset wallpapers in the evening).
  •  You have the option of selecting which wallpaper appears at which time of day.

Garbage free

BioniX Background Changer is monolithic, which means it doesn’t need any external applications or modules to run (such as.NET, Java, Internet Explorer, Service Packs, codecs, and so on). This ensures that no junkware is installed on your computer. You can put it on a CD or USB stick with your background wallpapers and send it to your buddies (or customers if you are a corporate user).

For business also

BioniX can also be used in a business setting:

  • It can be used in offices to display the corporate logo on all displays.
  • To show an event alert (as wallpaper) to all employees in their cubicles (‘Meeting at 3 PM’).
  • It displays the items in store windows.
  • To screen a slide, presentation, or introduction to the company’s services at the front desks.
  • BioniX can display the hardware specifications of a device (as wallpaper) so that the employee can communicate these specifications to the IT department.

Automatic wallpaper rotation

BioniX Wallpaper is a program that does this for you, rotating through a playlist of your favorite pictures.

  • The horrible interface can make you feel frightened after installation. If you can live with that, BioniX Wallpaper is a very useful app. 
  • Making a playlist of your photos is simple: select ‘new playlist,’ then drag in the photos you want to use as wallpaper. You can set the rotation time in seconds, minutes, or hours, and then press play to begin the program.
  • The normal fit choices, such as stretch or tile, are available in BioniX Wallpaper, but some more advanced features are locked in this edition and require an upgrade. Unfortunately, it does not allow multi-screen wallpapering, but this is not a concern for most people
  • Despite its unattractive appearance, BioniX Wallpaper is practical and simple to use. Since wallpaper has become such a common download, it’s good to see BioniX Wallpaper is a trustworthy and clean application.


BioniX Wallpaper Changer for Windows is a feature-rich desktop context switcher. It outperforms all other comparable programs by a wide margin. It can give your work/home desktop computers a new lease on life.