Is ilivid safe | How Should You Use It is a website that is linked to the iLivid download manager. This program is generally regarded as safe to use and update., on the other hand, will slow down your link and trigger performance issues. Unfortunately, although iLivid and are safe to use, they have been linked to several potentially harmful components. As a result, ESG security researchers recommend only using iLivid or visiting the website under secure conditions, ensuring that your computer is shielded from any related malware, and avoiding it if you are especially concerned about acquiring an unwanted presence on your computer.

Created by Bandoo Media Inc, iLivid offers a video download administrator for YouTube or other outsider media facilitated sites. It sports a very quality VLC Player and incredible highlights to download facilitated documents like a dash of lightning.

What is iLivid and how to use it?

ilivid has been identified as a PUP bundle installer by the Malwarebytes research team. These so-called “bundles” install a variety of potentially unwanted programs, such as toolbars, hijackers, and adware, on your computer.

Indeed, very much like the two previously mentioned projects or others of any semblance of KeepVid or xVideoServiceThief, this is one more video download administrator to download varying media substance from YouTube and other comparative destinations, with the upside of joining its implicit sight and sound player and heaps of customization choices. 

These are a portion of its most critical highlights and capacities: 

  • Video download supervisor viable with a wide scope of locales. 
  • Viable with YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, and different destinations not classified as video entries. 
  • It additionally deals with the download of recordings from direct download destinations like Mega, RapidShare, or Hotfile.
  • Plausibility to download recordings in the accompanying organizations: AVI, MP4, M4V, MKV y WMV. 
  • The implicit mixed media player was dependent on VLC to have the option to play recordings from the application, even before finishing the download. 
  • A lot of customization alternatives to adjust the working and part of the program as you would prefer. 
  • Viable with XBMC/Kodi modules.
  • Utilizing the application is just about as straightforward as sticking the connections of the recordings in the content field empowered for such reason and hitting the Download button.
  •  In only a couple of seconds, contingent upon the speed of your association, you’ll have your #1 recordings saved money on your PC.

Is Itself Safe? and iLivid itself are viewed as protected. This application can be downloaded from different legitimate sites. Be that as it may, there is a trick: iLivid is upheld by promoting. This implies that introducing it on your PC may cause different undesirable practices on your PC. The landing page for the PC’s internet browser might be changed to 

  • The default internet searcher for the PC’s internet browser may likewise be changed to 
  • I lived may likewise offer to download outsider programming or parts that are not needed, and that may contain a more risky substance or adware content. 
  • With everything taken into account, ESG malware experts encourage going to different choices to stay away from these sorts of irritating practices.
  • The iLivid malware changes to program settings, for example, the landing page or default motor carelessly. It makes the web program dispatch on pages and re-direct to different destinations when the client attempts to filter through or go to explicit URLs with the program’s location bar. iLivid targets and baits clueless guests to outsider objections without looking for assent. 
  • The underhand strategies utilized by the engineers encroach upon their security and fuel intricacies. The executable document related to the product is pernicious. We prescribe the directions underneath to uninstall the product and all strings of information related to it.

How to get iLivid for free and without being infected with viruses?

Despite its success a few years ago, we regret to inform you that iLivid is no longer available. You might come across its iLividSetup installation file on the Internet somewhere, but if you try to run it, it won’t be able to connect to the program’s former servers to download the necessary data. Its creators have chosen to abandon a project that developed a bad reputation for allegedly containing malware or viruses.

How to remove iLivid the virus?

Most antivirus programs distinguish iLivid.exe as malware—for example, TrendMicro recognizes it as ADW_SSEARCH, and McAfee distinguishes it as Adware-SearchSuite. 

  • The iLivid Download Manager is a utility for overseeing downloads. iLivid.exe runs the iLivid Download Manager. This is not a fundamental Windows measure and can be handicapped whenever known to make issues. 
  • The iLivid Download Manager is a free device intended to permit clients to see previously and keeping in mind that it is downloading.
  •  The program additionally includes the capacity to speed up, delay, and resume downloads, just as coordinate with most programs. 
  • Downloads can be begun by sticking a URL in the program menu or through a right-click in the program. 
  • iLivid Download Manager upholds the Windows stage.
  • While the term iLivid infection isn’t completely right (infections come into the situation without clients’ assent and taint different documents on the framework, which permits them to spread further in such a manner), numerous individuals may allude to this program as such because of its startling appearance on their machines.
  •  It additionally turns out to be so numerous security programming sellers perceive the application as a PUP or even malware, so clients can perform iLivid expulsion consequently. 
  • Essentially download an enemy of malware device of your inclination and play out a full framework check. 
  • On the off chance that your enemy of malware doesn’t identify the application, yet you would prefer not to download extra programming, you can eliminate iLivid by following the bit by bit control underneath.
  •  The cycle isn’t excessively convoluted, as long as you follow every one of the means cautiously. 
  • At long last, specialists likewise suggest resetting every one of the introduced programs as the undesirable movement brought about by PUPs would not return. 
  • You may eliminate infection harm with the assistance of Reimage. 
  • SpyHunter 5 and Malwarebytes are prescribed to identify conceivably undesirable projects and infections with every one of their documents and library sections that are identified with them. 

The Redirections of to iLivid is a website that distributes iLivid, a software that allows computer users to find and import popular videos from file sharing and online video websites. 

  • However, several users have complained about redirects to, the company’s website. At this time, ESG malware researchers have linked these browser redirects to the SearchQu browser hijackers as well as several other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) (Potentially Unwanted Programs). 
  • Even though is a secure website, it appears that criminals have used redirects to benefit from affiliate marketing revenue. However, ESG security experts advise against using’s services to watch television online.

How to Purge iLivid?

iMyMac PowerMyMac gives an across-the-board program for cleanup and enhancement. It accompanies a clever tool stash with a cunning blend of highlights including an uninstaller.

  • It runs like a smell deleting applications like iLivid’s apparatuses abandoning no remainders. The uninstaller filters through application information to aggregate all projects.
  •  It incorporates an inquiry bar on the peak to home in iLivid. It likewise hurls records or organizers with the applications’ DNA. 
  • PowerMyMac’s Uninstaller nukes every one of the records you decide to erase. Organize by name or type to fix in explicit programming for a cleanse. iLivid introduces as a segment of a co-group and implants different things in arrangement. 
  • Change to Uninstaller to run a profound output and smoke out every one of the miscreants inseparably interweaved with the obstinate programming. 
  • This tool compartment permits you to eliminate each grain of malware or infection related to the product. Additionally, give your PC a spring-cleanup to dispose of undesirable projects or malware and ensure your Mac with an additional layer of safety. 

How did ilivid get on my computer?

Browser hijackers use a variety of tools to spread their malware. This one was marketed as a download manager that came bundled with other applications.

How do I remove ilivid?

  • Please save Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to your computer’s hard drive.
  • To install the application, double-click mbam-setup-version.exe and follow the prompts.

At the top, make sure the following items have a checkmark next to them:

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium is available for a free trial.
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will be released.
  • After that, press Finish.
  • You will be asked to download and install the new version if an upgrade is detected.
  • Click Scan Now after the software has loaded. Alternatively, go to the Scan menu and choose Threat Scan.
  • After the scan is over, double-check that everything is set to “Quarantine” and then press Apply Actions.
  • If prompted, restart your machine.

Is there anything else I can do to remove ilivid?

  • In this case, I would suggest first using the uninstallers and then running the scan as mentioned above.
  • This is a list of the uninstallers that came with the bundle.


iLivid’s mass uninstallations by clients overall just bring up the distractions conceived by defenders and its driving forces to forestall its breakdown. 

  • In any case, the product has progressed highlights discarded by common items.
  •  Its executable document eats up an expected CPU beneath ‘1% and eats up only 29.37 MB. Support your wagers by utilizing VPNs or against infection to impede potential malware. 
  • Note that it dispatches consequently and packages additional projects in an arrangement. 
  • Additionally, make sure to utilize outsider programming to eliminate the remnants of the product with military accuracy.
  •  Test with various choices to wipe up all hints of information related to the application as no single technique is idiot proof.