10 Pros & Cons of Linux [A Must Read]

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Many users are wondering if they should choose windows, Mac or Linux. In this post, we will compare the pros and cons of Linux in great detail.

LINUX PROS AND CONSHowever, first I would love to briefly describe what an operating system (OS) is before I go into more detail about Linux. An operating system is system software that makes communication between computer hardware and software.

There are various types of operating systems, e.g. Windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OS. Windows operating system comes with major releases, e.g. windows 7, windows 8, and Windows 10. But Linux OS comes with a different distribution, e.g. Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, Elementary OS, Manjaro LINUX.

Linux is an opened licensed operating system just like Windows, which is completely developer-friendly and you can distribute your modified version to help other users. 

It’s been used because of its stylish and attractive nature, which is incomparable in terms of freedom and sourcing. The most important advantage of Linux is that it’s usually free to download and use. We are going to talk about the pros and cons of Linux.


LINUX PROS AND CONS1. It is less susceptible to malware, viruses, and other potential damages 

The internet is a creepy domain when you reflect about it. Any website can become a malware nightmare. One phishing email or inadvertent download can install a virus.

Comparing other operating systems, Linux can stand up to these potential hazards without requiring any help. Most users need not install anti-virus software on their computers because it is so effectual.

2. It is very easy to install

If you just want to test the waters and see if you like it, you can boot Linux from a USB flash drive or CD and use it from there. It will boot just fine and you don’t need to make changes to your hard drive.

linux3. It works virtually on any modern era computer

Linux works on obsolete hardware without much of a problem, unlike other operating systems.

4. It has a higher level of superiority for the users

Windows users have encountered some problems over the years. Apple users find their computers crashing, locking up, or refusing to allow them to input the password for access. Linux is the most superior of them all because little instances would you have your computer turned on and off for it to work again.

5. Linux works with a modern internet browser

If you are conversant with Google Chrome or Firefox, you can use your most desired web browser when you’re using a Linux operating system. If you prefer Internet Explorer or other browsers, then the other operating systems are going to give you a better result, but there’s a good chance you aren’t using Linux rightly.

6. It has text editors

Linux text editorsLinux has a vast range of text editors available. If you are a programmer, then you can pick any of the free software packages, like visual studio code, Vim, Atom, etc. Most of the text editors are freely available, and you can use it without any issue.

7. It has powerful command prompts

Command prompt in Linux is very advanced, and if you are a developer, then you can perform most of your work using the command-line interface. You can install different repositories and packages through the command-line interface.

8. Flexibility

There are alternatives for nearly any program or its close cousin, e.g. Photoshop and Microsoft Word, have free versions there.

9. It is a very sharp and powerful system 

You practically have authority over whatever you want and configure almost everything.

10. It takes very little resources and space unlike Windows

You can run a system on 500MB of drive and 300mb of ram, which is quite impressive.


1. Invalid proprietary apps to Apple or Microsoft

Sometimes you can find an assistant work-around to help you run proprietary apps on Linux, but this can sometimes take a lot of time. For those with limited technical skills in this area, it can become very difficult to use Linux because it’s open-source; there are usually limited help options for people having such a problem.

2. No user guide

No assistance from the developers from fixing issues that may arise from using the operating system.

3. There is a learning curve to Linux

You can’t just install the operating system and expect it to start working immediately. If you have not used Linux before, then you need to create time to learn about it. Some users find it frustrating when trying to get used to it because they compare it to other operating systems used in the past such as Windows and Apple.

4. Office software solutions are not as powerful in many ways

Although programs like Open Office are a good substitute for Microsoft’s award-winning suite of office software solutions, they aren’t a direct replacement. You can get a lot of things done, but there are going to be specific tasks that you’ll want to complete, which will be more tasking with open-source software. 

4. Inability to run a server-side program

server-side programThey have server-side programs that are specifically designed for Windows. You will find businesses using a Microsoft SQL server for their networking needs. In this arena, Microsoft offers a more powerful and smart product.

That doesn’t mean that Linux isn’t in demand, but it does mean you’re going to have fewer options available to you, and likely be forced to pay more for an IT professional familiar with Linux.

If you love games, you will prefer Windows, as most of the games aren’t available but that’s not to say you can’t. Just that it’s not very easy.

For video post-production you may download Premiere Pro for free ad run it on Linux.

In Conclusion

The pros and cons of Linux show that with the right experiences, this operating system can be a cost-effective solution to your computing needs.

Converting to Linux is not compulsory either because many use a combination of servers and operating systems today to meet all of their necessary needs. 

Linux might not be perfect, but it is likely a solid solution for at least some of the problems you currently have. It also a superior system that allows you to do anything you desire and it’s pretty much free.