Where Are Minecraft Screenshots Saved?

Minecraft screenshots are a little different than most other screenshots you’ll take. If you take a screenshot of your phone, you know that it’s going to be saved on your phone. If you take a screenshot off your PC, it’ll end up in the Screenshots folder. And with Minecraft, if you take a screenshot it ends up in…?

Uh…? Well, it’s probably not in your typical screenshot folder, that’s for sure. Most people who take their first sets of screenshots are often shocked when they realize that their shots can’t be found in their PC’s standard screenshot folder. So, where did they go? Did you take them, or was it just a goof on your end?

If you’ve tried to find your old Minecraft screenshots, it might feel like all the shots you took got wrecked by creepers. Or, maybe you just started to second-guess whether you took them at all.  Don’t be too upset, though. Your screenshots are intact, but they’re just hidden.

Let’s Find Those Screenshots!

The way that Minecraft stores all your screenshots will vary based on the type of OS or device that you’re playing the game on. To make things easier for you, we separated each navigation by the operating system.

Where Are Minecraft Screenshots Saved On PCs?

Unlike regular computer screenshots, Minecraft screenshots are saved in a specific folder in your Minecraft setup folder. This is to ensure that your screenshots are all grouped together and remain easy to access from the Minecraft game.

To find them on a Windows computer, do the following:

  1. Go to the Start menu.
  2. Type in “%appdata%” in the search bar.
  3. Click Roaming.
  4. Get over into your Minecraft folder.
  5. Navigate over to Screenshots.

Once you access that folder, you should be able to find a complete collection of all your screenshots from the game.

Where Are Minecraft Screenshots Saved On Macs?

Macintosh users are going to have to deal with a very roundabout way of finding their screen grabs, much like PC users. If you want to grab those shots, you’re going to need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Minecraft and get to the home screen.
  2. Click “Options,” and then click “Resource Packs.”
  3. Click “Open Resource Pack Folder.”
  4. Toggle your Finder to show a different view of this folder. Choose the option with three columns.
  5. Click the Screenshots folder on the right hand column.

Once you’re inside the folder, you can get the screenshots that you need to grab.

Where Are Minecraft Screenshots Saved On Mobile Devices?

Believe it or not, mobile devices are actually somewhat easier to navigate when it comes to finding Minecraft screenshots. Most of the time, you can find them in your Gallery app (if you have Android) or your Photos app (if you have Apple).

Where Are Minecraft Screenshots Saved On Xbox One?

Much like with most other screen captures taken on an Xbox, you can find your Minecraft shots in the “Captures” section. If you don’t know how to get to that section, it’s simple. Just go to your Xbox One profile and go to “Captures.”

How Do You Take A Screenshot In Minecraft?

If you aren’t sure whether you took a screenshot, don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s a newbie thing with almost every game out there. Here’s how to take a screenshot on each of Minecraft’s main OS platforms:


If you are playing Minecraft on a mobile device, then you can take a photo the same way you normally would on any other app.


Windows users have it easy. All you need to do to take a screenshot is press F2, and a screenshot will be saved for you.


Mac users have a similar protocol to Windows users, but with a small twist. To get a screenshot here, press Fn and F2 at the same time. Mac users can also use Shift + Cmd + 4 to get a screenshot saved directly to their desktop.


If you have an Xbox 360, you’re out of luck. This platform doesn’t have a built-in function to get screenshots on this platform. You can still get screenshots if you buy screen capturing gear, but it’s not worth it for most people. If you have an Xbox One, you can get a screenshot by double-tapping the Xbox button. From there, you can tap Y to take a photo, or hold X to take a video of what you’re seeing.

Why Is It So Hard To Find Your Minecraft Screenshots?

Honestly, it could be a wide variety of different issues. The truth is that Minecraft is an app that was coded in a unique way that involves storing all of its resources in a dedicated app data folder.

That being said, you don’t have to use the in-game commands to have the screenshots taken. If you use standard commands for your phone or Mac, they’ll end up in the same place as all your other screenshots, too.

Why Take Screenshots, Anyway?

Not all gamers take screenshots, but those who do love to capture the moment. There are several reasons why screenshots are so popular. These include:

Showing off your work. You worked hard-punching trees and raising digital animals on Minecraft. You made something impressive. So, why not show off your work? It’s totally normal to want to brag about it and show others what you were able to make. Keeping cool memories alive. Every game has certain scenes that resonate with gamers.

If you like to show some of the cooler things you’ve seen in the Minecraft world, this is a good way to do it.

Promotion or content creation. If you’re trying to get your name out as a professional gamer or Minecraft wiz, having screenshots can act as a way to promote yourself online. Screenshots can be used to put together tutorials, create memes, or even just make some cool promo shots for your gaming Instagram.

A Quick Tip For Sending Your Screenshots To Other Devices

If you’re a gamer who tends to use multiple platforms, it’s a good idea to learn how to send screenshots from one device to another. You should make a point of backing up your screenshots into one drive, anyway.

If you’re using your screenshots for online content creation purposes, it’s best to send your screenshots to your computer, where you can edit them, post them, and also store them online.

Our Final Take

If you’re aggravated about how difficult it can be to find your Minecraft screenshots, trust us when we say that you’re not alone in this respect. Asking where those pesky shots went remains one of the most frequently asked questions on Minecraft forums.

Sadly, Minecraft doesn’t seem to make things simple for people who want to capture the moment. In order to get a good reply when it comes to the search for your shots, you’re going to have to be specific about the platform that you’re on.

That being said, there’s a silver lining here. Once you learn how to get your screenshots on the device of your choice, it quickly becomes second nature. So, don’t worry about it too much. Creepers didn’t make your stuff vanish, it’s just hiding a little better.