How To Fix Steam Error Code 7? [4 Methods To Fix]

Are you getting Steam error code 7? This error code is happens when your steam client fails to load a webpage from Steam’s Server.

Fixing Steam error code 7 can be as simple as relaunching the Steam client, or you could have to disable any third-party plug-ins that you may have installed. If you still can’t get it to work, you may have to reinstall Steam itself. Make sure you are not using a proxy server, as those are known to cause problems with Steam, and as a last resort, you can always try flushing your DNS Cache.

In this article, we will go over all the reasons why you may be getting this troublesome message. We will also cover some useful tips that can help you prevent this issue.

What Is Steam Error Code 7?

This error code occurs when the Steam client attempts to load a web page for you but fails to retrieve it from Steam’s servers. This error can occur anywhere on Steam from the Update News page to the Store or Inventory pages.

This issue could simply be the fault of an unstable internet connection, but chances are that if you are looking here for a solution then the cause of your issue is something a bit more complex than that. It is also worth noting that error code 130 is essentially the same as error code 7 and thus users who are encountering either error code will benefit from this article.

Causes Of Steam Error Code -7

There are many reasons for having this error code-7 while using a web page through Steam. They are mentioned below in detail. All of these causes could be causes for error code 130 as well.

Internet Connection

This error occurs due to a weak internet connection, but if this is not something primary and you think your internet connectivity is correctly working,  other solutions can be considered to resolve this problem.

Corrupted Files

A corrupt file always creates an issue to run your program correctly; this may be the reason which does not allow Steam Server for a loading web page as a damaged file becomes invalid and inoperable and cause Error Code-7.

Third-Party Plugin

As most of the users use third-party software programs like Anti –Virus to secure their system as virus-free by unknown sources. Generally, these kinds of programs might cause the following errors as they do not allow or block the connections of many clients from the server, which requires to check the setting to allow the connection to resolve this error.

Use Proxy

Sometimes, users use the wrong IP address with URL for steam web pages through proxies to hide their home internet proxy address, which puts a limit on access to get a load of webpages from the Steam Client.

How To Fix Steam Error Code -7

The following methods can be considered to overcome the problem by having the Error code-7 with your Steam Client While loading a webpage.

Method 1: Re-Launch the Steam Client

If the connection of steam client has become unable to connect with Steam’s server and fails to load from specific URLs, it may require to restart your steam client application for checking if it is functioning correctly. The error can be resolved by re-launching the steam client application.

This is how you re-launch the Steam Client:

Step 1: In the top right-hand corner of the Steam window, click on ‘Steam’

Step 2: In the ‘Steam’ menu, click on ‘Exit’

Step 3: Wait for the ‘Steam’ client to close itself completely

Step 4: Use the ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Shift’ + ‘Esc’ key combination to open ‘Task Manager’

Step 5: Then navigate to the ‘Processes’ tab and check to make sure there are no ‘Steam’ processes running

Step 6: Relaunch Steam to see if the issue has been resolved

Method 2: Disable Third-Party Plug-ins

Due to the firewall control of the antivirus software, this problem may occur in third party applications. To avoid the error, you can check the restriction settings and disable the function of restriction so that you can proceed to load web pages without any restrictions. To disable the security restriction of third-party software, you need to follow this simple procedure.

Step 1: Open ‘Task Manager’

Step 2: Go on to the ‘Startup’

Step 3: Disable the function for all third-party applications

This may help you in resolve the Error Code 7 problem, but if it does not, you can continue reading the Methods below. 

Method 3: Reinstall Steam 

Sometimes, the system files become corrupted and damaged. Due to missing those files, the application does not work appropriately. So, to resolve this problem, you might have to reinstall Steam. This will repair the corrupt files. 

Here’s how top reinstall Steam:

Step 1: Open Steam Windows with the help of the search box, and click on the Steam at the top of the right corner

Step 2: To proceed, click on “Exit “in the Context Menu and wait for a while till the Steam gets closed ultimately

Step 3: As Steam closed adequately, open the “RUN” dialogue box by pressing the keys “Window Key+ R

Step 4: Type ‘X\Steam\uninstall.exe’ and X can be replaced with the path of the steam folder for the directory

Step 5: Follow all instructions after pressing “ENTER” to uninstall the Steam.

The issue may get resolve after installing the application again. 

Method 4: Make Proxy Free By Flushing DNS Cache

 Following this method may be more useful and work very effectively in resolving this error. Many computer operating systems use caching to store the IP address in their DNS lookup results to accelerate the network performance to get in the way and prevent you from accessing the right site.

There are cases sometimes when the use of proxies may create conflicts with developing websites or configuring domain settings. Here are the steps to clear your DNS cache:

Step 1: Open the ‘Run’ dialogue box by pressing these keys ‘Windows key + R’

Step 2: Type ‘cmd’ and press enter

Command Prompt will appear and then type by using the command of flush DNS.

Step 3: Type “ipconfig/flushdns” in the command prompt and press enter to wait for the DNS to clear


Steam error code 7 can be a real buzz-kill. This error happens when your steam client fails to load a webpage from Steam’s server.

Hopefully you were able to fix Steam error code 7 by relaunching your Steam client. Most people find that third-party plug-ins interfear with Steam, so you might want to disable those. If you are still getting this error, you may just have to bite the bullet and reinstall your Steam client. Proxy servers are known to cause problems with Steam. If all else fails, you can always try flushing your DNS cache to see if that fixes the issue.

We hope this article helped you fix the problem you were having with Steam. Thanks for reading!