Arch Linux vs Ubuntu | Detailed Guide

Arch Linux vs UbuntuIt was just a new day in the university. Everyone was eager to start learning new concepts of the “Operating systems”. Soon the Professor came, and he said let’s learn about “Arch Linux and Ubuntu”.

The first thing that popped into my head was “These must be some kind of operating system versions”. I started revising the operating system concepts in my head. The formal definition of the operating system is as follows:

 “An operating system is a low-level software and its primary function is to support the different computer functions” 

Some of the basic functions of an operating system include:

  • Effective management of the computer resources. 
  • Providing a user interface. 
  • Executing the different services required by an application.

The above-mentioned points describe the functions of an operating system. Let’s investigate the “Arch Linux and Ubuntu operating system” in detail. 

Arch Linux

arch linux Arch Linux in its most basic form is a free distribution of Linux. This distribution of Linux is intended for X86- 64-bit operating systems.

The release type of Arch Linux constantly gets new updates. This operating system is regularly fixed.  Arch Linux have a rolling release.

Due to this reason, this operating system will always be latest, and it will always have new features. The users do not have to worry about installing the latest system updates by themselves. The method of installing Arch Linux is very easy. There are three methods by which this operating system can be installed quickly. These three methods include:

  • CD Image.
  • USB.
  • FTP Server.

Arch Linux have a variety of different captivating features. In the beginning, the installation of Arch Linux was a very time taking and difficult process. Nowadays, it is very easy to install due to the availability of GUI installers.  The two most common types of GUI installers are 

  • Anarchy installer 
  • Zen Installer. 

Arch Wiki

arch wikiArch Linux provides a huge library of documentation. This documentation is known as “Arch wiki”. This documentation contains almost all the important information that the users require for using and installing the arch Linux operating system


The command line tool in Arch Linux operating system is known as Packman. It is also the default package installer for Arch Linux. If the users want to explore the different tools and applications that are available for installation on Arch Linux, they must use the “Arch user repository”. 


captivating desktop environmentOne of the most fascinating features of Arch Linux operating system is a captivating desktop environment. The desktop environment is the primary factor that enables the interaction between a computer and a user.

The desktop environment is what starts after booting the system until you shut down the system. The Arch Linux operating system have a very compatible desktop environment. Moreover, while working on it you can easily customize it to suit your preferences.

Independent Distribution

independent distribution Arch LinuxThe Arch Linux operating system is one of the most original and independent distribution of Linux. It is open source. Arch Linux provides a thorough understanding of how Linux works. Therefore, it is perfect for anyone who wants to learn Linux.

The arch Linux distribution is very flexible and easy to use. While installing it, you can select different modules to include in your operating system.

Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu Operating SystemUbuntu is known as the most famous distribution of the Linux operating system. It is open source and freely available to the public as well as the developers. Ubuntu operating system is based on the ubuntu manifesto.

This manifesto states that the software should be completely free, and the software tools should be used by the people with the permission of customizations. 

Use on desktops, Servers, and Cloud

Due to its vast functionality Ubuntu operating system is completely suitable for using on personal computers as well as servers. Ubuntu operating system also runs on the cloud.  Ubuntu have a wide community of developers that contribute to the operating system regularly. 

Secure system

Ubuntu have a built-in virus protection software. The administrator have to authorize every program in Ubuntu. It is one of the most secure operating systems. 


Ubuntu operating system have average translation in over 50 languages therefore it is accessible to everyone around the world. 

Stunning GUI

The graphical user interface of Ubuntu is very stunning. It supports high definition along with touch support. Different light and dark themes are included in the graphical user interface. The Ubuntu Operating system supports all the different types of hardware choices that are available.

24/7 Support

24 SupportUbuntu Operating system provides 24/7 support. Highly skilled experts provide support for any issues that arise during the use of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu flavors provide unique experience to the users. The Ubuntu Flavors include different types of applications along with settings that are backed up by different updates and packages of Ubuntu.


UbuntuArch Linux and Ubuntu target a different set of audience. The Arch Linux System is intended for the users that will install and explore the system by themselves whereas Ubuntu have a pre-configured installation and system. Arch Linux Provides a simple design from the base installation.

The user will customize the installation according to his own requirements. Arch Linux is an independent system. Arch Linux Is a rolling release system whereas Ubuntu release its new update every 6 months.

Arch Linux uses “Arch User Repository” for sharing the different source packages whereas Ubuntu uses “apt” by using “Personal package Archives”.

The Arch Linux community is highly focused on the contributions to the Linux operating system. The Arch Linux community is smaller in size.

The Ubuntu community is larger in size and it includes large majority of people who just use the system and do not actively contribute to the system. Both Arch Linux and Ubuntu have their own advantages.

If you just want to use the Linux system and not get into the nitty gritty details, we recommend that you use simple “Ubuntu Distribution”. If you want to explore the Linux development and its operating system then you should use the “Arch Linux distribution”. This distribution has a “do-it-yourself approach”. The user can customize “Arch Linux distribution” according to his requirements.