Aura Service Is Currently Unavailable Error [Solved]

After you install your case lighting, you may experience an issue with the aura service not being available, and the lights would not light up. The problem most likely is a hardware issue. In other words, this indicates the lights are not fastened onto the motherboard properly. However, in case it’s not a hardware issue, here is a guide to troubleshoot it.

Why Does Asus Aura Sync Software Not Work?

The usual issue causing this problem might just be a faulty RGB/ARGB header. This connects the lighting peripheral to the motherboard or a corrupt driver or an older Aura Sync app version.

You have to check whether your lighting components are compatible with the Asus Aura software or not. This is the first step in fixing Asus Aura not working. Next is to carry out a check if your motherboard is also compatible with Asus Aura software.

If you face any one of the compatibility issues it will render these solutions useless. Therefore, make sure of that beforehand to avoid disappointment later on.  You can, however, check for compatibility of your components on the Asus Aura website.


How to Fix the Aura Service Not Working 

There are a number of ways you can fix these software related issues. Each of which is listed in this article. We will guide you through each of our proposed solutions so that you do not encounter any difficulty.

1.Reconnecting the RGB Headers

Fastening the RGB/ARGB headers properly and in the exact position is of utmost importance. If you connect the header in an improper position on the motherboard or mix-up with other lighting components, no matter how hard you try the software will not detect the peripheral component(s).

Therefore, try to make sure of that beforehand, the connectors, two of them usually, lie on the very edge of the motherboard so it can be a little tough to squeeze your hand into the right place. Just be more careful.

2.Uninstalling all other RGB software

If you simultaneously run third-party RGB lighting software with the Asus Aura Sync, you are likely to face some issues. In order to fix this just uninstall all other RGB lighting software running on your system. 

For complete uninstall of the software head over to the programs and features in the Control-panel:

Press Windows logo key + R, this will prompt the run program, type appwiz.cpl in the dialogue box and this will take you directly to the programs and features in the Control-panel.

Next thing is to look for RGB lighting software (other than Asus Aura) in the programs and features list of applications and click uninstall.
Doing so will ensure the complete removal of the software. If up till now the Asus Aura is still not working, try the next solution.

3.Disabling the Fast Startup feature on Windows

This Fast Startup feature on Windows operating system helps to boot up fast by restoring the previous configurations. This allows the users a fast boot-up of the system once they restart the system. This startup feature does not affect the installation procedure of the Asus Aura.

However, it can cause problems after installing the app. Sometimes the Asus Aura app upon starting the system fails to load, this means you do not get the RGB lighting effects upon startup and it has to be manually run from the windows application.

Follow the steps below to fix the problem:

Press Windows logo key + R, this will prompt the run program.
Type control panel in the dialogue box.
Next, search for the Power Options and click on it.
Once you are there, click on the option Choose what power buttons do.
Here you will see an option Change settings that are currently unavailable. Click on it. But you should keep in mind you can only access this option only if you are an administrator. 
Now head to the bottom of the opened window, un-tick the box that says, Turn on fast startups. 

Once that is done, apply changes and exit the control panel. Finally, just restart your computer to see if the RGB lighting works. If the problem persists, move over to the next solution.

4.Reinstalling the Asus Aura Sync software

Properly installing software that is already full of bugs can be a tedious task. There are a number of ways to do the re-installation of the Asus Aura Sync software correctly but we have picked the best method out for you.

If you are facing this issue, once you run Asus Aura it stops working, the problem might be with the software having trouble synchronizing with other components. Check this guide on the installation and download of Asus Aura Sync software.

Asus Aurora Sync will not work sometimes when your CPU is over-performing due to msmpeng.exe. ‘msmpeng.exe’ is a built-in feature of Microsoft Windows Defender. To halt its operation, disable the Windows Defender application.

Also try disabling anti-virus operations temporarily, now run the Asus Aura app which should fix the issue of  “ Aura service is currently unavailable.”

Another annoying problem faced by users is that the motherboard is not detected by the Asus Aura service. To fix this issue what you can do is firstly, check whether your motherboard and other RGB components are Aura Sync compatible or not.

The Two-Step Solution 

Now if you have found out your motherboard is indeed Aura Sync compatible then activate RGB lighting from the BIOS menu of your motherboard.

To do this restart your computer and rapidly press the F2 key to enter the BIOS menu. It may differ for some manufacturers.

Once you are there, press the Advanced mode(F7)>column named Advanced>Onboard Devices config.> navigate to RGB lighting and turn on both the options> save and exit BIOS.


Download the working Aura service Sync app and follow the installation instructions given here.

Following the instructions properly will ensure the problem with the motherboard detection is fixed.

If you come across the issue where the Asus Aura Sync software does not launch or open upon clicking the icon of the app, the problem might just be with the installation.

Uninstall the software and remove all the files.
Next, reinstall and download the files from here. And follow the installation guide, in doing so this should fix your issue.

On the user interface to see some button or icons that are unresponsive, these buttons do not highlight if you hover the cursor over them but you do see them working on someone else’s software.

The reason for this is that Asus Aurora is not picking up any lighting component indicating that the components are not fastened onto the motherboard properly.

Reasons why Asus Aura is not detecting motherboard

1.Improper RGB/ARGB header connections:

Most of the time sees the problem with the lighting is just a faulty connection. What happens is that usually, the users who want to light-up their gaming rigs have the motherboard already integrated within the system.

Therefore, it is hard to reach the exact place where the headers for the lighting are, and connecting all the components in the correct order is a bit of a challenge and it is this where we see most of the human errors committed.

We recommend you use a flashlight to properly see where the connection goes, also make sure the components are fastened properly and not dangling, and please do not use too much force.

Be careful not to damage the delicate connectors of the RGB header because if you do then you would have to get new ones soldered on the motherboard. And just imagine the hassle that would be in taking the motherboard out of the system.

2.Fast Startup

Windows has this built-in feature with the intention to boot up the system as quickly as possible once the user turns on or restarts the system. Aura Sync fails to load properly with this feature, you sometimes do not get a synchronized light-up of the entire system.

What happens is that Windows tries to disable as many services as possible in the startup. As a result, when the system is turned on, the Aura service is currently unavailable. One component might be showing one color while the other might still be turned off. Our recommendation would be to turn this feature off.

3. Corrupted installation file 

During the download, if the user encounters an internet disconnection issue either due to a power outage or an unplugged router, the installation file consequently might corrupt. Just reinstall the file with a fresh download. We have a comprehensive guide to the multiple features of Asus Aura software in one of our other articles on the subject.


We have gone through each one of the multiple options available for fixing the aura service error. You are recommended to install the setup file in the default file location. Looking at how buggy the latest versions of the software are, just imagine how difficult the earlier versions of the software would be to use.

Now having said that we recommend you update to the latest version and erase all data, files, and folders of previous versions (they tend to cause inexplicable issues).