How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel [Quick Fix]

The error code Weasel is certainly one among the foremost infamous error codes which my occur to users while playing Destiny and it always occurs due to a packet loss or a disconnection between the user’s home network and Bungie servers.

Usual causes are ISP saturation or general internet congestion. The problem can also be caused by a faulty WiFi or mobile hotspot setup.

If you get the Weasel error code, then finding out the issue is quite easy. Make sure your internet connection is stable.

For this connection error, follow the guide below on how to make your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC to communicate with the Destiny servers better. 

Replace Your Coax Cables and Splitter

It turns out that the problem regarding this error code was caused by people having bad coax cables and splitters used for their Internet connection.

In most cases, those people used cable Internet to play the game and it turns out that simply replacing these was able to solve the issue.

If you’re a cable Internet user and if you haven’t replaced any of your gear for quite a few of years, perhaps you ought to contact a technician from the cable company or just buy and replace the cables and therefore the splitter yourself.

Clan Invites

It seems that the matter was caused by a faulty clan invite system and this appears to be the most concern for many people battling the Weasel error code. When someone invites you to a clan, that time is the most likely time that the error occurs. 

Make sure you’ve got no pending clan invites so as to avoid receiving this error message until the Bungie team manages to affect the difficulty. Have the clan admin kick you out of the clan which you joined so as delete the invite and avoid the error message.

An alternative way to avoid the issue is to check on to see if you have a new clan invite under the Memberships page. If you do, join the clan then immediately leave it so as to avoid receiving the error message in the least.

Unlink Your Destiny App from Your Mobile 

This has worked well for several users who reported that unlinking the Destiny app from their phone worked for them. The app is a companion app for smartphones which can prove to be useful in many cases but it appears that deleting it or unlinking it is a way to solve the problem.

Sign in to using the authentication method that is NOT being removed in the steps below

Navigate to the Settings page and click on “Accounts & Linking”.
Click “Unlink” next to the app authentication method to remove it from your account.

Another way is to simply uninstall it from your smartphone by holding its icon from the list of apps and dragging it towards the uninstall button if you are using an Android.

If you are using an iPhone, hold one of the apps from the menu where all apps are located and they will start wiggling. Small “x” buttons will appear on most of them so locate the Destiny one and delete it by clicking on the “x” button and confirming your choice.

Clear Your Xbox One Cache

Clearing the cache has helped several people affect their Weasel error on Xbox One and this process should convince be quite helpful. However, confirm all of your games are synced online and protected since this process may find yourself deleting them from your local Xbox One memory. You can use these two ways to delete Xbox One cache:

  • Press and hold the facility button until it shuts down.
  • Unplug the facility brick from the rear of the Xbox. Press and hold the facility button on the Xbox several times to form sure there’s no remaining power and this may actually clean the cache.
  • Plug in the facility brick and await the sunshine located on the facility brick to vary its color from white to orange.
  • Turn the Xbox back on as you’d do normally and check to ascertain if the Weasel error code still appears once you start Destiny or Destiny 2.


Navigate to your Xbox One settings and click on Network >> Advanced Settings.
Scroll right down to the Alternate Mac Address option and choose the Clear option which appears.

You are going to be prompted with an option to really do that as your console will be restarted. Respond positive and your cache would now be cleared. 

If you’re on a PS4, also attempt to clear its cache and see if that helps your case.

PowerCycling Consoles

In some cases, the difficulty is caused thanks to bad launch configurations and it triggers this particular error. We will be completely power-cycling our consoles to remove this problem. For that:

Unplug the internet router and your console from the wall socket.
Unplugging the power from the wall socket
Press and hold the power button on the back of the router and on the front of the console for at least 15 seconds.
Plug the router and the console back in and press the power button to turn them on.
Plugging the Power cord Back in
Wait for the web access to be granted and check to ascertain if the difficulty persists.

It’s also recommended to vary your NAT Type on whatever console you’re playing the sport and enable thereto allow the sport to attach to its servers. Also, attempt to check if cross save is enabled for the sport if you play it on multiple consoles. If nothing else works, try employing a VPN and check if the difficulty is fixed.


It is recommended you use Restoro Repair Tool which can scan the repositories to replace corrupt and missing files. This works mostly where the issue stems from a system corruption.  You should also try to switch to a wired Internet connection if you are using WiFi or a mobile data connection to play and check to see if the issue still occurs.