Battlefront 2 Mouse Not Working [5 Simple Solutions]

Is your Battlefront 2 mouse not working? When playing Battlefield 2 the mouse cursor can suddenly go missing right in the middle of gameplay. When the mouse vanishes in Battlefront 2, it then becomes impossible for you to change any of the settings. Also, you cannot select characters on the game using
the mouse.

When it comes to resolving this annoying issue, disabling any interfering overlay programs usually does the trick. Beyond that, you might have to restart the game or remove and re-attach your mouse. If that does not work, you may need to restart your PC. There is a known bug that makes it so you may have to run the game in borderless mode to prevent this issue from happening. Other things you can do is disconnect other gaming controllers or plug your mouse into a different USB port. 

In this article, we will explain all the various things that can causes your mouse to not work in Battlefront 2. We will also cover the most common solutions to this problem.

What Causes The Battlefront 2 Mouse Not Detected Problem?

Is your mouse cursor disappearing in menu or character selection screens? The cause of the Battlefield 2 mouse not working error varies from one occurrence to another. Some of the things known to cause the problem include: 

  • Corrupted game or cached files
  • Outdated Windows and system drivers 
  • Interference by overlay programs 
  • Disabled Origin Startup Services

How To Fix The Battlefront 2 Mouse Not Working Problem 

Since the issue is caused by different things, the right fix will vary from one computer to another. In most cases, the error is caused by a simpler problem in your computer or the game files. Therefore, it is advisable to first try out the following fixes before trying the more advanced solutions:

Battlefront 2 Mouse Not Working Simple Fixes

Here are a few of the simpler solutions that have been proven to solve the Battlefront 2 mouse not detected problem:

Restart The PC 

Most Battlefront 2 players have been able to resolve the mouse not working problem by just restarting their computers. Restarting the PC will initialize all the important parameters. This operation will also clear all temporary configurations, which may be causing the mouse not to be detected. 

Run The Game On The Borderless Mode 

On rare occasions, running the Battlefront 2 game with borders may trigger conflicts, causing the computer not to detect the mouse. To rule this one out, try running your Battlefront 2 game in the Borderless Mode. 

A considerable number of players have been able to improve the performance of the mouse by opting for this model. 

Disconnect Other Gaming Controllers 

Do you still have other game controllers, such as gamepads, and joysticks, still connected to the computer? A conflict between the HCI devices may also cause the mouse not to be detected while accessing the menu, and character selection screens on Battlefront 2. 

In such a case, you should consider disconnecting any other game controller that may still be connected to the computer and restart it. 

Try A Different Port For The Mouse 

Most gaming mouse models are designed to connect to the computer via a USB port, and computers are equipped with multiple USB ports. The computer may fail to detect the mouse simply because the port it is connected to is faulty. 

To see whether this is the problem, try moving the mouse to a different USB port on the PC.

Disconnect Other Peripheral Devices 

On rare occasions, it helps to remove all the other peripherals connected to the PC and leave only the necessary ones. Try disconnecting such peripherals as scanners, printers, and any other peripherals that have a wired connection to the computer.

You should then connect the keyboard and mouse and restart the computer. 

Run Battlefront 2 As Administrator 

Giving the game launcher administrative rights may also fix the Battlefront 2 mouse not detected a problem. In this case, you need to close the game and the Origin Client completely. Thereafter, you should run both the Battlefront 2 launcher and the Origin Client as an administrator. 

If the above-described solutions do not work, or the problem keeps recurring, you will need to apply a more advanced solution to clear it permanently. In this regard, here are some of the advanced procedures you can apply: 

Solution 1 : Repair Game Files 

If some of the game files are corrupted or were accidentally moved to a different location, you are likely to encounter the mouse not working battlefront 2 issue. In such a case, repairing the corrupted files can solve the problem. 

To do this, you first need to exit the game and launch the Origin Client. On the left lane of the window, select “My Game Library” and then right-click on the Battlefront 2 icon to select the Repair option. 

Allow the computer enough time to complete the repair process. Close the window and launch Battlefront 2 to check whether the problem has been fixed. 

Solution 2 : Enable Origin Startup Services

Different Origin services in your computer are automatically launched at startup, most of which run in the background. Having any of those services disabled can result in different Battlefront 2 game problems, including the inability to detect the mouse. 

If this happens to be the problem in your case, you need to enable all the startup services related to the Origin Client to fix the problem. To begin with, you need to exit the game as well as the Origin Client. Now right-click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager to open it. 

Navigate to the Startup tab and browse through to see if any of the services related to the Origin Client is disabled. If any of the services are disabled  select it, and then click on the Enable button to activate it. Once done, apply the changes and restart your computer. 

Solution 3 : Disable Pointer Acceleration

If you have the acceleration option enabled in the printer settings, they can cause the computer not to detect the mouse in the Battlefront 2 gameplay. This is particularly the case if you are using Steelseries products. 

To fix the problem and improve mouse performance in the Battlefront game, you should consider disabling acceleration under the pointer settings. To do this, you need to exit the Battlefront game as well as the Origin client. Press the Windows key, type in settings, and then press Enter. 

On the search results, click on Settings, and open the Devices category. From the left lane of the window, click on Mouse. Click on “Additional Mouse Options” and then navigate to Pointer settings. Find the Acceleration option and deactivate it. 

Solution 4 : Stop Origin Web Helper Service

The Origin Web Helper service is has been known to create a number of gaming issues in the past. The mouse not working issue is probably being caused by the same. This being the case, you should just try to disable the Origin Web Helper Service.

Once done, launch the Battlefront 2 game to see whether the problem has cleared. 

Solution 5 : Disable The Overlay Programs 

The Battlefront 2 game does not do well with overlay programs. If you happen to be using an overlay program, you should consider disabling it to fix the Battlefront 2 mouse not working problem. For instance, you may get this error if you have TeamViewer running in the background. 

In such a case you need to disable the overlay program to resolve the issue. Here are a few steps to help you disable some of the overlay programs commonly known to cause this problem:

How To Disable The Origin Overlay 

Close the Battlefront 2 game and launch Origin. Navigate to the application settings and click on More to expand the menu. On the just expanded menu, click on Origin In-Game. Now, you need to toggle the switch for “option Enable Origin in Game” to off. 

Close the app and launch Battlefront to check whether the problem has been fixed. While the game is playing, you can also press Shift+F1 to display the Origin Window, from where you can disable the Origin Overlay.

How To Disable The Discord Overlay 

To disable the Discord overlay, you need to close the game and launch the Discord app. Navigate to Discord settings, and select the “Overlay” option. Locate the “Enable in-game overlay” option and toggle its switch to off. 

Launch Battlefront 2 to see whether the problem has been resolved. If the problem persists, close the game once again. Now right-click on the Taskbar, and open the Task Manager. On the Task Manager, find and disable all processes that are associated with Discord. 

Close the Task Manager and run the game to check whether the Battlefield 2 mouse not working problem has been fixed. 

How To Disable The GeForce Experience Overlay

For the GeForce Overlay, just close the Battlefront 2 game and launch the GeForce Experience program. On the top-right corner of the window, click on the gear settings app. Select the General Tab, and then click on the “In-game” overlay option to disable it. 

If the problem persists even after disabling the GeForce Experience overlay, try disabling the Windows DVR/Game bar.


It can be frustrating when you open Battlefront 2 only to find that the mouse is not working. This, of course, means you wont be able to select any characters or menu items in the game. 

Make sure to disable programs that run as an overlay, because they are known to cause problems in Battlefront 2 and other games. If that is not your issue, you may have to restart the game or even re-attach your mouse. If that does not work, you could try to restart your PC or move the mouse to a different USB port. 

We hope this article helped you get your mouse working in Borderlands 2. Thanks for reading!