How To Solve Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo [Quickly]

Are you getting the Destiny 2 error code Buffalo? This Error message happens when you try to sign in to It is a rather common glitch among Destiny 2 players on all platforms. In this article, we will go over the reasons why this annoying bug happens. We will also go over some of the most effective solutions.

In most cases, error code buffalo implies that are already logged into the game. As such, the server will not allow you to sign in to your account a second time. You will not be able to launch Destiny 2 until this problem is resolved. 

If you are trying to fix the Destiny 2 error code Buffalo, the first step is to check the status of the server you are trying to connect to. After that, check to see if signing out and back in helps. Connecting through a VPN may be able to help in some circumstances, but if you still can’t get it to work, then change your server location. If all else fails, you can always try to delete the cars.xml File.

In this article, we will help you understand what error code Buffalo is, what causes the error, and how you can fix it on your own. 

What Is Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo? 

Destiny error code buffalo is a common problem that online, PC and Console players have to deal with from time to time. In most cases, this error code pops up when you are already logged into the platform but are trying to sign in again. 

In other instances, you may get this error code when you try to launch Destiny 2 as the platform services are undergoing maintenance  However, there are times when the error code is caused by undergoing maintenance on platform services. 

Console players have also reported getting error code buffalo when their Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus subscriptions have expired. Basically, the Destiny error code buffalo may be triggered by a number of things, as elaborated below. 

What Causes Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo? 

Most of the time, error code buffalo on Destiny 2 occurs when you try to sign in to your account while you are already logged into the platform. This error code is not device-specific and may be caused by several other things, including:  

Server Maintenance – if you try to launch Destiny 2 while the platform is undergoing maintenance, you are likely to get error code buffalo. This will also happen during server updates. However, Bungie will notify you at the start of the game, if this happens to be the case. 

Server Overload – Owing to the popularity of this multiplayer online game, their servers are sometimes overcrowded. If too many players are currently playing the game simultaneously, the server may become overwhelmed, causing some players to get error code buffalo.

Simultaneous Logins – You may also get error code buffalo because you are trying to sign into the same account on multiple devices at the same time. Logging into the game from multiple devices using the same account may cause the system not to recognize the exact server, hence trigger error code buffalo.

 Change of IP Address – Does the WAN IP address assigned by your ISP keeps changing? If so, the rapid connection drop and reconnection associated with changes may also trigger error code buffalo.

Subscription Issues – PlayStation and Xbox services require a subscription to access and play such games as Destiny 2. If the subscription expires, you may also get this error when you try to launch Destiny 2.

Players in a Korean IGR may also encounter the general network disconnect error if their allotted purchased internet usage time has run out.

How To Resolve Error Code Buffalo 

Many different things can trigger the Destiny 2 error code buffalo. Depending on what is causing the problem, there are several ways this error code may be resolved. Here are some of the best DIY methods you can use to fix error code buffalo on Destiny2: 

Method 1: Check Server Status 

Server maintenance can cause error code buffalo in Destiny 2. Before attempting any advanced fix for the problem, you should check the server status. 

To know the status of the associated servers at any given time, check the PlayStation Network Status, Xbox Live Status, or just contact Steam Support. If the servers are working fine, you should try reconnecting and launching the game again after a few seconds. 

On rare occasions, the system may resolve the connection problem automatically when you try to reconnect repeatedly. 

Method 2: Sign Out And Then In 

If the error persists, you probably already logged in and successive attempts to sigh in will not go through. In such a case, you need to sign out of and then try to sign in again. This process will refresh the game and may resolve the error code buffalo. 

From your Desktop application, click on the Desktop App’s icon. Then, select the “Log Out” option and click on Yes on the confirmation prompt that comes up. 

This will sign you out of the platform and display the log-in screen. Enter your login credentials into this window to sign back into the platform. 

Log Secondary Devices Out 

Make sure to log out on all other devices before attempting to log in from the current device.

If you are not sure whether another device is logged into your account, it is advisable to select the “Log out of all logged-in devices” option instead. 

Method 3: Connect Through A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Server crowding can cause error code Buffalo. In such a case, you may use a VPN application to change your IP location, hence be able to access a less crowded server. 

Using the right VPN software can successfully clear error code buffalo by changing your server location. To do this, you need to choose the appropriate VPN software. Download and install the VPN app on your device and run it. 

Once the VPN app has been successfully connected, try launching Destiny 2 again to see whether the error has cleared. If the error persists, try changing IP locations on the VPN App before re-launching the game. 

Method 4: Change Server Location 

Alternatively, you can also change your server region form the Blizzard Desktop application. This is similar to the VPN method, as it assigns you a server location that is less crowded. 

To change the server you are connecting to when you launch Destiny 2, close the game. Now open the Blizzard Desktop app and navigate to the Destiny 2 landing page.

From the drop-down menu positioned below the play button, choose your preferred server. You should then launch the Destiny 2 game once again to see if the error has cleared. 

Method 5: Delete The cars.xml File 

If the above-described methods do not work, you may need to delete the cars.xml file in order to clear this error. If you are using a PC, press the Windows, and R keys simultaneously to launch a Run dialog box. 

Type %appdata% I to the dialog box and press enter. From the search results listed on your screen, search for the “Bungie” folder, and open it. Proceed to open the “Destiny PC” sub-folder to access the cars.xml file. 

Highlight the cars.xml file and delete it from the “Destiny PC” folder. This should clear error code buffalo and allow you to launch the game without any problems. 


Destiny 2 is popular game that is played by thousands of people all over the planet. This popular title is available on just about any platform you can think of. Regardless of the device, you are using to launch Destiny 2, you may end up getting an error code buffalo when you try to launch the game.  

Signing out and back in is a common fix for this problem. It may also help to log out other devices that may be using your account before trying to launch the game. This guide will help you fix error code buffalo on Destiny 2, regardless of what is causing the error. 

We hope this article helped you get Destiny 2 up and running again, thanks for reading!