Best Filmmaking Software and Tools

Whether filmmaking is your hobby or your profession, you may be wondering how to become more productive and faster as you try to push the envelope in the business. Skills do matter, but it is always advised to work smarter rather than harder. While there is no way around hard work and the daily grind, you can make the process more effective by using pertinent software. Filmmaking production has multiple phases, and for every stage, various software is available to streamline and improve operations. 


Phases of filmmaking  

Filmmaking is not a simple process. To make an exclusive movie, directors need to go through various phases to make the film impactful. Here is a list of stages involved in the process of filmmaking:

  • Screenwriting 
  • Budget and scheduling 
  • Payroll and accounting 
  • Equipment rentals 
  • Post-production 


Let’s see the best filmmaking software and tools for each phase

  • Screenwriting – Writing and collaboration 

Screenwriting is the first and crucial phase of filmmaking. Every story starts from scratch (could even be on paper or cocktail napkins). You need to be up-to-date with screenwriting software in this modern era. Here are some of the software that you can use for drafting scripts.

  • Final Draft

Final Draft is a classic screenwriting software, and it is pretty well-known among Hollywood writers. It has in-built reporting features that can assist you in different stages of production. This software gives producers an option to track changes and send drafts, but one needs to purchase the software.

  • WriterDuet

A free application and a web-based app, WriterDuet is quite different from Final Draft. WriterDuet gives you an option to edit scripts with your collaborators. It is pretty similar to Google Docs because it is architected to facilitate collaborations. WriterDuet is cloud-based software, which means you can work on any other device and log in to the account, and it will automatically auto-sync. It is free for the most part, but there is a reasonably priced subscription option if you want to avail yourself of premium features.

  • Budget and scheduling 

Once the script is decided and finalised, the next step is evaluating the project’s budget. There is some great filmmaking software available in the market for this key stage. As budgeting and scheduling are interlinked, you need to pick the best one for seamless results. Some best-suited software for this stage are:

  • Assemble 

Assemble is software that works for end-to-end management and is especially helpful for film producers. It has task lists, asset review, feedback, calendars, and approval tracking features. It also has production-specific highlights, such as location management, casting, a call sheet builder, and frame clear video commenting. Not only this, but it also allows you to collaborate with your team. Assemble offers a free 30-day trial. 


  • PreProCloud

PreProcloud is another software for budget and schedule. It is a web-based application and has a feature that permits you to tweak and generate film budgets. PreProCloud is an excellent option for freelance line producers and production companies. It also allows users to invite more members to evaluate the budget breakdown. PreProCloud offers a demo and charges a one-time activation fee per project. 

  • Payroll and Accounting

Whether you work in MNC or production, everyone’s best part of the job is getting the salary on time. Filmmakers usually avoid union contracts and prefer hiring entertainment payroll companies to ensure that people are paid on time. Take a look at some cool software for this step:

  • WrapBook

The software was created in 2018 and is a complete entertainment payroll service that permits you to make digital payments. With all the features in one dashboard, you can quickly check and review all the timesheets and expenses and pay the employees with just a click. You also have the option to share all documents, from NDAs to call sheets.


  • ABS Payroll

ABS Payroll is another excellent option for payroll solutions. It can manage almost everything from corporate recruiting videos to live programs. But the program needs a weekly subscription and gross percentage depending on the scope of your shoot.

  • Equipment and rentals 

Equipment refers to the props necessary for making a film. Filmmakers don’t purchase all the equipment they need for the movie. They rent the equipment to save substantial money. These days, the renting process has become more simple, thanks to the internet. Given below are some software that you can use for this phase:

  • ShareGrid 

One no longer needs to know friends associated with the film industry to rent equipment. ShareGrid has made equipment rentals easier and cheaper. This filmmaking software is an online rental centre that connects a filmmaker to all types of equipment needed for the business. One can use ShareGrid for any equipment, ranging from camera lenses to drones.  You also get equipment insurance on using the platform. 


  • ParaChut

A subscription-based gear rental software, ParaChute is special as it asks you to fill a photographer’s profile to help you match with the right kind of equipment. It checks and compares skill levels to provide you with proper service as per your requirement. The charges are monthly, and you can choose from a range of camera and kit lenses. 

  • Post-Production

Post-production consists of one of the most critical practices: the editing process. To make the editing option more seamless, you can use available movie makers. Movie Makers that can be considered for this stage are:


  • Kizoa 

Kizoa is an online 4K Video Editor Movie Maker which can also be used as a slideshow creator. It allows you to express your emotions through the videos. Besides Filmmaking, you can use it for professional or family events, make videos, or promote any business.


  • Final Cut 

Final Cut is produced by Apple and is considered one of the best editing software in the market. It is intuitive, user-friendly, and sleek. Big studio productions and YouTube videos use this excellent software. It is somewhat costly but worth purchasing.



At the end of the day, using the best and most innovative software for filmmaking saves lots of time and effort and ensures good quality output. With so much software available to choose from, you just have to pick the right one for each stage of your project, and you are all set to go.