The Most Popular Types of Educational Apps

Educational apps are booming today. With the rise in the covid pandemic, the credibility of these apps to offer widespread support to their users has also grown feet. Today, there are almost 2,00,000 educational apps alone on the App Store. The statistics are more likely to rise in the coming years. But did you know … Read more

Installing Additional Security for Linux Users

The Linux operating system is widely used today and is popular thanks to its proficiency, adaptability, and stability. As it’s fully open-source, maintenance costs are comparatively low, and users have considerable flexibility when it comes to launching and operating on accommodating servers.  But how does Linux perform when it comes to system security? Are cybercriminals … Read more

Modern Technological Advancements in University of Phoenix

The modern working world is constantly changing. From technological advancements to surges in new industries, economic demands are in flux. To stay ahead of the game and remain employable, American professionals have to upskill continuously. Keeping up with job market demands is no easy feat. Fortunately enough, there are plenty of viable options for forward-thinking … Read more

Top 5 Games and Apps Infected with Malware

News about faulty apps has covered headlines and spread around the web, creating cause for concern. 2021 has seen a huge rise already, with many security analysts warning about downloading apps, with many of them targeting kids. With just a few clicks, you could have something installed that could put your personal information at risk … Read more

Pet Technologies Changing the Future

Caring for pets is a job that animal lovers take very seriously and it has evolved rapidly over the last few decades. Technological advancements like the internet and computers in every pocket have opened a world of competition and instant knowledge. We can use this to our advantage when caring for our beloved fur babies. … Read more

How Has Gaming Become More Accessible on Linux?

Until fairly recently, the Linux operating system wasn’t commonly associated with gaming. However, many different types of games are now optimized for Linux systems and Linux PCs are becoming a more popular choice amongst gamers. The open-source nature of Linux has been a big selling point for many of its users, however, gamers in the … Read more

Five Secret Management Strategies That You Can Follow

When we talk about digital security, as an individual it might only refer to remembering your passwords for different sites and accounts. However, the scale extends substantially when that perspective shifts from individuals to organizations or enterprises. Let’s focus on just one real-life example. Your banking information might be safe with you. But what happens … Read more

Why your business website needs a mobile app

In our internet-based world, owning a website is a must for every business, big or small. And luckily, most do. It’s a place where companies can reach out to their regular/potential customers, allow them to know their brand better, update them on important information, and build a strong relationship with them. However, it might be … Read more

Long-Term WFH – How To Leverage Tech To Empower Your Team

As the new strains of the virus continue to ravage the world in 2021, a large number of businesses have decided to embrace the work-from-home model for the long run. It makes sense, considering everyone is comfortable with remote work, and it will keep your team safe. Moreover, it will keep your business running without … Read more

How Facebook Marketing Changed in 2021

Facebook has grown significantly in the last few years. It is not just a site to interact and network with family and friends, but it is also used to attract customers and increase sales. This trend can be seen in every part of the world, and Thailand is not an exception to this. As a … Read more