The 10 Best Note-Taking Apps for Students in 2021

A lot of your college life will be spent taking notes. You will either be in the lecture hall, following a session online or reading through reference materials online and being required to take notes. Enjoy the best schooling experience by hiring college paper writing services to take up your assignments and leave you with lighter duties as well as more time for personal projects. 

Note-taking does not have to bother anymore. Technology has facilitated some of the best apps to make note-taking easier, faster, and convenient. In summary, it helps to know what makes a note-taking app good. Here are the features to look out for in a note-taking app. 

Quick Deployment

A phone should enable you to take notes in split seconds. Just flip the phone from your pocket and you are ready to take the notes. Such quick deployment ensures that nothing goes unrecorded. 

Variety of Note-Taking Features

The app should allow you to take notes in voice, text, or video. Advanced apps also allow you to take photos. You are not restricted on the format of notes you can take because there is no limit on the kind of notes you will encounter in your research work. 

Advanced Search

Once you have taken the notes, they should be easier to retrieve. This is where the search option comes to play. A good app allows you to search through the notes using a keyword, date of note-taking, titles, and other identifiers. 

Integration of Different Note Formats

Can you combine different types of notes into a single folder? For instance, you may take a photo while on a field trip and desire to combine it with the notes you had taken in class. You form a single folder that makes your work easier especially when retrieving. 

User Experience

General user experience makes it easier to use an app. From the color scheme to the integration with other apps, choose an application that is generally easy to use so that your note-taking can be convenient. 

The features of a note-taking app make it attractive to students. You have to buy some of the features while others are free. Here is a list of the ten best note-taking apps today. 


It is one of the most common note-taking apps for students and professionals. It will help you to capture ideas as well as prioritize them when it is time to draft your document. It also helps you to create a to-do list with sub-categories for each point. That is an incredible organizational feature for any app. 

Evernote supports multiple formats to help you compile notes collected from different sources. It has optical character recognition and quick access to browsers. However, it comes at a price. You need about $3 each month for this professional class app. 


It is a note-taking app that doubles up as an organizational platform. It allows you to document your ideas wherever you are. You can create categories as you capture every important detail about your project. It has a naturally intuitive interface that delivers robust performance. You can mark the notes as private to protect them from third-party access. 

3.Microsoft OneNote

This is the ultimate note-taker for students and businesses today. It is free for any platform you may think about. Beyond capturing the notes, it will keep them organized. Further, the app comes with a search option, making it easier to retrieve the notes. 

4.Google Keep

Another simple but rewarding note-taking app. You can create as many notes as possible as long as they do not exceed 20,000 characters. The app is easy to use and free for all platforms you can imagine. You can label your notes for easier retrieval. 


It serves teams working on the same project. It helps the teams to organize information gathered and brainstorm ideas while using the same platform. It has a free version that any student can access. It also comes with an excellent hybrid markdown text editor. 


This is another workspace that will help in note-taking. It helps you to gather notes, documents, text, comments, and tasks in one place. The team can write, collaborate, plan, and organize the project with ease since all information is available on a single platform. You can duplicate the template to share the information. You have multi-layered collection pages, hybrid editors, and very powerful tables. 

7.Zoho Notebook

It is a team collaboration tool that allows note-taking and project planning. It also accommodates audio files, checklists, and images, among other content formats. You can synch the documents through other devices. 

8.Dropbox Paper

It is simply called Paper. It helps you to take notes that you synch with other devices. You can revise, organize, and manage the notes to fit your project needs. It has an incredibly designed interface and excellent security features. It is available on all platforms. 


It is as simple as the name suggests. It allows you to take notes in audio, video, or text. You simply attach a tag to the notes to make them easier to find. You can publish the notes online directly. With a Markdown feature, you can write, preview, and publish the notes instantly. The app is completely free, reducing your expenditure as a student. 

10.Standard Notes

If you are looking for an effortless note-taking experience, this is the app to choose from. It has a minimalistic user interface and supports note versioning. It can be used on Android, Linux, or Windows. Once you pay for the app, you get some of the most incredible note-taking features you can imagine. 

Note-taking apps provide the easiest experience. Most of these apps are available free of charge. When you have to buy advanced features, it is cheap and worth the price. Install a note-taking app and enjoy the best experience.