Best Online Games of 2021 you might have missed

From adaptations of board games to the digital environments, to box office successes of past years and even online casino games. The following list tries to cover a broad selection of genres in order to please all tastes.

The following games are hugely popular, but they’re not on the top of mind of every gamer as they’ve achieved a long-standing success and reached a point where they’re not making the buzz anymore. So, what a better opportunity to remind you of these state-of-the-art games that rocked the year.

The best online board game:

Catan Universe is one of the best adaptations of a traditional board game. With more than 20 million copies sold, the original board game of Catan is one of the most successful games in the history of this category.

The game is about building roads and cities in a board filled with different raw material that you collect every time a player rolls the dices. You’ll need a certain combination of raw material to build and you get points for every new property. One of the best takes from this game is the strategic thinking that you need to develop as you can negotiate with the other players in order to exchange raw material.

This success wasn’t overlooked by game developers that saw the opportunity to bring the board game to the online realm and managed to release a very accurate version of the board game. On top of it, they’ve added different game modes that allow one player to go by himself across different missions.

The best shooter:

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is just a classic in one of the most popular videogame genres there is. It’s basically the most played shooter since its first release back in 2000. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth release of the acclaimed series.

It’s a game that can be played offline apart from its famous online mode. The gameplay is very similar to other editions and it can be played on the famous game marketplace of .

In CS: Global Offensive, players get to choose to play as a terrorist or a counterterrorist. Both teams must eliminate each other and finish a series of missions. At the end of every round, players get rewarded for their performances and there are coins distributed that later allow the players to buy new weapons or tools for the next rounds.

With more than 32 million online players around the world, it’s a game that still lives by its name.

The game with the best replay value:

Online poker has grown as a game exclusively to be found on land-based casinos, to one of the most popular games online. This game provides great advantages to both game developers as well as players due to its conveniences in distributing the game across platforms all over the world.

The democratization of the Internet has allowed that even platforms in South Africa such as to provide an extended list of online casinos offering poker games. These websites gather the best platforms available online that provide their clients with guaranteed security in their deposits and numerous payment methods, as online poker also turns out money prizes just like the original versions played in physical casinos.

As it’s a game with no ending, in the way that you don’t finish it up by eliminating a final boss like in other videogames. It provides the user one of the best replay values in the industry. Every round is different, every strategy works out differently and even luck plays a role in the game.

The best smartphone game:

Among Us must be chosen as the best game for smartphones in 2021.

Even if it was released in 2020, it was such as success that it remains as of today as one of the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS devices as per the online magazine

The gameplay is one of the most creative ever, and the great reason for its success. Several online players gather on a spaceship as a colorful cartoon astronaut avatar. The game selects randomly and in secret one assassin before every round. All players get assigned missions, but only the assassin is freed from the missions and must eliminate the other participants without the rest noticing. The crew can request to vote for eliminating the player suspected as the assassin but if they fail, the assassin can keep playing until either he gets kicked out of the ship or that he eliminates all the crew.