5 Best People Search Sites for 2021

Many people try searching for an old friend or someone new on social media platforms such as Facebook. But it is not always possible to get across the right person in this way. Also, if the person is not using a particular social media platform, it becomes even more difficult to search. 

Hence, another great way is to use a proper people search engine to get the right results each time. With so many people, search engines claiming to offer the best services, which one to trust and which one to not? Here is a list of the five best people search engines for 2021 that you can rely upon. 


Radaris is one such free people search engine that deserves to be on the top of this list due to the immense services. It offers a free search for profiles and offers several details such as the public profile, social profile, professional profile, and other personal information. The search mode is relatively easy where you have to enter the person’s name and search. You can narrow the search by providing filters such as locations, company names, and others.

Apart from offering you a good profile of the person, Radaris also provides you with a background check of the person. Hence, you can search for people, get their contact details, and even find their criminal records on Radaris. The search engine also offers to get details on different properties so that you can search for the right one for buying or renting. Moreover, you can get through the essential information for free. But if you want a detailed summary, you can always subscribe to get a detailed report whenever you require it. 



Intelius is another people search engine that you can try. The ease of searching people is relatively easy for Intelius also. It also comes with an impressive data visualization that offers you the ease of understanding through the data you are getting about the person. When you are using the free version of this search engine, you can get some of the person’s basic details, such as the educational data. For other details, you can have to subscribe through different options that it offers. After getting the subscription done, you can get a detailed report on the person you are searching for.


Truthfinder is another popular name that comes on the list of people search engines. This search engine has become quite popular now as it is very much user-friendly. This impressive people search engine has some remarkable features, such as the feature of self-monitoring. The most significant advantage of using this search engine is that it offers a massive list of people’s data, such as background checks and others after you have subscribed to it. 

4.Instant Checkmate

Though this is not a free people search engine such as Radaris, it has to be on the list due to its features. It offers a good value of accurate data about the person whom you are searching for. It comprises several search tools that you can use to conduct different types of searches. But the only problem with this search engine is that you have to subscribe to it to use it. It does not offer any free services that provide other options mentioned above in the list. 


If you are not interested in the person’s social presence and are more concerned about the professional details, this is the search engine you can have. It does not offer information on social data and focuses on the crip professional information. It is pretty simple to use. When you get a subscription to this search engine, you can get a detailed report on the details you require for the person you are searching for. 

So, here are some of the best people search engines for 2021. While some of them also offer free people search engine services, others work only when you subscribe to them. Decide upon the best option after understanding the features to get the best results.