Everything You Should Know About BIOS: Boot Order, Video Memory, Saving, Resets, And Optimum Defaults

BIOS, which is known basic input/output system is a hidden software feature in older laptops and desktop which affects the performance of your laptop, and updating it can significantly make your laptop run properly. 

This article curated by ASK Computer and Laptop Repairs will give you a clearer understanding of what BIOS is and how can you access or update it. As experts in all things technical, the professionals at ASK Computers and Laptop Repairs have shared their valuable tips and hacks to make your computer function better.


What is BIOS?

The BIOS (basic input/output system) is the program used by the microprocessor of the computer to start the computer after it’s on. It is also proved to be helpful in managing the flow of data between the operating system of the computer as well as the attached devices including mouse, printer, keyboard, hard disk, video adapter, etc.

The BIOS functions by performing a power-on self-test, also known as POST to initialize the hardware, and then it gets passed to the boot loader with the help of a connected device. Ultimately, this will boost the operating system that you are using whether it be Windows, Linux, or anything else.

Although these are automatic but the BIOS also features a setup screen that can be accessed easily, It is an effective way to configure a variety of low-level system settings and with this feature, you can easily things like, power management, virtualization, boot order, video memory, fan management, and much more. 

It is highly advised by the ASK Computer and Laptop Repair professionals to not make any changes in the BIOS settings unless you are aware of all the aspects of the software. Because if you are not careful it can easily degrade the performance of your computer and make it unstable.

Accessing the BIOS

You can access the BIOS by restarting your computer and pressing a key to start the boot-up process. To access the BIOS setup screen it is important to have a keyboard attached. The key that you need to press willl automatically appear at the screen but in case it is not there, you can also check the computer manual or google search for it according to the type.


3 Most Commonly Modified Settings in the BIOS

Following are the most common BIOS settings:

  1. Changing the boot order
  2. Adjusting available video memory
  3. Setting a BIOS password


Here are the ways how you can do it:


1.Boot Order

After the BIOS initializes your hardware, the control will be passed to a boot loader that will boot the operating system that you are using. The boot order will then determine which device to pass the control to. If your DVD drive has no bootable discs in the computer then your hard drive is likely to get booted by the boot order.  

You can  boot your computer from:

Network Drive

USB Drive

Optical Drive

2.Video Memory

A video memory setting is likely to be found on computers with onboard graphics hardware like Intel’s integrated graphics. As they don’t have their own memory like other dedicated graphics card, they acquire a part of the computer’s RAW to use it as video memory. In some cases, a video memory option will allow allocating the memory. You can also allocate or reduce the additional video memory that will help you to reclaim some of your system’s tasks.

3.BIOS Password

You can further secure your computer with a BIOS password even if your operating system already has a login password. By also further setting a boot password, you can control the access to the BIOS meanwhile making sure that no one else can access the attached media or operating system of your device. 

Saving Changes and Resetting

After making changes to your BIOS system, it will not affect the system immediately. You can average to Save changes and Rest option on the screen to save the changes. This will allow you to save the changes and then will reset your computer.

If you don’t want to save the changes, you can also find the Discard Changes and Exit option.

ASK Computer and Laptop Repairs

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