Cost of Hiring an App Developer – Tips for HRs and PMs

How much does it cost to hire an app developer? Hiring an app developer can be expensive for your company, and it will add to the prices you will need to pay for the entire app development process. It’s important for you to find a cost-effective way to build your app by hiring an app developer that offers the lower app developer cost per hour for your company, such as those from offshore countries. Here are some tips for HRs and PMs to handle the cost of hiring an app developer:

  • Ensure the Developer You Hire Can Provide the Most Value for the Money You Pay

The one thing that you need to pay attention to when hiring an app developer is not the cost or the hourly rate you will need to pay. Before worrying about the cost of hiring app developer, you will need to worry about how the app developer you hire can provide you with the best value for the money you spend on them. Thus, no matter how much you pay, you will always get the best out of your app development spending.


So, it might be a good idea for you to choose the app developers that offer lower rates, but it’s also important for you to ensure that they possess the programming skills that can meet your expectations.

  • Outsourcing to Offshore Countries Can Cut Down Your Development Cost

Trying to find app developers in the United States or the Western European countries is something that you can do with ease. However, many of the developers in those countries have an expensive hourly rate that might be too heavy for your budget. The average mobile app development hourly rate in the United States will go around $40-$60. When you compare it with offshore countries, which can offer you an hourly rate of around $18-$40, it will be a much better deal for you” according to Stormotion, a Ukrainian based app development firm

So, outsourcing to offshore countries will help you cut down your development cost. Remember, there are also many high-quality app developers you can find in offshore countries, such as in many Asian and Eastern European countries.

  • Be Sure to Set the Hourly Rate You Would Like to Pay to Your App Developer

One important thing to do when hiring an app developer is to set the hourly rate you would like to pay your app developer. You will need to set up the budget for your app development project and determine the best rate you would like to pay to the app developers. This way, you will know the range of rates you can afford to pay for your app developers. For instance, if you can only afford to pay the mobile app developer cost per hour of around $15 to $25, it will be best for you to look for an app developer from India or China, which offers you these rates.

By setting the hourly rate you can pay to your app developer, you can keep your app development cost within your budget. There will be fewer problems you need to experience during the app development process if you keep everything within the budget of your company.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Hire an App Developer? Understanding the Different Hourly Rates of App Developers in Different Countries

Please note that the hourly rates for app developers differ between countries, so you shouldn’t just stick with the app developer rates in your country. There are many countries that can become your outsourcing destinations for your app development projects. Some countries offer lower app developer hourly rates, while other countries might offer more expensive hourly rates with the better-quality work output.

For instance, an app developer cost in India can go for as low as $18 per hour, but the lowest rate you can find for a mobile app developer in the US is around $40. So, you can check the average hourly rate for app developers in each country before you decide to hire them.

  • Conduct the Strict Recruitment and Assessment Process Before Hiring Your App Developer

It’s important for you to ensure the work quality of the app developer you want to hire, such as those from offshore countries. App developers from offshore countries might offer you cheaper hourly rates, but it doesn’t mean that they will produce the work quality that meets your company standards. Thus, it’s important for your company’s HR department to conduct a strict recruitment and assessment process before accepting any app developer into your team.

By conducting the strict requirement and assessment process, you can ensure that the app developers you hire meet your company standards and expectations. This way, you can also ensure that they can strengthen your current app development team and improve the app quality you are building.


These are the tips for HRs and PMs about the cost of hiring an app developer. It’s not all about how much does it cost to hire an app developer. It’s about the value you will get from hiring them. The lower the cost you pay and the better the work quality the app developer provides for your company, the better it will be for your overall app development progress.