How To Fix Error Code CE-30002-5 On PS4

Error Code CE-30002-5 is related to a system software update. Several PS4 users are receiving the Error Code CE-30002-5 when attempting to use a game stored on an external disk drive. Errors like this make it a struggle to download or install the newest Firmware version. In this post, we will look into what is this error, what causes it, and how to fix this error.

Error Code CE-30002-5 on PS4 is an error code that shows after the PS4 system is turned off. This could be in the middle of installing a software update. The error code also makes it hard to download or install the Firmware version. 

What causes the Error Code CE-30002-5 error?

We investigated this particular issue by watching various user reports. Therefore, you will find the repair strategies that are used to repair this error code. As it turns out, several different culprits can cause it:

PS4 off when installing an update: This is often the foremost common explanation for this. The software most times will end not update will end up not installing properly. In this case, you’ll resolve the difficulty by installing the newest firmware via Safe Mode. External HDD has an unsupported format: If you’re encountering this issue while trying to launch a game. The game could be on an external HDD. This can be fixed by formatting the drive.

How To Solve It?

If you’re facing this error, we will show you the repair solutions. You will find a set of methods that other users have used successfully to fix the error code permanently. These methods are efficient. Ensure to follow in order as they are listed.

Method 1:Download a fresh firmware version via Safe Mode

Most people fixed this error by forcing the PS4 to boot via Safe Mode. Then they install the latest system update from the Safe Mode interface. This method is quite easy. 

It will work if you see the error when trying to download or install a system software update. If you get the error again you should check out this next method. 

Deleting the update notification

Step 1: First things first, start your PS4 and access the Notifications panel from the main dashboard. Then, select the update notification. Delete from Notifications panel with the Option key.

Step 2: Once the update notification is deleted, close up your PS4 completely. Ensure the console is off 
Step 3: Keep in mind that the procedure will not work if you put your PS4 to sleep.
Step 4: Once the console off, press and hold the power button until you head 2 beeps. This will go for about 10 seconds.

Power Cycling PS4

Step 1: After you hear the second beep, your computer will immediately enter Safe Mode.
Step 2: Next things is to connect DualShock 4 through USB. Then press PS. 
Step 3: Once you get to the most Safe Mode menu, use your controller to pick Option 3: Update System Software. Then, from the subsequent screen, choose Update using the Internet.

Update PS4 software via Safe Mode

Step 1: Wait until the latest system software version is downloaded, then follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your console.
Step 2: At the end of this process, your PS4 will restart with the new firmware version and the issue should be resolved.

Check the next method, if the error persists. 

Method 2:Formatting the external SSD/HDD connected to the PS4

You could be encountering the Error Code CE-30002-5 when trying to launch a game or other type of media. Two scenarios might cause it:

The external HDD or SSD format is not supported.
System Files are corrupted and have also corrupted the disk.

In the above, one thing you can also do is to reformat the HDD/SSD to exFAT. This is allowed by PS4. People have fixed this CE-30002-5 code after doing this.

Warning: This process will clear data from the drive. The best advice is to backup first if you have important files.

After this, you can then format. For simplicity, let us show you how this can be done straight from your PS4. Here’s what you need to do:

Accessing the Devices setting

Step 1: Go to the Settings menu from the main Dashboard. Then launch your PS4 console. Once you get to the Settings menu, scroll down through the list of items, select Devices, and hit the X button.
Step 2: From the Device menu, select the USB Storage Devices entry and press the X button once more on your DS4 controller.
Step 3: From the subsequent menu, select the drive that you simply want to format and press X once more.

Selecting the external drive

Step 1: From the subsequent screen, select the box related to Format as Extended Storage and hit the X button once more.
Step 2: Format as Extender Storage.
Step 3: Then, choose next from the primary screen, then select the Format button and press X once more.

Formatting the PS4 HDD

Step 1: Wait until the method formatting sequence is loaded, then select Yes and hit the X button to verify that you simply want to format the drive as extended storage.
Step 2: Format the drive as extended storage
Step 3: Depending on the size and type of storage, the whole process might take over or under 5 minutes. Wait for it.
Step 4: Once the process is complete, select Ok and you’re good to go.
Step 5: Next, move the sport to the newly formatted auxiliary storage and you’ll not encounter the Error Code CE-30002-5.


If the above do not fix the issue for you, we recommend using a repair tool which can scan the repositories to replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the difficulty is originated thanks to a system corruption. It will also optimize your system for maximum performance.