5 Essential Features for a Superior Sex Shop App

If you have an e-Commerce store in the adult toy niche and you’ve been thinking about investing in sex shop app for your valued customers to enjoy, you’ve likely been wondering what key features you should implement for a greater chance at success. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post we’re going to highlight 5 features that we believe are absolutely essential in creating a superior sex shop app that will guarantee a competitive edge in an ever-evolving and highly saturated industry. Let’s jump straight into it…

1 – Chat Bot for Seamless Customer Support

With the rise of AI, modern chatbots are becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable of providing detailed responses to common customer queries:

  • A chat bot feature can provide detailed information and assistance.
  • Customers may have questions about specific products, usage instructions, materials, or shipping policies. A chat bot can provide instant responses, making the shopping experience more interactive and informative.
  • The chatbot should be capable of answering a wide range of customer queries, ensuring that users feel supported and guided throughout their shopping journey.

2 – Comprehensive FAQ Section

For the customers who prefer to do their own research, you should provide them with a comprehensive FAQ section that covers all of the most frequently asked questions:

  • A detailed FAQ section is crucial for addressing the most commonly asked questions about sex toys, usage, application, sexual health, and more.
  • The FAQ section should cover topics such as product care, cleaning instructions, battery life, compatibility, and any potential health or safety concerns.
  • By providing clear and concise answers to frequently asked questions, the app creates an informed and confident customer base and will help increase conversion rates.

3 – User-Friendly Checkout Process

Is there anything worse than a cumbersome checkout process with too many unnecessary fields to fill out? Do your customers a favour:

  • An easy and streamlined checkout process is essential.
  • The app should offer a guest checkout option for users who would prefer not to create an account, while also providing additional perks for those who sign up and create an account, such as exclusive discounts or personalised recommendations.
  • Users should be able to securely complete their purchases with a few simple steps, ensuring a hassle-free and confidential transaction.

4 – Detailed Product Information and High-Resolution Photos

Have you ever found yourself on an e-Commerce website looking at a variety of products, only to find that you have very little information and low-res photos to boot? It doesn’t do much to fill you with confidence:

  • The app should provide detailed, clear, and concise product information for each item in the inventory. Take this male masturbator (in French referred to as masturbateur homme) as an example.
  • Include product descriptions, specifications, dimensions, materials, and any relevant features or benefits.
  • High-resolution photos from multiple angles should accompany each product, giving customers an accurate representation of what they are purchasing.

5 – Offline Functionality and Wishlist Feature

Just because your customers don’t have an internet connection, it shouldn’t mean that they are completely closed off to all of your app’s features. By enabling them to browse offline (for example, while on the subway home from work), you will significantly increase the chances of them saving products for later purchase:

  • Offline functionality is a valuable feature that allows customers to browse and save products for later, even without an internet connection.
  • Users can add products to their ‘wishlist’ or save them for future reference, ensuring a seamless shopping experience regardless of their internet access.
  • When the user is back online, the app should synchronise the saved items and provide a seamless transition for purchasing.


Again, the adult toy industry is an incredibly competitive one and this trajectory does not show any signs of slowing down. So, if you do wish to compete with the big names, you should make a priority of investing in a superior sex shop app and include all of the essential features we’ve listed here today! It’s all about creating a safe and functional space where customers can browse sex toys discreetly, find all of the information they need, and ultimately make a purchase with as few hoops to jump through as possible.